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                                      Services for 2019  

 For any service the birth date, birth time and birth 

 place are required. Readings are placed on your 

 choice of CD's or a flash drive. Please understand I 

 do not offer phone readings, only follow up questions.  


  • Personal Consultations: A personal consultation is about 2 1/2 hours in length and is recorded and placed on 2 CD's or a flash drive. Readings usually cover the next 2 years with the major planets. I will be examining the astrological patterns that are going on in your chart that will cause certain situations in specific areas of your life. The transiting and progressed planets are used to analyze the probable consequences so that you can take advantage of the opportunities that are before you and minimize the distractions because you can now assimilate and integrate this information. The initial follow up call is free to address any further questions that you may have. A copy of your Natal Chart, a 40 page written Personality Analysis explaining your Sun, Moon and Ascending sign as well as the other planets and the houses they are in that further contribute to your disposition and character. You will also get a years worth of day by day forecasts for your chart that take in the 4 faster moving planets that only affect you for 2 or 3 days which are not discussed in the reading.
  • Readings in my office $120
  • Readings out of town $125
  • Readings out of the country $120 + Shipping

  • Astro Carto Graphy:  Different locations accent different parts of your potentials and moving offers a way to accelerate your personal evolution, to get acquainted with new parts of yourself. Every location is good for something. The point of this report is to enable you to anticipate the nature of the influences at your potential residence or a location you intend to visit for business or pleasure as to utilize their most positive manifestations. Both transits and progressions are used to analyze the new area. So, if you’re thinking about moving or getting transferred to a new area then this report is a must. I will also take a look at your chart to make sure that this is good time for relocation. You can choose to just have the 15 page printout for 3 cities of your choice but understand there is no personal analysis or you can have a detailed analysis of one city that provides the paper work as well as a CD or a flash drive.    
  • $100 for a detailed analysis with my personal opinions put on a CD or flash drive with the paperwork. 
  • $15 for the printout of 3 cities that are e-mailed to you.

  • Compatibility Analysis: This is a comparison of one chart to another chart. This can be romantic or business in nature. If romantic then the printout as well as I will analyze the wants, needs and desires of you and the other person. What kind of person are you looking for? What do you need and desire within a relationship? The values, morals and integrity that you desire from another person. If it is business compatibility, then this will let you know how you or the other person will get along with each other in a business climate. Are they suitable for that position? Are they loyal, honest and reliable? Is this a good time in their life to be changing jobs? This analysis includes a personality profile for each, copies of both natal charts, the compatibility printout which is about 25 pages, and a taped personal consultation about the transits that deal with business or the relationship that are going on in each other’s chart. This is a must when you get serious about someone or for those of you going into business with another person. This report is very valuable in evaluating potential candidates with the Human Resource division of a company. 
  •  $100 for paperwork and CD or flash drive 

  • Personality Profiles: This is the best introduction to a person seeking basic astrological information on their Sun sign, Rising sign  as well as where your planets were at the moment they were born. The architectural blueprint of your life. A 35 to 40 page report that lets you know where your planets were located when you were born. What sign and in what house they are in as well as the relationship they have with each other that helps shape, form and structure your personality, disposition and character. A copy of your natal chart is included. Sent out to you by priority mail. 
  • $25 to send through the mail.  $10 to e-mail. 

  • Life Progressions: A 15 to 20 page report that takes into consideration that each day represents a year of life and the progressive change it brings. This takes into consideration the changes that will go on in the next 1 to 3 years in the evolution of the soul’s growth in a practical as well as a spiritual sense. The progressions work with the transits to show the future signatures that you are to embrace.
  • $20 to send through the mail $10 to e-mail 

  • Daily Transits: A daily forecast that is specific for your birthday printed out for each day showing you what all the planets are doing as you embrace the day. 12 months are provided. The transits of the Moon are not included.  
  • $25 to send through the mail $15 to e-mail 

  • Copy of your chart: $5 to send by mail or free if e-mailed. Simply send me your birth data and I will scan your chart to your e-mail. 
  • Copy of your Progressed chart: $3 to send by mail or free if e-mailed.  

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All services are for entertainment or educational purposes only. Your reading and personal information is kept confidential. 


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After you pay for the service  you will need to call or e-mail me to let me know the service you want along with your birth data as well as make an appointment to schedule your reading . For personal consultations I am usually booked out 4 weeks in advance.