Horoscopes for January 2020




March 20-April 19
This month you will be approaching the world at large with greater confidence and creative expression. Even though this is part of your pre-existing matrix of behavioral patterns there is a bonus of inexhaustible energy coming from 2 major planets. Mars is one of the planets which will cause you to be much more carefree and spontaneous in your actions so that you can transpose this energy into productive outlets. This is the verb of all the signs so it’s all about being assertive and becoming more independent, thus proving your self-worth. This will be the corner stone of your essential consciousness in the way that you approach life for the whole of this year. The problem may be that you immerse yourself into a smorgasbord of possibilities that seem viable but may just waste valuable constructive time with what you’re trying to achieve. This is because the planet Jupiter is testing your sign and it tends to exaggerate those opportunities that appear to hold promise. So, time to get your own answers to minimize the making of mistakes. Because the planet Saturn is also making a stressful pattern to your sign it will put barriers as well as unwanted responsibilities upon your shoulders so that the persistence and determination needed to accomplish specific agendas has caused you to spread yourself very thin. So, make a list of things to do and address them one at a time and expect a detour or two. We can talk about Venus the planet of love for it like Mars is making a great pattern to your sign. A relationship can play a very positive role so that mutual shared objectives can begin to polarize giving definition to goals. Is it time for that proposal or to set a date to give the relationship a definitive consciousness? This is also beneficial in the work area so that it can be a great time to market yourself if that promotion or pay raise didn’t come through. It’s time to think about where you want to vacation and when, but whether you make plans or shoot from the hip it’s going to be great to get out of town and put some distance between you and the monotony that could surround you. Pay close attention to where you do go because there may be something or someone there that will bring you back in the future. Usually your sign enjoys testing your physical strengths so you may want to take that into consideration as to where you travel. You’re not the type to lie on the beach so head to Colorado to ski or join a gym to bring definition to those biceps. This month you seem to take on the role of answering questions for others and that’s because you are brutally honest but make it a point if possible, to be tactful in your response. Also, when it comes to signing contracts or documents it’s important to take the time to read very carefully what your committing yourself to. This month is not the same world you wake up to everyday so you might want to divest all your energy into to what you want to do each day and retreat from familiar people and places. Many elements including people of the past re-enter your life this month thanks to Mercury the planet of conversation. Listen carefully for there can be a few white lies that are being expressed. Take some time here as the past will occupy your presence but then say thank you, it’s been great and get back into the presence. New opportunities are before that deal with expanding your aspirations that will slowly open you up to a new paradigm of your evolution so give expression to that voice within you. This is caused by Pluto which deals with a re-birth but there can be labor pains with digesting a new non-linear matrix.

April 20-May 21
There are 7 planets that will be affecting you this month and all in a very positive way that will put a smile on your face from ear to ear. Let me start with Uranus the planet that initiates and can be very assertive so that it prompts you into implementing changes in your life. Normally you’re a very cautious and practical person because security is very important to you, but this month is a time to move forward with those resolutions you made for yourself. The status quo that you have lived within has cause your heart to beat slower so use that perseverance of yours to give motivation to your creative expression.  What are you craving for right now in your life? It’s time for new acquisitions that will bring about the formation of further comforting securities that in time become very well defined. Because Pluto the planet of transmutation is putting fresh oxygen in your life there will be clarity as well as determination on your part to close chapters in your life that are no longer relevant. Part of your New Year’s resolutions should be to start taking an active role in changing your life from the inside out. Getting into better nutrition as well as exercise is a great beginning, but this means change, which can be very challenging to a person that gets caught up in habit patterns so be patient, you can do this. Also, part of this rebirth is to re-educate yourself and whether it’s seminars or taking some classes in art, music or how to play the stock market this will slowly help you to understand that you were in a rut and it’s time to go out and enjoy life. People that you have been sharing your life with may have a problem with the changes that you are craving so, you may want to take a second look at those that don’t support you. New relationships on the professional or personal front can play a major role with your happiness and in time put a diamond on that ring finger. I know you can be tight with money matters but it’s time to be extravagant and enjoy your sensuous tastes, you after all appreciate the value of matter. It’s time to get up on the wrong side of the bed and start utilizing those tools that have been hiding in the darkness of your womb. A new genetic matrix that will evoke your evolutionary intentions and bring about a birthing process which will take you to a higher rung of the ladder in life. Get away from winter and travel to some of the megalithic sites on earth so that these sites can help transpose the energy grids around you to bring about a new network of spiritual embodiment.

May 21-June 20
You are the thinker and communicator of the zodiac, it’s an essential process that is central to you which is being busy and not sitting still. It’s important to be able to express yourself or exchange information whether it’s abstract theories or objective concepts. This month the control center within your cranium causes you to examine and question your position in the outer world. This is being caused by the planet Neptune which causes one to be very sensitive to the point of being a little fragile. This may cause some of you to want to hibernate from the world that you live in. The reason is Neptune dissolves dense material so when this happens to you it causes one to feel insecure and inadequate so that you begin to dissect not only who and what you are but also where you’re going in life. It can also say that you feel more comfortable in staying home because the atmosphere outside is becoming toxic. Try not to pick yourself or life apart and you may prefer the liquor cabinet for dinner instead of food. Because Mars the planet of war is going to be troublesome there are a few people that you need to distance yourself from in that they no longer lift your vibration. This is because you seek answers to the higher more abstract parts of your brain. As you become more flexible with your logical faculties a cleansing process brought by Neptune will bring about some discomfort as your consciousness gives rise to clarity in your given goals. This demands that you begin to live within a new world of ideals. Expect that there may be some stern tests as you accept new responsibilities for it will bring conflict between your desires and the given objectives that have provided a secure existence. This is all about reconnecting with the self and putting the past behind you. There may be promotions at work or certainly the opportunity to market your talents and skills to a more useful and appreciative company. Any legal battles may require further persistence on your part but in the end your truth always wins out. You’re in a good position if you’re taking tests or giving advice to others because you have all the answers to any type of questions brought by Mercury after the 17th. Exercise or competitive sports are a good release for the stress that others or work have caused but know your physical limits. This month brings a much more optimistic outlook in your life with many sudden opportunities to travel or be around people with shared spiritual interests. Your ability to adapt to new surroundings makes it much easier on your part to enjoy new people and places and even in the learning of new skills. You may even want to take a moment here and think about making a major change on where you want to live or maybe just travel to. You underestimate your true value so put up some boundaries and be a little bit more discerning with those that you hold close. Be careful driving as Mars can cause your mind to become distracted and then bring about a fender bender. While relationships bring much needed support, love and understanding there are going to be some people that are more interested in sexual improprieties. It is not a time to bend the rules. 

June 21-July 21
You’re a sign of very deep feelings and emotions which cause you to be intuitive and receptive and easily influenced by your surroundings. Because Pluto the planet that seeds growth and Saturn the planet that wants to freshen up your life are upon you for most of the year, you might want to start off this year by changing the décor of your home and then work your way through the changing of your moods into others layers of your life. Those things that have been on your list of things to do need to be checked off as soon as possible to release you from the past. The planet Neptune says if you don’t feel like getting out then going into a state of hibernation can be therapeutic for you or heading to the beaches of Florida might just be a better alternative. While you are the driving force behind others you do appreciate your privacy because personal growth usually comes through inner experiences. This is also a month to enjoy more of the aesthetics of life so go to a theater, concert or the art museum to satisfy that thirst for emotional bliss. This planet can also cause your imagination to be discerned into the tangible, giving form to your personal desires. Even the planet Venus which is all about love can bring greater romance into your life as well as the enjoyment of your sensuous tastes. However, there can be issues which can cause disruption in your interaction with others especially with work. Maybe, work is slow, or you spend a lot of time and energy with a client which balks at signing on the bottom line. This can affect your self-worth and self-esteem because others no longer appreciate the effort you put into making them happy. Because you have been drawn into the spiritual Light it can be difficult to be around circumstances or people that are rooted in matter. Don’t let criticism from others compromise the path your heart is leading you to.  There is always a certain amount of confusion that arises when we enter a next state of, your evolution. This may take some time for some people in your life to accept the new expression that is consuming you so give others their space. Since some people have decided to censor you as they remain in their primitive state of consciousness, why not withdraw into your own world of creative ideas so that you can put your attention into developing and absorbing your dreams. Your inspiration will guide you so listen to yourself and new doors will open for you. You may have to travel because of professional opportunities that could turn your life into a better direction. The West coast may help you to give form to your personal desires or at least places that border the ocean. Even the sunshine can give your Spirit an overdose of vitality so that this month is a time to express what you desire in life. This is a time for you to take control and absorb and enjoy the purity of a new experience. With Uranus the planet of the future upon you for the rest of the year it is important to embrace change on every level. This planet can cause your heart to beat faster and the sense of adventure to be intoxicating so that you become free to express your individual rights. Also, opportunities to expand upon your social life bringing new friends, partners as well as an exciting personal and sensuous relationship.  

July 22-August 22
Well, the new year is beginning and there are a lot of things on your to do list, but for these changes in the foundations of your life to go on, money is needed. You may have to start spending less in your leisure time so that you can put yourself in a more secure position to embrace the new amenities you want to place in your home. While you begin to plan in greater detail when and where you’re going, others may question why do you need to expand upon your existing aspirations? It’s called evolution and while some people are content to live within a limited circumference, you need to enjoy the opulence of life no matter where it may take you. So, as you become attuned to your personal powers of being the warrior it become easier for you to establish a new structural alchemy within your life. It’s time for you to start saying no to others and yes to your wants and needs. It’s time to be the Lion the born leader and satisfy your thirst and hunger for a more idealistic lifestyle. After the 13th you to enter a new social arena that will not deny the intoxication of living within a new vibratory wavelength. The opportunities have arrived, and your life is moving faster as well as your judgment has never been better. It’s time to accept the challenge because you always finish what you start. Look at this as a moment in which you have more freedom to do some things that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. This is being cause by the planet Mars which doesn’t ever take no for an answer. Walk the streets of a new city and take in the sights for these elements will enlighten you with added knowledge and an appreciation of the grander scheme of life.  Meeting new people and making new friends having a new job and a new place to live create an abundance of pleasure. So, what I’m really trying to do here is get you away from the status quo and monotony that presently exists in your life. You also need to understand that what has supported you in the past has now put limits on your individual liberties. It’s time to transcend your present foundations and make room for new ideas as well as new people. Go through the house and get rid of the clutter so that your path becomes much clearer. You’re a sign that can do anything and do it well so why not examine where you are in life and where do you want to be six months from now. You are a person that needs to be the center of attention, so some people resent that but this controlling complex always produces results. You devote yourself to the ideal so those that don’t appreciate you or what your trying to materialize they need to be flushed from your life.  Annoyances can come from just about everyone you interact with this month personally or with work. That’s because you’re talking about moving on while others continue to accept the limitation in which they live because they lack the courage to open the aperture of growth. 

August 23-September 22
You need to make some New Years’ resolutions and reconnect with who you are in your own right. It’s not just about a change of clothes or makeup here. The planet Pluto which deals with the renovation of one’s life is going to hold your hand throughout 2020. What this means is that you are experiencing a rebirth that will transform the ingredients within you and the world you live in. It’s a process that you will be in accord with but this doesn’t happen within a couple of weeks or months, it’s a sequential process that will take in the entire year but when it’s over those lost factors of yourself that you have repressed begin to integrate into your substance of living. This will also empower you in that latent attributes come to the surface which add new skills and an attitude of self-preservation so that there’s less reliance on others or family. It’s also about learning to love yourself before you can love another.  So, as you go through this self-evaluation be gentle with yourself because you can slice and dice who and what you are which can put you in the closet of seclusion. This is cause by Neptune which is very subjective to the point of not letting you see yourself clearly. You see your faults more than anyone else and your motives are subject to constant analysis which then promotes fear of rejection and you do this to yourself, we within the outside world don’t do this to you. We see you as being extremely smart with an overdose of wit. A great planner, with attention to details and wearing a mask of coldness that hides your vulnerability. We know it’s hard to express your feelings which is odd because once you close that bedroom door the raw ingredients of your passion cause one to wonder why you keep that part of yourself hidden.  Lately you’ve been unsure of your own inner worth so that you’ve allowed fear to place boundaries in your life. Certainly, others haven’t exactly been helpful with their more than critical analysis and fault finding so stay close to those that love the genuineness of your heart and soul and tell others to keep their hands off you. Neptune the planet of water can produced many storms that can sweep through your life this month to bring tears because they were forces that you could not change. Some parts of our lives sooner or later begin to dissolve. Harsh realities like this can cause a person to rely upon drugs or alcohol so beware of the disguises that can take advantage of you and your perception of life. You work best on projects that serve humanity in that you bring the organic truth to the screen. There are many people that love you and want to assist you in the creation of a new you, but you need to be flexible and listen to what they think you need to do. It’s called constructive criticism. In a systematic way areas of work or life that are meaningless are let go of so that security comes from direct areas that prioritize your life, returns your self-confidence and resurrects you so that you are alive and well enjoying laughter once again. Be optimistic and put that critical apparel in the closet. It’s time to read again or better yet write. I’m not talking about a letter but a book, or a script to put on TV or in the theater or just your personal life. As the new year unfolds each month can bring the sense of adventure through the expansion of your aspirations.


September 23-October 22
To say that the time has come for you to change may sound like a superficial statement but if you look at your life there are many things that have served you well both personally and professionally in which those scripts have become very antiquated. Because there are 3 major planets that are bringing unscripted tension, there’s an imbalance in your life physically and mentally which shows you in a more definitive way that it’s time to redesigned your objectives for 2020. One of the more helpful planets is Mars which is going to be around until the middle of February. It wants you to step back and look very carefully at the direction that you want to polarize in your life. Those dreams that have been on the back shelf for so long that need to materialize or be forgotten. But instead of just the looking this planet says it’s time to be assertive and create what you want and need in life, in other words put yourself and your needs first. Part of this is all about Karma because of Saturn the planet of the past as well as history and how you have yet to let go of some of the shadows in your life. It’s time to release the aches and pains of the past, deep truths that you have recorded on a cellular level so that you become free to rediscover what it feels like to be just you. Certainly, Light workers can play a part in this activation. It’s a time to confront others because this is a turning point in your human development in which you want to be on equal footing with others. You’re a great diplomat so no hard feelings in making some hard decisions. Think of it as a social experiment with mental stimulation. You still are interacting with others but as I said your development becomes more complete if you give to the self. As you begin to adjust your frequency to that of your inner core you become harmonically polarized so that you wake up and begin to ride the waves and react to the language of your stars. A new geometric field of light that opens the portals to the other dimensions so I can’t even imagine what those brain cells are thinking. As you merge with your organic codes your light body transitions to bring about the conception of new ideals. Slowly, you begin to ground yourself. So, pay very close attention to your feelings and your dreams. They become the antidote to bring about solutions not only to you but those that are worthy of your friendship. Many of your original ideas are being resuscitated, so what can’t you accomplish for yourself?  With Jupiter upon you the messengers point the way to your true calling, but this planet can be very clever in creating detours so if some opportunities feel uncomfortable then use your intuitiveness to receive your answers. It’s all about your evolution which can be disruptive because it is trying to establish new unique potentialities that will help fulfill your destiny. To elevate your position, you need to hit the refresh button, which is Pluto the planet of rebirth, but one must liquidate that which no longer serves a viable purpose. This also means that you begin to respect and honor the self. There will be many opportunities to realize your aspirations if you respect the warrior that is within you, thus bringing about greater gains that bring rewards within many aspects of your life. I can’t leave you hanging here without talking about a relationship. Your days of wandering the city with friends are coming to a very rapid conclusion. You have always put others on a pedestal but now you are the diamond in the rough that is beginning to shine ever so brightly so love becomes a context of matter. The person that holds your heart will act as a catalyst in materializing your desires and passions intellectually and physically.

October 23-November 21
This month the major planets in your life will start your year off with more excitement then you’ve realized in quite some time. After the 13th Venus the planet of love will cause others to be in sync with you so that your social life as well as personal life moves forward. Be open to expanding your parameters with others so that those days of hibernation are a part of your history. Begin by traveling to areas in which the air is thin or to places that border the ocean in which you give nature a chance to massage your being. You may stay longer than you thought as well as think about returning to lay a foundation bringing about a new substance of security. Mercury the planet of communication up to the 16th will cause you to focus on getting rid of the clutter as you reorganize your objectives and goals. You’ve been thinking for some time now about actuating your dreams and visions and Jupiter the planet of expansion will cause you to move forward to get what you want, need and desire. This is also the planet of higher education so it may be time to take some classes and get those neurons out of their sleeping bags. This month you will get what you aim for through greater courage which then brings new enterprises. You begin to make true statements as you actuate your original monad. So, there are new wants and needs that will act as a new grid so that you can move freely in creating a new source of growth within many aspects of your life. You have a very strong will as well as inner strength so there’s very little that you cannot accomplish. With the New Year in its beginning stages you need to concentrate on the next order of evolution. There’s a new pyramid of Light to climb that will put you in touch with very powerful people that are just as passionate as you are with bringing about significant changes into each other’s lives. So, you need to look over at the unconscious material or baggage that is inhibiting your growth and start jettisoning aspects of your life and plant new seeds that will bring about a greater harvest by the end of the year. It’s a great time to assert yourself, so do you want to move, change jobs, get married, have a baby or go after that PhD? This is a year to bring about and establish new chapters. It is within you to choose what you want, and most of the outside world is more than receptive to help manifest your dreams. The time has come to transcend the boundaries and abandon a way of life that has served you well but has been in a state of stagnating you. It’s time to merge with your yearnings and reconnect with the wholeness of being. To take your dreams and visions and cultivate them with persistence and conviction of thought so that you support your imagination as it alters your path in life. These next few months may cause you to travel because of work or a relationship. What this is really doing is loosening the hold that the past has on you and the securities it has brought you. Soon it becomes apparent that you need to yield to the future and the new adventure that will re-vitalize your life. Uranus which deals with the future is knocking on your door so you need to embrace the unknown so that your stubbornness turns into new passions.

November 22-December 21
I would agree that you could be somewhat restless this month and that you should do as many things that lie outside the lines of so-called normal expression but don’t get lost in Disney world. Venus and Mars up to the 13th are working with you in a very constructive way so that that you get a chance to enjoy the conveniences of life as major projects end bringing a certain amount of normally back. Certainly, relationships that you have with others can help open your social life to give it greater expression. It’s also a good time to take advantage of those sales that are going on because your wardrobe needs a little updating. If you own a business, then it might be time to hire people so that you can not only increase your clientele but enjoy a personal relationship much more. Your kindness and thoughtfulness cause you to put others first so that your personal wants and needs are expanded into new parameters. There will be moments in which you can get out so when that goes on, change up those conservative mechanisms by trying a new restaurant or places to go. The key here is to bring about a wider social whole so that you can begin to enjoy the universal principles of life. There will also be some sudden opportunities in which you can introduce your ideas in a collaborative way to bring about greater notoriety or expand the parameters of your career into new areas. Your career is what gives you pleasure this month as well as your love life. Being the spokesperson, writing a book or making deals are ways in which your powerful voice can be heard especially after the 17th. You need to understand while you want to extend fuller experiences in your life and see how much you can take on; you may be trying to squeeze to much content into your life. So, even though your optimistic attitude says that you can do everything, you need to prioritize, what do you need to do first and foremost?  Certainly, it will be hard to sit still even for a moment because you hunger for the excitement and enthusiasm of change because the domestic atmosphere can saddle you with responsibilities. You must be careful that your desires don’t give an attitude of self-centeredness. This month you begin to transcend boundaries which can bring about changes in your residence or job. If you can take a few days off and travel so that you put yourself in a new atmosphere this would help you to closely examine opportunities because there can be distortions with what is being presented. In those quiet moments, you will feel the pulsations coming from the Galactic Center which is located at 27 degrees of your sign so that you once again take on the embodiment of your biological memory. It’s because you surrender density to pure intelligence. Being a spiritual person, it can be hard to interact in mundane conversations, but you can’t overlook your personal side of life. There are things to learn from others and don’t underestimate what others can offer to you. 

December 22-January 19
This should be a very exciting month for you not only because it’s your birthday, but you should be receiving rewards in every aspect of your life. Your persistence and determination as well as an attitude of not yielding to difficulties has always brought you personal and professional success.  Well, as you begin this year your resolutions will once again be defined in your realty. You are an achiever, never stopping for long in the fulfillment of your responsibilities which causes you to be in a more visible position of authority. So, it’s time to define what will be your next achievement? Take your time here as multitude of ideas will surround you, not all are going to be what they appear to be. You’re a person that does not like being dependent upon others, so begin to design a new blueprint that serves your objectives and goals. This month it’s time to reprogram your life code. Your inner qualities of perseverance, discipline and integrity begin to give form to new physical substances within your reality. Simply put it’s time for new bridges to build, deals to make and people to interconnect with. New trends give you the chance to integrate challenges into further growth in the developing of new opportunities. It’s time to follow your obsessions and to crystallize then synthesize your choices not what others want you to choose. There will be parts of your life that need to be dismembered so let go of any fear so that you can pursue a new path utilizing some of your past skills. Let your voice from within you be your guide. As you begin to open your solar plexus you clear away all negative energy that could inhibit you. With this new chemical combination, you activate your mind to receive and yield to a higher cosmology of consciousness.  On the other side of life Venus, the planet of love begins to flirt with you and if you’re single and interested why not play along for this could go from your imagination to a very warm commitment. It’s a time to accept all invitations whether for formal affairs or just getting out with friends for dinner and drinks. While you may consider a vacation to the slopes of Colorado you may want to thaw out and head for the beaches of Florida. The climate of your life could become stressful with the Full Moon on January 10th especially with home or family issues. With 5 major planets affecting you in a positive way for the whole year this, should be a year to fulfill all your goals in a personal or professional way because the planets are like seeds with the potential of producing new living organisms.

January 20-February 18
You may be a little burned out from the holidays, entertaining, and going from one home to another so that you haven’t been maintaining yourself with proper food or sleep. So, now you get a chance to get back on your schedule and pay attention to your personal needs and things that you want to do and not have to do. You, like many of us as we start the new year start eliminating those things in life that are no longer useful or conducive to your growth. It’s a new year so start thinking objectively so that you can break free of those anchors that have cause life to move very slowly. It’s the decoding of feelings and thoughts to give you the mental freedom to pursue and create new sectors in your life. The past has given way to change and slowly this brings new comforting securities. Even your personal settings expand beyond the monotony that once existed as you begin to update your home or even make a move. This is what your sign is all about. Reform, being humanistic and identifying with the needs of humanity so that you have many friends especially of the opposite sex, but your partner needs not to worry you are a very faithful person. The New Moon on the 24th is a good time for you to meditate for it sets the stage of purpose, so what do you want to institute into your life right now? As you manifest the lunar subconscious your memory banks begin to erase many words that say you’re not capable, not good enough as well as any personal insecurities. With the Sun entering your sign on the 21st you to venture out as you become alive again. Now you’re in a state of let’s keep moving for there can’t be enough excitement or enthusiasm which is experienced in both the work and personal areas. Now you’re ready to share and interconnect with your favorite people and pastimes. You have excellent judgment, so don’t let others create doubt. You can shoot from the hip with answers to not only yourself but others. It’s not too early to start planting seeds in the next step of your evolution. The flame has been ignited as your molecules become awaken to the fact that maybe it’s time for major changes just as getting married, having children or buying a house or if those things have materialized then it may be time to make plans to travel. You need to listen and breathe in that which your life is now supporting. Your dreams and visions are to continue to be fertilized in the coming year as you recalibrate and finely tuned your life. The planet Mars which is the verb of the zodiac causes you to want to finish up any loose ends and start major projects that can be quickly be brought to successful conclusions. Mars is also about sex so tell your partner to take their vitamins.

February 19-March 19
The planet Saturn has moved into the sign of Capricorn and will be there until the end of the year. Saturn is all about the structures in your life that make you feel secure. Well, because this is a positive configuration, slowly many aspects of your life will begin to bring you greater stability and security so that many insecurities begin to fade away. Vacancies will be created as the past retreats into the sunset, but this opens the up the door so that life will bring new comforts but not with a snap of a finger. Because you are a product of pure emotions you exist in a primordial state of consciousness. To others its looks like you’ve lost essential contact with the 3rd dimensional reality but to some of us you are the realization of the divine self. You begin this year with 5 major planets wanting to raise the threshold of your life so that you can roam free in your world of dreams. This will then transport your vehicle to a different light threshold. There you will meet the living consciousness of the Light that will bestow upon you information on how to shape the lower celestial region in which you have to live within. Like most of us that make New Year’s resolutions you will not only have yours but make sure they come to fruition. So, take a picture of yourself now and make a list of things that you desire by the end of the year. You will become amazed at the blessings that will materialize. This month you move beyond the borders of your ego because another person is or will be shortly, bringing to you the ideal romantic relationship. You can thank Venus the planet of love for this as she moves into your sign. I’m just not real sure the person is where you presently live now, they may be in a state that borders saltwater or has thin air. This relationship is a very comfortable fit both physically and intellectually so that it promotes a strong union. This will be a love that doesn’t swallow you up but gives you a chance to breathe. There are also going to be opportunities to become involved in humanitarian or social issues and because of your desire to serve and help others this will give greater meaning to your life. Whether it’s volunteering at a hospital or working behind the scenes at the theater you are like a magician in that you help others fabricate their dreams. Your visions inspire others so don’t hold back when something within says it’s time to talk. It’s time to become visible so either get a website or update it. You can create better financial stability by turning that right brain of yours into material substance. It’s time to paint, design, act or even do readings? Well it’s time to get out there and show your stuff. Those in the outer world need your advice as well as understanding. Your greatest asset is that you are the antidote and solution to the problems of others, but they need to know where you’re at. From the day, you were born you have embraced your celestial roots and become their host as you embody your instrument with the divine. Like Imhotep the architect of the very first pyramid complex in Egypt it is time to bring to the surface your ancestral roots and design a new masterpiece for humanity



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