Mercury Retrograde 2020


Usually, 3 times every year and for about 3 weeks the planet Mercury which rules communication appears from our apparent view from Earth to slow down and then go backwards. This is called a Retrograde motion which will be shown as Rx. It starts again on June 17th and will not get back to direct motion until July 11th. Many people including some astrologers dread this moment because they think that this in some way is detrimental in that anything to do with communication is fraught with problems. Now, I’m not just talking about conversations but things like your I-phone, computers, modems, routers, your internet and etc. So, I do agree somewhat with that analysis but I could go a little deeper with this and say that this is a time in which a person can reflect upon himself and life and peel away those hidden layers so that they become familiar with their authentic self. This is because the planet’s qualities of communication are inverted to its normal expression so that everything slows down, or delays are created to prevent one from moving into the future so that our mind remains in the past until everything that we once started concludes. A moment in life in which we get a chance to pause and rebuild our individually by resolving the past so that we can then integrate this transition and bring a new stage of our development or evolution to the surface. This is a time to listen and evaluate those that are in your life. Expect to hear from people from the past, but that’s where the problem may lie because you are not the same person you used to be. You have moved forward, and some people are still anchored in the archaic past so, this is a good time to re-process your connection with them. With progressive thought, this leads to greater independence and self-assertion. Now, through this moment of Rx we get a chance to move beyond how we have been conditioned as well as how others have conditioned us. So, it’s time to finish that book or projects around the home. That’s why it may be hard to initiate new projects because your thoughts are in a holding pattern until you bring parts of your life to a conclusion. Yes, I would say in signing contracts or buying a new computer, phone, car or home you must look at it very carefully because there can be errors on the part of other people that can cause problems or delays immediately or in the near future but if you are cautious and read as well as understand what’s in the fine print you should be fine. But, then again you may even change your mind after the fact because new information can give you better insight or a better deal. Because Mercury is going Rx in the sign of Cancer it may be a moment that you may want to bring a tangible manifestation to your dreams or visions in that you can finally decide to get pregnant, get married or even purchase a new home but you need to be objective here and understand fully the responsibilities that just these changes represent. While there may be a tendency to suppress or block your feelings you need to release them because this is a time when others need your support as well as nurturing. This also your moment to release all those pent up feelings so that your relationship with others gets back on more solid footing. Pay very close attention to your dreams as well as instincts for they can be a very accurate barometer of what is to come. If your going to be taking any kind of test or exam you need to study because the qualities of Mercury become attenuated, it becomes difficult to give potency to one’s intentions. Your attention span can give way to abstractions so that you need to cultivate patience with what your trying to implement or accomplish in your life. Try and marshal all the information and exchange thoughts with others so that each of you have better insight and lessen the impact of what is coloring over factual perceptions. It’s not a time to give a premature birth to a part of the whole but the greater life of the whole. So, try and stay centered through the strain of discontent for the seeds of what you are trying to imprint into your life will begin to grow roots so that the formless is given a body.