​Horoscopes for April 2019

  • ​ARIES      
    March 20-April 19
    Happy Birthday to a sign that is always moving forward. Your inborn disposition to breathe and express yourself is now being restored. The trail blazer of the Zodiac is once again asserting the raw contents of your ego to be free and independent and with your act now and think later attitude you begin to satisfy your thirst for what you desire. You have been thinking for quite some time now about making a major move that will in turn supply more of your demands in life. This can be with your job, relationship or even dealing with property matters. It’s all about the planet Mars which is your planetary ruler that will be working with you until around May 15th to help initiate and give expression to what you want to establish in your life. So, it’s time to break away from the status quo and take greater control of your destiny. This planet will get your heart beating again to motivate you to act in creating new enterprises in your life. This is a time in which your impulsive spirit needs to be embraced. You may want to travel to new places to see if your strengths can be better utilized and polarized so if there are opportunities that deal with your profession that lie out of state it may be time to jump ship. This is a time to transform the existing landscape with a new sense of ordered but sequential development. Pluto the planet that causes one to look within is slowly awakening you from the dream of programming that has existed in many areas of your life so that greater perception of your reality will cause you to do some major purging of that which is no longer relevant. A time to re-construct in a step by step way your objectives and goals. You really need a fresh crop of living experiences so that you can assimilate new surroundings and absorb its contents but you need to be more detailed in your analysis because there can be a curve ball thrown at you in the form of Saturn which can cause you to hang on to a past that is no longer relevant. The New Moon on the 5th brings everything into focus so that you recognize where you need to establish new foundations which will celebrate your individually. With Venus, the planet of love moving into your sign on the 21st. certain relationships will end while others become qualitative and give a realization of value. As this unfolds you then bring a condensation of the substance of love that will then become embodied with another in mutual growth of a relationship. Possessing good judgment, it is a time of truth. It may be time to set a date or become engaged. Take a moment here and experience an inner communion within the self so that you can then bring about modifications with where you live, or work. This then eliminates fear so that you have more control as you enter the deeper substrata of this human experience. This is also a time when there is a breakthrough in a relationship so that firmer foundations with mutual desires create a new geometry of gratification.​

    April 20-May 21  
    You’re a person of discipline and persistence and these are qualities that are within your character that cause you to work hard because you enjoy the opulence and sensuous elements of life and money is needed to enjoy that part of your fabric. Ownership also gives you security and a sense of accomplishment. This month your taste buds may become just a little extravagant so you may want to carry cash instead of a charge card. This is because the planet Uranus can cause you to be a little impulsive so that money can burn a hole in your pocket. It’s just that you want things now not later. This same planet can also cause you to begin new projects that in the long run will bear financial gain so, time to create and establish new currents of polarity. Neptune the planet that deals with our dreams and imagination is a constant in your life that needs nourishment so a time to breathe in the fresh air and take a walk in the park or better yet along the beach and watch the Sun set so that you feel at peace with the tides of rhythmic change. If you are creative then a time to use that non-linear aspect of your brain to indulge in art, music, theater, dance or writing. The planet Pluto will be walking with you for the next several years and it will be your guide to bring about a reconstruction to who you are as well as get you to step out of the monotony of life that has brought you stability and security in meeting all your needs. Simply put, the mundane reality that you have been ingesting is becoming boring, so you need to start thinking of healthier ways to improve your life. Yes, I know the word change is on the back burner of your vocabulary but occasionally, you need a new shirt or blouse to wear. As this perpetuates itself you will begin to spin a new membrane of components that bring out a greater circumference of your life so that it becomes easier to let go of the past and accept new choices. There may be people or circumstances in your life that have become dull and spiritually inoperative, but you refuse to let it go. You need to feed the self if you want rebirth to bring a synchronization that is in step with your own rhythm. So, time to marshal up your inner power and put it to more efficient use so that greater purpose surrenders itself to you. Also, there are other people in your life that could be stimulating that heart of yours so you want to give yourself permission to investigate this because this may lead to a person that wants to fulfill your physical desires and intellectual needs. By the end of the month there should not be a deficiency within any area of your life. It is a time to sweep out what has fossilized in your life and pursue the endless and fresh possibilities that are before you. Saturn the planet of karma says it time to summon forth a new purpose from the purest of motives that will manifest the essential needs of your spirit.
    May 21-June 20
    You are a sign that refuses to stand still intellectually or physically. It’s that restless mind of yours that is in an endless search for conversation and knowledge as well as your body needs to run marathons and put yoga aside. Life is undergoing major changes right now and while it may be very difficult to adjust to the changes at work and your personal life your value of life is being challenged by others. While the truth in change is very visible because it brings about a new birth, this realization has been conditioned through the experience of death or the severance of yesterday. Jupiter which is opposing your sign causes you to doubt yourself so that you believe the circumstances in your life that has caused you to feel inadequate were your fault. This creates a lack of confidence because you thought you had a handle on things. Let’s be clear here that the opposition means that others were guilty not you and that others need to apologize for their lack of faith, beliefs and rudeness. People owe you a Hallmark card.  Because Neptune which deals with sensitivity, it causes one to be deceive which can bring about an uneasy silence as well as emotional chaos. It then becomes very easy to let others blame you for this discord because you are weak, sensitive, and gullible so that everything must be your fault. Your strengths are being tested and you need to have the courage to bring this cycle to a conclusion for this is a prelude to the future birth of a new cycle that you must call forth. Have faith in yourself, you are the prize not the joke. After the 17th you will be surrounded by those that will help you to release the energy radiating from the nucleus of your complex cellular structure. This then allows you to adapt to new means of purpose. So, it’s time to bring the inevitable end to concrete actualization. For the last few months the mind has been more mechanical and lacking creative thought which stems from your job and the inept people that surround you. It’s just that they been assimilating intellectual food out of a box which brings a lack of creative thought on their part. You’re not going to raise their single digit IQ so you may want to do a little daydreaming.  It’s time to re-polarize yourself and improve your knowledge through books or classes or hobbies that can bring about creative changes in your cash flow. This will cause the mind to become more organic so that you can weave new situations that will bring joy and enthusiasm that your future demands. It’s all about transforming creative response into exciting purpose. This month there are more opportunities to get out and play in new sand boxes in which you connect with people who like yourself change the course of human thought. Through these social venues, you create new friends but if your single your nights of sleeping alone could come to a very rapid conclusion. The twins represent spirit and matter and they begin to harmonize so that the days of being a slave unto matter become less and less. Opportunities for growth within new relationships are much more active and loving because work and play can become balanced again by expanding your circumference with new paradigms. Now is the time to engage the exciting process of the unknown instead of fearing it. Look for unexpected changes in the work area that will lift your self-esteem. Slow down just for a few minutes and pay attention to what arouses your curiosity or captures your attention for new opportunities can now be developed.
    June 21-July 21
    You might find yourself very restless and bored this month especially with work or personal responsibilities. It’s not that your mind isn’t in engaged with things to do it’s just that your waiting for answers so that you can become more organized and move forward with your own agendas. Saturn is in opposition to your sign so it’s outside circumstances or people that are blocking your efforts to give shape and structure to a new format of life. It’s time to release the past, that which has outworn its relevance. Yes, there is a certain amount of guilt and anxiety, but the past will become more and more time consuming the longer you embrace it.  Uranus the planet of exciting changes has opened its door to you. This is the planet of the future which holds the sense of adventure that wants you to apply yourself to consciously given goals. So, you’ve reached a crossroads. It’s time to take the detour and surrender yourself to the unknown for it will fertilized your evolution. It’s a time to take that risk, be impulsive and give that curiosity a heartbeat. This month you are more anxious than ever to bring out a new vocabulary that will help release others from their animated prison of thought but there can be rejection by some because of their failure to integrate information that will bring a new root to their reality. It’s not to say that you’re not busy but it is one of those times in which the job can cause you to spin off in many directions because of a lack of interest so you give your daydreams a reality. Since work can cause you to kind of hibernate 24/7 from more personal desires you may want to take a break and head south to those warm understanding beaches of Florida that will nurture your attitude and pump some much needed vitamin D from the Sun instead of a pill into your human entity. While you’re there the local populace will introduce themselves to you so that you have the opportunity to indulge in good food, sensuous wine and stimulating conversations that will cause you to want to extend your visit. While you’re in these moments of bathing in the Sun and listing to the wave’s pound against the shoreline you need to think about re-establishing your priorities in life with your career and your personal life. If you’re alone in life this is a time to think about how you’re going to build new foundations with another that are in accord with your dreams but utilizing your hereditary materials. Accept all invitations for you have a very good chance of meeting people that will be in your future as a friend, partner or intimate relationship. The abstract can become flesh. Time to be the dreamer and trust your intuition because the subjective can be the objective. Be adventurous and act upon your feelings and if you must make the first move then do it because the personal rewards can keep you warm and cozy while you sleep. As you open your private domestic door those inner emotions begin to assimilate with another that is deserving of your hand. This is a great time to begin writing or teaching or to go to more formal or opulent events. Legality or taking tests are in your favor so not a time to fear the unknown. This month you have an opportunity to reinstate the seed crystal within you so that you can move forward.
  • LEO
    July 22-August 22
    You are a person of self-expression for the life force certainly flows within you so there should never be a time in which you become a follower. You extract all that you can out of life and actualize your aspirations that take you to greater heights so that who would not want to be in your shoes. True to your sign, after the 16th your mind goes into action to express your opinions so that many of the things that have been in a holding pattern are coming to a very rapid conclusion, but new ideas are given expression. With the planet Mars which is the warrior, this is an excellent time to start new projects whether they be a new job, major move or beneficial changes in a relationship or partnership. The lion within you begins to growl and roar and no hallmark card will dampen your responsibility to discharge the quality of your spirit. The 3 other major planets are working in a very harmonious way to bring creativity to manifest your desires and fill your needs not only for the moment but with the changes that are upon your immediate horizon. This release of power coming through the planet Uranus the liberator causes you to re-polarize your level of consciousness and put your human unit into action to blaze new trails that set you free and give you greater autotomy. This is a great pattern, but Uranus is sort of forcing you to face issues, and hopefully resolving them and then move on. Progressive illuminations lead you to identify with new universal realities. This is a time to prove yourself physically and mentally because you are a descendant of power from the source of spiritually. Even the Egyptians although I think it was an organic race of beings thousands of years earlier built the Phoenix a monument to honor the Divine within you. So, time to make serious decisions as well as get that physical body out there in some sort of competition. It’s a good time to market yourself so if you’re ready to get away from the mundane monotony of your job then start sending out that resume it can only take you to greater heights in which you are worthy of. With the Sun and Venus upon you, love and life are to be touched and felt. Even the planet Jupiter which deals with optimism and laughter will help to expand the parameters of your life with social venues as well as trips to places that lie a great distance. It’s also a good time to get out and take a walk or better a run and as the heart begins to beat you will notice that your sex drive is alive and well again. This is a good time to think about positive reform in your life.  Start with changing your appearance and challenge any boundaries in your life. Then, you may want to get all those boxes out of the attic and start organizing so that your life becomes more efficient with less residue. You’re always magnetic so expect people to be drawn to you for personal or professional interests but do understand that others want more than to just shake hands with you. If your single, then you can run with this. On a more personal level this is your moment to express the living spirit that resides within you. You recognize the mutations within our species and with the planet Jupiter at your side which is the seer, oracle, teacher and writer which is fusing with you so that you can prepare the remnant seed to become part of the Light teachings.
    August 23-September 22
    During most of this of this month you will still be feeling empty and inadequate which allows further disintegration of your organism. This is not a place in which to dwell for your emotions will choke your soul’s life and produce complexes. You can thank the planets Neptune and Jupiter which have jump on your back and are trying to make you feel empty and useless so why don’t I just go pick out my casket. This can first play out at work so there can be long hours because of your dedication but no applause for a job well done. Even that scaffolding that you have with others may begin to shake up the relationship. While its time to allow certain cycles to conclude so that you can bring about a new sequence of birthing others may use your kindness to get what they want from you so a time to put up some boundaries and not feel guilty about saying no. Insanity is a part of this abstraction because you feel insufficient in your self-expression so, pour yourself a drink, try and relax and understand the difficulties are not within you but are being perpetuated by others toward you. But you will lose sleep with these distractions. The second half of the month brings the transfusion. This is when you begin to correct some of the flaws so that you become the master of expression. Mercury your planetary ruler and expression of your brain cells begins to evoke a new rhythm of thinking that brings a fire to the silence. Your mind is no longer attenuated but sets out on a new pilgrimage to illuminate a new mode of holistic perception. The capacity to see and understand so that you transcend above the established order of society and identify with your solar ray.  You pay attention to the methodical details which makes you an efficient troubleshooter. So, you use these skills as you separate yourself from those psychic vampires that have used and abused you. Why is it that you attract those that are lost, needy or think that you own them?  In some way jealousy and envy of you could have played a part in their behavior towards you, after all some people think you have it made. They don’t see the self-sacrifice that goes into what appears to be the perfect life. The planet Mars which deals with fearless courage begins to flow through your arteries so that an attitude of what can’t I accomplished becomes the focal point of your thinking. Even though Mars the planet of war is in a negative aspect to you, it will cause you to face an issue that comes before you because you are not one to surrender to any problem. As you assimilate this new design within yourself you begin to use your inherent logic in functioning to improve the standards of working and living. It’s a great time to meet new friends so say yes to anything that gets you out of the house so you can be seen and heard again. If you just happen to be single you need to understand that there’s an opportunity to meet people that are deep, intense, and have a new frame of reference for the truth which brings social comfort but do understand the aspect of meeting people is here but be the Virgo and dissect those that come before you. So, as you get into the latter half of the month, Spring can get you off to an exciting start so run with the magnetism that will surround you. As your thoughts become non-linear it will free you to work within the higher pathways of light.
    September 23-October 22
    Usually every year at this time when the Sun moves into Aries as well as other planets it forms oppositions in your life so it’s important to tread very lightly for one misstep and the outside world will be in your face. So, whether it’s people or just that outside world in general your strengths will be tested. Part of the reason is that others whether in the work place or personal life just don’t understand where you’re coming from. Certainly, even your schedule could say that others take up a lot of your time so that there’s very little time for you to relax and do what you want instead of what others demand of you. Sudden disruptions bring tension and anxiety and because of the deviations in your timeline you get very little accomplished which then adds to the stress. You may feel tired because it’s all work and very little play. It’s like you’re going to need a translator because others cannot grasp or nourish your intellectual needs at this time. Even mutual goals with others can become very complicated. Stress can have a psychological effect so make sure you furnish the body with proper nutrition and understand you’re not a machine so try and take a timeout for yourself with some yoga a long walk or a good stiff drink. While you enjoy freedom of speech you need to carefully define what you say because you can alienate others with your progressive and radical thinking. It’s just that you always cut through the hypocrisy of traditional academics and breathe new life into the words that were once spoken. You see, understand, and live within the higher abstract truth but you must prove yourself to others and once again people in the mainstream see you as an outsider so very little understanding or cooperation is given to you. Don’t let these conditions cause extreme behavior within you, like being impulsive and pulling up the roots of where you work or live. So, stay around people that have higher degrees of spiritual understanding or even travel to areas in which there are people with similar thoughts. The first 2 weeks of this month Mars the planet of action will help smooth out most of the wrinkles, but the last 2 weeks will test your patience. New opportunities that expand your motives of security begin to blossom on the 19th which is the Full Moon so it’s time to move forward and take ownership of a new business, car, or home.  If you’re in school your test scores should give you self-worth. Others that have a higher mind set or spiritual understanding invite you to speak or unite in a common cause to help others. Sometimes it takes people awhile before they understand that they are standing before a person like yourself that has reconstructed the cellular codes within your garment. You have connected with the network of universal communication so that you receive information from the higher intelligences. Do your best to explain that to people. As you begin to live within their image you become a link that translates the language of Light so that spiritual sustainment lifts you from the rooted earth conditions. You are in the hour of your graduation because you have listened to the creative word.
    October 23-November 21
    This month is filled with only one major distraction which can create anxiety, stress and frustration and then lead to loss or sudden separation coming from not only people but the mundane world. So, this annoyance will test your physical and especially mental limits but remember it’s others that are guilty of these distractions not you. You can injure yourself because these abnormal circumstances can cause you to be clumsy as your thoughts are not centered. Watch driving, speeding tickets or fender benders can occur because of a lack of attention. On the other side of life friendships, relationships and even co-workers are working with you to bring that much needed harmony and balance back into your life. It’s an excellent time to start your own business, begin a new relationship or reap exciting benefits from work or a relationship. With the planet Saturn affecting you in a very positive way it’s persistence and determination can cause you to attain goals that seemed impossible. This same planet can bring you extra money to pay things off but yet buy new things on time. It’s the tried and true that will lead you forward not making impulsive choices. Although Spring break is over this is a perfect time to travel to the beaches or even go on a cruise. If that’s not possible them engage in the creative aspects of life like going to a concert, play, museum or get in to making those changes in your home. With Pluto the planet that wants you to clean out the closets physically and mentally you may want to get into reorganizing many aspects of your life that have become stale or redundant. It’s also time to get that body of yours back into shape so head for the gym and start being a little more discriminating with what your putting into your body. To eliminate is too cleansed or purge which is nothing more than a catharsis that is actualizing a differentiated cell of your being. It’s time to empower the self and learn to transcend boundaries so that you can make your ideal a reality in the objective world. This way you can anchor yourself to a new vibrational rate so that you can shape and create a new imprint as you walk through a new corridor of life. Money is going to help you change your energy network so it might be time to go over your assets and where and with what institution it is placed in. Even your material possessions need to be evaluated as to what you need to keep in this transition and what needs to be part of a garage sale.  Even though relationships are great it may be time to replace or disengage from certain people that no longer fit into the restructuring of your social life. This month you achieve greater thresholds so that you become a functional part of the collective whole so, more reason to let go of the past and seek a more progressive future for yourself. The main difficulty here motivating yourself to enter a new stage of life which you may not clearly understand yet it will rid you of the automation that is in your life and give you a new purpose.
    November 22-December 21
    Certainly, this is a time to open a chapter of personal growth utilizing your innate attributes in searching for the truth or even a better way of life. So, writing, reading or attending seminars or thinking about making a move are things that you need to consider invoking. Old allegiances must be given a burial. While there continues to be unwanted responsibilities that weigh you down and cause your life to be constipated many new and exciting aspects of life are awakening. The excitement and enthusiasm that wants to entertain you is dependent upon you taking time to do things that you want for yourself and not others and not feeling guilty about it. What you need to understand is that all that glitters is gold so you need to surrender to those or that which will deliver what it promises. It’s a time in which you are very open to change and do have excellent foresight in your long-range views and there are people that will act as a catalyst and steer you on a new adventurous path. But, once again be careful that you don’t open yourself and indulge in the preaching coming from shallow people. Established relationships with trusted friends and co-workers provide cooperation, stability as well as love. This helps you to become assertive and move forward in a sequential way so, avoid the shortcuts time is on your side. You seem to be very busy in establishing yourself with a business that lies outside your normal 9 to 5. In time this could bring you liberation from the status quo. Some people in which you have long established ties will bring about disappointment because their principles and believes are no longer parallel with yours. Try and siphon off that anger in productive ways like working out or addressing that to do list. The loss will be filled by new people or interests that have similar views as yours. Remember you are a person of integrity, loyal to the core so you need to disconnect from those that have superficial values and morals. You should be feeling that new force field that is beginning to surround you that will activate the sacred fire within you so that you become imprinted with a new circulatory system that challenges the parameters you live within. You have reached a station in life in which new elements of reference are being revealed to you. The language that you now speak is becoming archaic so it’s time to utilize a new alphabet that was created by our ancestors.  In time there will be a communion with the Star Beings through your dreams which will germinate a re conversion of your instrument so that you move beyond the limits of structured definition.
    December 22-January 19
    This may appear to be a month in which you feel detached from your job. This comes from the planet Uranus which says that the status quo of life has become boring and suffocating and tension as well as anxiety develops from the narrow boundaries which occupy your personal and professional life. This planet is like a light switch and wants you to put a new bulb in the socket so that you can move beyond the existing parameters of your life. Start doing what you want and need not what others demand of you.  It’s all about personal freedom and liberating yourself from those that want to put a leash on you. Also, there can be an assortment of men that you are around that are harsh, demanding and even stingy or greedy. If your single, this is a month that you want to change up your routine and be impulsive because there can be new people that come into your life that offer liberation from the status quo. There can be love at first sight so try not over analyze those that want to take you out to dinner, hold your hand or make you breakfast in the morning. This is a month of compliments and verbal expression so no more talking to yourself. It’s a great month to get a new computer, I phone or give a lecture or attend one. If you’re into sales, then who doesn’t want to buy whatever your selling. Maybe it’s because you have some new products or just new ways of doing things that are creative and proven. The personal side of your life would be better if you are doing things that you want to do with people that understand your conversation. You need to be the center or frame of reference. While this is a time to be objective you also need to follow that subjective voice, which will bring fulfillment and wholeness to your personal being. Whether it’s painting a canvas or the walls of your living room it’s a time that those long-range plans of change with the décor of your life to get started right now. Places that border salt water or are in high altitudes may cause you to go there for work or maybe a vacation but beneath the surface is a craving from within for dramatic changes in all areas of your life. Getting yourself off the existing grid can be difficult but, to reprogram the self to new crystallizations that will fill the vacuum you will need to challenge the present existence of your being. You have been subservient to a structure in life that no longer has substance or content. It’s time for you to have allegiance to the self, a new reference, rhythm, and vibration to participate in. A time to concentrate on yourself with what you desire most so that you may free yourself from the rigid structures that are enslaving you and believe in the gestation of the formless into a living embryo.
    January 20-February 18
    You are a very free-spirited person and will do anything to help the collective whole in their quest for liberation and freedom especially in a spiritual way. Truly, you represent the pulsating heart of humanity. This month it’s all about the revolution going on in your own life. You’re getting a little restless and discontented with how the status quo is trying to entrap you within its illusions of an artificial life. This is caused by Uranus which deals with your authority which is in a negative pattern to you so that you have people challenging your power. It’s like having to explain yourself to a child why you want them to do this or that. Your nerves can become a little raw after continued assault in having to explain yourself. So, it’s time for you to revolt against those or what that wants to shorten the leash on you. This can lead to separation or loss. This can then force to re-design and reform your life and move on into a greater sense of adventure and purpose. This is not an impulsive moment but one in which you’ve been thinking about breaking away from certain situations in your life that may be with work, relationships or even where you live. It’s time for your own universal goals and creating a better world for yourself. Please don’t think you’re being selfish or self-centered just because you put yourself before others. You’ve got some ideas and it’s time to give them an identity. With Jupiter, the planet of expansion upon you it would be good to do just that, so think about taking a vacation or classes or maybe giving classes. Great time to write or expand your social life. Maybe it’s time to create your own space within your home or begin to remodel the chemistry of it. Within your personal life there is a lot of support in your quest for greater excitement as well as change in some of the basic foundations that surround you. You might even find yourself getting out more with friends as the breath of Spring embodies your being.  There will flashes of original insight this month in which you can use to bring further expression to a second career that becomes much more fulfilling for you. This will encourage you even more to act and think about getting what you desire.  A better world and exciting progressive changes are just moments away. So, it’s time to reset and re-establish the continuity of your creation. This will return you to your original scroll that you wrote not the program that your personality chose for you to follow. Relationships become stronger and healthier especially with those that take you into a dimension of fantasy.
    February 19-March 19
    You are beginning to plow the matter that exist in your life so that new seeds can be planted that will nourish a new cycle. The days of being a slave and having an adherence to a given doctrine are slowly dissolving. This can bring about a certain amount of fear, but you need to detach yourself from being a prisoner of your imagination. With the planet, Pluto which deals with the resurrection of your authentic ingredients a new world has been opening you up for you to explore and be a part of so now is the time to begin to synthesize these exciting ingredients into your life. The more dramatic the changes the better it is for you, so don’t try and second guess yourself. Whether it’s a major move, job change or making a definitive statement towards the love in your life you need to surrender to this reality and enjoy the bliss that will be manifested.  Remember you’re a person that can share two different realities simultaneously. It’s all because you can control the singularity of space and time. It’s like putting your ideas that have been on the back burner into the 3rd dimensional reality. You’re the idealist and your imagination always allows you to create and form matter. Once that is done then you need to transfer that objective to the subjective, so you then become one with your primordial state. It’s time to be the musician, the painter the writer or actor.  Love of yourself has been the motive in manifesting and constructing new thought forms but you need to open that part of you and let someone love you even if it’s just for a moment in time. It’s a time you get answers which then allows you to be the center of power and not co-dependent. Also, this month the personal planets have moved into Pisces which will then inflame your passions as well as give you a better paycheck because of your creative talents. There can be many changes in the work area but try and remain stationary in the mist of this chaos. This month you begin to modulate the frequency in which you vibrate so that you attach yourself to a new network of thought forms from interstellar space which will give you spiritual sight and uncanny intuition. Even though Jupiter has been weighing you down and testing your strengths because of mis-understandings, try and take time to get to bottom of situations that are unclear. Even Mars the planet of war can create a few skirmishes so try not to let problems get out of control because you could find yourself on the losing end.  Drive carefully, pay attention to the speed limit and it may not be a good time to put a hammer in your hand.

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