Horoscopes for December 2019



March 20-April 19
This should be a good month for you but remember this is a time in which you need to focus on others not just your individual issues, life is about duality. This way the dense world in which you live in becomes filled with light. It’s the holidays so there will many social engagements to attend and your mind and body are more than prepared to inhale the opulence of food, drink and wit within conversations. It’s also important to be impulsive so when things outside the lines come up, just say yes. You may need to record all your favorite shows on TV because you’re going to be in and out because of things to do and places to go. You are the first sign of the zodiac, the master of your own life force. Being the leader, you establish your own rhythm of being thus creating your own universe to breathe in. Your life this year is going to have a few more boundaries than usual as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto test your strengths to the fullest in many areas of your life. The pendulum of time begins to put boundaries in your life. There can be separation and loss this year, but this collapse is necessary so that more organic needs of your growth with the activation of mind into matter could start the next stage of your evolution. It’s all about raising your level of human consciousness. This is a good month to create new formats with new people as Venus the planet of love embraces you so make an earnest effort to surround yourself with specific people in which there is a mutual effort to expand upon more personal endeavors. You’re always looking for the next mountain to climb that will enhance your life so put into motion this vibration but as you investigate new realities of nourishment be very discerning. Some radical thinking is needed here so that you can separate yourself from the structures of preservation and embrace a vibration that will deliver a new role of productivity. There may be a few complications with travel so take a book with you to occupy those moments when life seems to be standing still. Also, try if possible, to remain within your financial budget because you could be somewhat impulsive in money matters. Delicate authority to others, you can’t do everything, and people are more than willing to please you. The area of romance is alive and very well in your life so that the days of being the lone wolf are null and void. This is a time of your 2nd rebirth so that you can free yourself from the enslavement of earth and being in exile so that you can concentrate on your original impulse.

April 20-May 21
The planets Venus and Mars are making negative patterns to your Sun sign especially at the end of the month that can first cause minor problems with your physical health or health of a relationship. Compromise is the key word here. It’s not a time to be the bull and charge out at every red flag that appears in your life. It’s the holidays which means it’s difficult for you and others to foster a regimented lifestyle. So, don’t expect to get what you want. There may also be many delays like traffic jams or long lines at the store, so patience needs to be invoked. This is the time of heavy-duty shopping but while your heart and mind are in the right place so is the aspect of impulsive spending so have a list and try to stick to it. Also, there will be plenty of social venues that you will be attending that are filled with delightful conversation, good food and beverages but once again there could be a specific person that tries to press your buttons. Just take a deep breath and think before you act. Jupiter the planet of joy, laughter and more in-depth conversations is surrounding you in which many people are expressing how much they appreciate you. You could even be getting a new phone, I-Pad or computer for Xmas, let alone other more lavish gifts. There will be plenty of presents to open as well as people to enjoy the holidays the more into the month you get. Because the planet Neptune is holding your hand, romance, art, concerts and other social venues need to be entertained by you. The planet Venus which deals with love will be whispering in your ear so that the holiday parties can be very beneficial in a personal way.  Because Mars is in a challenging pattern to you, you need to drive very carefully, which means to pay attention to the speed limit and be a defensive driver. Blow out the candles and do not leave the fireplace unattended. Your dreams will become more tangible for you in the many years to come, as the world in which you live and work in becomes flawless as you connect with your sacred space which allows you to flow and create a balanced state of mind. The planet Pluto which brings about a slow but determined renovation is causing you to look at yourself and the world in a very positive way so that new pathways to the inner self become resurrected. You have a dream that needs to become part of the dimension in which you live and breathe so the time has come to correct the vibration of your Light and the only way to do that is to indulge yourself in the nourishment of your desires. This is when Uranus the planet that deals with surprises and change says to accept invitations that are odd or unusual but get your heart beating again. The holidays are shared with those that provide comfort and love and certainly travel brings excitement and the sense of adventure. As the year concludes you become more in sync with your own rhythm so that your soul begins to re-establish its reign.

May 21-June 20
Every year at this time life should be somewhat of a struggle. Many of what we call the personal planets are in opposition to your sign causing stress in everyday functions. This will occur more in the first 2 weeks but still the challenges, frustration and anxiety that others cause will have you reaching for a cocktail or two. Mental mistakes or just urges to spend money can be costly so have a list of what to buy instead of shooting from the hip. Take an extra moment in checking your receipts because others can make mistakes but it’s up to you to catch it. There may also be minor health problems so pay attention to your social environment, don’t eat or drink after others and put some parameters between you and those that are sick. You are overly sensitive at this time so others could hurt your feelings over the slightest misunderstandings as well at this time of the season you become very reflective. Remember this is nothing more than a temporary mutation within your consciousness not a way of life. After the 20th your life takes on a new garment. The seeds that you planted within the last few months begin to process and unfold so that a new schedule of growth is amplified. It’s not that you win all forms of competition it’s that you challenge yourself physically and mentally to more than what you were made to do. Relationships as well as the career become a positive focal point even if it’s just having a few extra days off but be careful at the office party as there could be inappropriate advances by others.  Boundaries and the decaying matter give way to expansion and personal rewards. Sudden opportunities begin to modulate the design of your vehicle so that the taste of laughter teleport you to the comedy channel at New Years. Prayer and meditation feed the thought forms of the over-self so that some of the negativity in your life becomes transformed. Christmas will be more than what you expected so that you can experience what it feels like to be spoiled. As fear dissipates you begin to consciously re polarized matter so that your creative spirit brings a more vibrant purpose in living more creatively.

June 21-July 21
Pluto is bringing the past matrix of your life to the surface for its second wind. The keyword here is past. While this can bring old friends or flames in for another go around it’s more about utilizing your inner resources to gain entrance into greater physical and material substance. A time when you resurrect what provides nourishment but alters your genetic capacity of understanding with new holistic thought forms. New concepts give way to growth as you become less anchored with structure, security and stability so, it’s time to embrace your fear. Being a part of the sub-species and what you have sacrificed is over. Even though this is going on it’s being put in the background as you go through the holidays because you seem to attract a barrage of unexpected problems that play out physically and emotionally. Of course, this leads to a great deal of tension, anxiety, and could lead to loss and separation but this is the climax, the end of a chapter in your life. New Year’s is days away from you making new intentions. Uranus the planet of the future becomes a beacon so not a time to hesitate but be impulsive for your future has arrived. This is the planet that stimulates growth as it broadens your horizons bringing new cosmic developments. Even the planet Mars which deals with being more assertive says it’s time to satisfy your wants and needs. This planet also deals with sex so you might become a little bit more enmeshed in your sensuous cravings. With Jupiter in a negative pattern you need to get honest answers to your questions and watch that people don’t take advantage of you as the stress begins to anchor your objectivity. Look at all financial transactions carefully to make sure you haven’t been overcharged. The planet Neptune will be bringing some antidotes to help clear things up so that you can slowly begin to breathe again. Because this planet is all about your sensitivity you need to pay attention to your dreams because there can be symbolic images that can bring definition to your organic processes of life. There is a New Moon on the 26th which will be advantageous to you in starting new endeavors. It’s also a time to transform the symbol of your home into a foundation of self-expression. 

July 22-August 22
This month is filled with a lot of activity so don’t look for any free time to do things you want to do. That’s what happens when you get popular, everyone wants to see you, but you may not want to see them. Some are just not on the same vibratory rate that you are and it’s not easy for you to dumb down your vocabulary. If you can be more discerning with whom you interact with that would bring less stress and anxiety, but I think that is wishful thinking. So, make sure your favorite beverage is close at hand. It would great if you could travel during the holidays, but I think your home becomes a hotel for those coming in to see you. Try and be a gracious host so you don’t give your so call guests any further ammunition. Unfortunately Mars the planet of war wants to get in your face. The bottom line here is that some people in your life are just jealous and envious of who you are and what you’ve accomplished. So, be tactful and articulate in your response to bad etiquette. Just small aggravations with the car not starting or not paying attention to the speed limit. With the Sun making a very good pattern to you this would be a time to pick up a book, attend a lecture or have a party in which you can select the people that you feel a lot more spiritually comfortable with. The Sun is in Sagittarius which is the higher abstract mind so it’s time to remove one-self from inadequate conversations and get into the deeper secrets of understanding. Once you introduce this then the rest of the month is all yours. You need to do some early Christmas shopping for yourself and don’t even think about wrapping it up because you’re going to need some new clothes or even accessories to wear to a smorgasbord of social venues with a select few offering an opulence of conversation and more. Plus, you’re going to feel like a celebrity with all that attention you’re getting from your tribe. What’s nice is that this is an authentic moment for all the love, kindness and going out of your way for others is now repaid ten-fold. It’s time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions and be open minded for your Soul is beginning to whisper that it’s time to re-engineer your path in life. Flashes of intuition are providing nourishment to embrace imminent change. Your judgment is excellent so answers to your questions are being provided so that you can navigate through any maze. As you manifest love you create a new template, a program that gives birth to a shared new universe of life. This can manifest with becoming engaged, thinking about starting a family, making a major move or even changing jobs or starting your own business. But the key in making changes is to have a plan and not shoot from the hip. You already know what you want to manifest for 2020 so it’s time to get it started and remove yourself from the matter that no longer satisfies the needs of the spirit.

August 23-September 22
It’s the holidays and a time to put a smile on your face and get out there and celebrate the end of one linear cycle so you can begin to design the next one. The planet Neptune which deals with your hopes and dreams keeps putting parts of your life on hold. That’s because this planet is in an opposition to your sign. Sometimes it can provoke fear which can cause one to sit on their visions a little bit too long. This is because it rules water which dissolves dense material so, when you get a chance to develop your hopes and wishes the high tide comes in and washes it away. Those people that make you think you’re not doing enough need to be shown the exit. All the Virgos I know do the work of 3 people so, it may be time for a cocktail or two. The Sun, which is your physical constitution could be somewhat weak so eat right, get the proper sleep and stay away from people that are sick. This is a weak aspect, but you could be in bed for a couple of days. With Mercury the planet of communication putting extra weight on your mind set you may find yourself a little bit forgetful so have a daily planner. It is the holidays and you have always been responsible in getting everything done so that others can enjoy themselves to the fullest at the expense of spreading yourself ever so thin. Saturn the building blocks of our life can cause you to travel to places in which you have family or friends. You may even get more time to enjoy the holidays because you’ve taken a few extra days off from work to enjoy a fuller life.  Even your relationship department could get a lot warmer than normal with someone professing their love for you. Mars which will get you motivated will get you to exercise more so sign up for that marathon now and save a few dollars. It will also enhance the relationship department as this planet rules sex so a time to push yourself to go beyond the existing boundaries. Uranus the planet of adventure says time to be impulsive and liberate yourself from the status quo of life. Those things that you want to incorporate into your lifestyle put you on the yellow brick road of success. Even Jupiter the biggest planet in our solar system want you to expand upon every parameter of your life so that your aspirations become a reality. This will give you greater faith, joy and laughter as the world you live in opens to you. Retreating to the past whether its places or people is what’s needed now in that you can reformat those original plans and check them off your things to accomplish. Parts of your life are evaporating which means you need to dig deep to reinvent yourself. So, you need to park yourself in surroundings that are safe, secure and supportive of you. There can be new developments with former people in a personal or professional way. This is going to get you motivated and productive, but change will not happen overnight, but it is now on your agenda. In order to engage the flame of Spirit you must prepare and believe. Part of preparing is to calm the mind so that you can enlighten the self. Once you feel connected the fire is lit and that energy which is creation will then bless you with a new path to follow. The last two weeks of the month will be very supportive in that you become surrounded with love ones and friends that causes you to be much more optimistic about the changes that you will be implementing in the New Year. 

September 23-October 22
You are a very charming personality and one of the things you do best is to make other people’s lives comfortable, so this month that should be the focus. Begin by accepting all invitations whether it’s just shopping with a friend, going out for dinner or attending formal parties. After the 20th Venus, the planet that expands the parameters of one’s love life with surround you with those that enrich your heart.  Certainly, travel can bring more joy and happiness as you reconnect with those that you hold close to your heart, but the weather may play a small role in producing delays. Others appreciate your honesty, optimism and especially your philosophical knowledge and even below the radar there may be personal problems, it’s still all about making others happy. The past ruled by Saturn represents a state of continuity so, a time to start thinking about the objectives that you want to crystallize in the coming year because the existing format has outlived its useful purpose. Part of your essential nature is to believe in others but there are some people in your life that have put you in an unconscious state. There a fine line that’s being crossed in which others are using you to get what they want so it may be time to evaluate certain people that may be taking advantage of you. Reality is not found when the self, surrenders. The planet Jupiter will begin to inhibit your sign with some falsehoods so make sure you take the time to examine what may be get rich schemes  The problem with this is that once again you’re seeking a breath of fresh air but there are people or conditions around you that are not nourishing the exaltation of your wants and needs. So, take a break from work in which you’ve been burying yourself in and be around people that bring a smile to your face and ask nothing from you. Your true matrix which is represented by Pluto is making you aware that it’ time to rectify the self so that you need to purge, cleanse, erase or separate yourself from the level of programming that has wounded you. You are the scales of justice and part of your mission here is to help others restore and heal themselves so that they can activate their evolution as they become more aware of their souls’ desires. That’s what connecting with the Prime Creator is all about; integrating the positive and negative to bring one back to the whole. For the last few months your life has been on a new mission of truth, but you need to understand that you need to walk not run as you seek a new definition of yourself and your path. This will take time but once it is completed there will be a very visible change in your essential character as well as greater satisfaction with life. There may be a new or existing person that soothes more than ever your sensual gratifications bringing a greater synthesis of living to a relationship.  

October 23-November 21
Your energy level is going to be much higher than normal this month not only physically but mentally. So, a time to start moving and getting things done. Anyone that chooses to challenge your strengths will end up surrendering. It’s time to sign up for a marathon or start working out. This is being cause by Mars the planet that is assertive and ambitious so it’s going to be very hard to sit still. So, with that in mind you may want to be a little bit more discriminating with whom your socializing with as well as the accepting of invitations. It’s just that your heart is beating so you need to be around active people that want to climb a mountain or at least take a long walk not those that want to sit around and watch TV. Even though there are some minor problems here the holidays will probably be the best yet. Mercury the planet of communications says that you are getting the shopping done, the Christmas cards out and the tree up. You may even think about a new phone for yourself, computer or I-Pad to help organize or be more efficient in your personal or professional life. Maybe your Facebook, or website needs to be updated or if you’ve been thinking about changing jobs or opening your own business, this is the time to focus on those objectives. Travel, especially to areas that border saltwater can calm the nerves and inspire the creative process so that your imagination becomes tangible. Even areas that have thin air like Colorado help to separate you from the dogma of life. The planet Pluto which wants to renovate one’s life will bring to your attention that it may be time to paint some walls, get some new furniture but as time goes on it may be hinting that it’s time to put a for sale sign in the yard and close a chapter of your life. Try and be flexible with others especially in social situations but do understand you may be on a much higher scale of intellectual evolution than they are but if you let them do all the talking and be the good listener you will make a much better impression.  You’ve got some dreams that are really beacons of light in which you need to drive your chariot towards so that you can turn them into forms of matter. This is a time of objective thinking in which time and energy need to be put towards redefining your goals. You certainly are a person of courage and determination and you need to embrace a breath of fresh air no matter where it may lead. It’s time for a leap of faith and create a new world. Don’t let this third dimensional world enslaved you any longer. Think about a new life, a new Alpha of Ascension because you have the determination and persistence to overcome limitations, so what do you want for yourself in 2020? It’s time to create a design, a plan and polarize your thoughts to manifest it. Finally, a relationship becomes a focal point this month because you give the substance of your being to another.

November 22-December 21
First, Happy Birthday or as we say in astrology Happy Solar Return. The only annoying thing going on this month is the Full Moon on the 12th which is in the sign of Gemini so you may be out and about with your shopping for the holidays and be exposed to the animal kingdom, wild animals taking on the human form but not the human consciousness. Because of the holidays and optimistic attitude, there will be many invitations from friends to celebrate the holidays in which there will plenty of great food, wine, cocktails and stimulating conversation. Definitely not a time to be a couch potato. It’s time to examine your curiosity and if opportunities come up to socialize outside the mainstream, don’t think twice about it. You may meet people that can be useful in future endeavors or cause you to be more productive with existing ones. It’s also a time to get back to your art or music or take in those venues. There should be an interest in spiritually or mystical things but this is not a time to let the right brain off the leash or you might find yourself sitting on a mountain top in Tibet, it might be better to head south to warm cozy waters of the ocean. Romance is back in your life so if your single it is time to get yourself out and about because you could be meeting someone that your imagination could dream up.  If you’re married then you re-discover the love between you, just remember that you may have to get out of bed to go to work. The planet Mercury which deals with communications has been playing a key role with introducing you to holistic thought forms that fuse new ideas into tangible ideals and that’s because of the brains perceptual apparatus to consume information and use it in constructive purpose. Also, the planet Neptune which deals with your dreams is affecting your sign for the next year as it tries to give tangible form to false opportunities so be very aware because sometimes one can think they can see through the fog so be as objective as possible and get facts.  A great deal of cooperation is coming from others so that you have greater freedom in your personal and professional pursuits. This month your mind gets a chance to jump out of its shadow and regenerate itself so that intelligent realization gives you a better understanding of the “I am” that dwell within.

December 22-January 19  
Most of the planets are making great patterns to your sign this month so it would be easier to say what isn’t going on this month that doesn’t make you happy. So just have a little patience as each day will be better than yesterday. Your dedication to work pays off with a financial bonus which instills greater self-confidence if not a new title to boast about.  You’ve worked hard all year to make things not only run smoothly but at their best. The 9 to 5 of life, while rewarding especially financially might just start becoming a bit boring with the monotony, that’s because Uranus the planet of change is pressing you to get away from the mundane conditions of life. This planet wants to liberate you from the mundane and bring change and the sense of adventure into your life so, be spontaneous and say yes to the unorthodox. It’s a great time to go away for the holidays or at least go out for dinner instead of making dinner. If there are opportunities to bring about new people in the life, travel to new places or especially do things within any aspect of life that is outside the lines you to need to understand this can satisfy your hunger for excitement. People in greater positions of power can approach you with offers that put your latent talents to better use. It’s time to activate yourself and move forward with objectives that are much more suitable for the next chapter in your life. Relationships become deeper and more intense so this would be the time to bring greater satisfaction to another with words and deeds of commitment. Pluto is causing you to get into the ascension of a higher order of evolution because you begin to connect with your inner body of Light. Purging certain chapters, no matter on what level is an act of self-purification. Now every breath you take is a vibration that fulfills your own scripture of transforming your creation. This brings purposeful social reform as the unconscious overwhelms the conscious. Don’t even think about making New Year’s resolutions they have already been made for you so, just go with the flow and follow your instincts. Feed your emotions and go to the theater, concert, art gallery or hockey game but you need to step out of your comfort zone. If you have a chance to travel over the holidays be the first to get on that plane. Sometimes you can be bound to age-old traditions which can hinder your progressive spirit. You need to remember you are but a cell within the greater whole and it’s time for you to plant new seeds into your being.

January 20-February 18
There are 3 major planets which are affecting you in a very positive way this month so this will help but not cancel out some of the stress and anxiety caused by Uranus and Mars. Let me start with the Sun as it shines upon you so that life is all about you and what you have accomplished this pass year. Whether it’s personal or professional recognition there are rewards and honors that give you greater faith within your station in life. Also, your physical constitution is getting a lot stronger as some of the tension at work and home begin to lessen. Mercury the planet of communication is helping you to organize, be discerning and become more efficient and effective. Then Venus the planet of love jumps on board to bring not only intimacy but get you out to enjoy the sensuous pleasures of life. Going out for dinner, the theater, concerts as well as enjoying the company of friends and family. Also, there should be some major surprises under the tree. Venus is not only about love but other people that are in your life. You always leave an imprint upon others for you are the reformer of all the signs. You have not only changed your ideals but leave an imprint upon the collective as you fashion new expressions of reform. Mars, the planet of action can bring about some physical stress because there are many changes around property matters that are in slow motion. Time to book an appointment for a deep massage. This planet deals with your sexual appetite, not that you don’t have one, but a Saturday matinee might be better than a Friday night. Christmas brings a lot of big surprises not only under that tree but the social venues that get you out of the house or out of state. It’s good to plan trips as well as think about moving beyond the parameters of where you live or even work but it would be better to wait until after the holidays for these thought-provoking decisions. The relationship you’re in can move forward as it materializes mutual shared goals. As you reflect on the many changes that have gone on this year and the associating stress that caused them, you should be proud that you had the guts to climb out of the status quo of life and liberate yourself. You are a sign that acts upon your dreams and refuses to take no for an answer. You give inspiration to those that fear change. From the living organism that you are you begin to manifest greater fullness of being. This is because you can focalize the fountainhead of energy within individualized activity. So, get on with your personal revolution and seek out the new adventures that are before you, it’s not the risk that you think.

February 19-March 19
You are the caregiver of all the signs and because of that this month many people will overload you with their problems, and it’s because you are thoughtful, humble and kind which makes it very easy for souls to reach out to you in whatever dimension in which they exist. Because the Sun which this month is exposing you in a negative pattern you will find that everyone is unloading their problems and baggage on you. Even Mercury the planet of communications puts a target on your back so that some conversations constricts your life. You need to slow down with interacting because dialogue with others is nothing more than going over and over things that have already been discussed because this will further suppress as well as bring depression into your life. You can become your own worst enemy as you over analyze yourself. It’s easy for me to say to you to put up boundaries but then you would feel guilty in saying no to people. So, this personal stress and frustration that’s very strong can bring about a lack of sleep, poor appetite and a weak immune system.  The Full Moon on the 12th will bring these negatives configurations to an extreme. While you may want to hibernate get out with those that make you laugh and accept you no matter what costume you may be wearing. On the other half of life get to the salon because there are all kinds of social events that you need to attend whether you feel like it or not. It’s time to be seen and heard. If you’re single you may walk into a party by yourself, but you certainly won’t leave alone. The planet Mars which is the mover and shaker of all the planets will hold your hand all month, so a better attitude begins to motivate you to move forward with those objectives that have been on the back burner. Now you begin to make decisions to do what you want so that you have a frame of reference to operate from. It’s a good month to take more of an aggressive approach to develop potentialities into actualities. This personal purposeful emphasis will clarify objectives and create a new structural foundation which may be in a different part of the country. This is also a time to harvest and make permanent these expanded horizons which deal with relationships, work or making major moves. And for the very first time you may receive much more of an abundance in life than you give out. You’re going to know when you get out of bed on the 26th which is a New Moon that something is very different in the aura that surrounds you as you begin to breathe again. Uranus the planet of adventure will hold your hand for the next 6 years causing you to retreat from the conservatism in which you live and work in to explore life that is outside the lines bringing a fresh heartbeat to your life because you begin to take control and choose what you want and need out of life. Great time to develop your creative talents which could deal with music, art or simply doing what you feel like doing. Love and commitment to another takes on a blissful unity. 


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