Horoscopes for October 2019



March 20-April 19
This month Jupiter the planet of opportunities wants you to take a deep breath and inhale the world at large so that you can establish a new rhythm of being. Because this planet deals with the higher abstract mind it gives a greater interest in attaining a greater intellectual and spiritual awareness. It’s a time to grasp the significance that you are not a part of this static reality. You not only free yourself from the bondage here on earth but help others express their individually. You have the courage to go forth and move beyond what earth has tried to condition you to. Never forget you are the leader of the zodiac, the pathway to liberation. Under this influence it’s an excellent time to write or go to a lecture whether it’s down at the end of the street or thousands of miles away. This planet gives good judgment as well as answers to your questions so follow your own advice. You’ve been wanting to establish new foundations to release not only untapped potentials but liberate your creativity to bring about a more balanced expansion within business and your personal affairs. Usually you don’t let things stand in your way but now there will be some complications that come up so you need to examine the root causes of these distractions and not gloss over them. Several heavy-duty planets like Mars the planet of war as well as Saturn the planet of delays and obstructions as well as Pluto that can slowly close chapters of your life are creating unwanted detours within many areas of your life. There will be further problems the first week of this month with others as Venus the planet of love is also in an opposition to your sign. It may start out with the luxuries of life breaking down but because this planet is all about relationships there could be adamant differences of opinions with others that lead to loss and separation to those you are close with so, you may want to take the time to listen closely to all conversations. Try and avoid confrontations because your directness could make you look bad so use subtler means in getting your point across. You may have to just explain yourself and your actions over and over to those that seem to have been brainwashed and exhibit the thinking of a mannequin so cultivate some patience. There can be some minor health problems so you may have to schedule a visit to the dentist or go to the medicine cabinet and take a pill. This month does bring opportunities to create your own balance in life and slowly if that’s possible separate yourself from that which is static. So, try and be around people that nourish your organic credentials which makes it much easier to be yourself. This is a good time to make changes to your living situation or to put the final touches on other events that you’ve been wanting to showcase. Education, even if it’s just seminars can be entertaining and spiritually awaking but once again, do your research so that you don’t waste your time and money. The end of the month can bring invitations to venues that are outside the lines or that lie out of town that can awaken a more adventurous social life. It’s a month in which the nectar of life will awaken the Divine Flame within you so that matter and spirit can begin to become singular again. This is because Pluto wants you to purge yourself of that which has become outmoded or is stagnating you. It’s time to become re polarized with the spirit of self-renewal so that you are no longer controlled or enslaved by the mechanization of society. Your sacred vortex is ready for the realignment so let this intention be express but be patience as these particles of matter slowly come together. 

April 20-May 21
This month the planet Uranus which deals with the excitement of change and authentic opportunities to expand the parameters of your life is in your sign. What happens here is that you become optimistic because change becomes the stimulus to modify the quality of your life. There can be sudden impulses that you need to act upon. The key word here is that which lies beyond your present lifestyle is where your vitality can be restored. It’s time to be impulsive and shoot from the hip so that you can recondition your consciousness and the foundation in which you live to clear away the waste products giving greater vitality to your conscious growth. You need to act upon that which deals with growth in just about all areas of your life. This planet gets you out of the status quo of life as the sense of adventure and progress become an overwhelming thirst that needs to be squelched. Because the planet Saturn is embracing you, it gives you the ability to analyze what is before you so that less mistakes are being made as well as any mundane elements of life that you have become bored with are shown the exit. This in turn gives you the perseverance to re-orient and regenerate the real who and what you are. Thus, greater wholeness creating greater horizons. This could then lead to a new job or place to live as it gives definition to your pursuits. Because Venus which deals with others in your life is in an opposition to you, others but not everyone can exaggerate or twist the facts of these opportunities so you could start procrastinating instead of acting upon your future. It’s time to listen to yourself not others that want you to remain static. Because Mercury the planet of communication is also in an opposition you need to hang on to your phone and be very careful with the signing of contracts as well as what you post on Facebook or Instagram. Others may try to control you or want to be your voice so be careful with those that want you on their puppet strings. The planet Neptune that deals with your senses, creativity and dreams brings an atmosphere of intoxication in which the nectar of good food, wine, opulent social venues and the caress of love is upon you producing tangible results. Neptune is the sea so travel to areas that boarder saltwater can be like a massage to your physical being. It’s also has rulership over art and music so a perfect time to express your creativity in a tangible way. Great time for a physical checkup or getting elective surgery. The word no should not be a part of your vocabulary. So, it’s time to challenge yourself so that you can create and shape a new secure existence. This is a month to press forward and implement new possibilities, just be the fact checker. You begin to find yourself and your place in the process of self-manifestation. It’s also a time to pay more attention to your body. It needs to get moving so join a gym to get the blood flowing through those arteries again. Pluto will also cause that libido of yours to have a greater appetite for sex in which your partner will be more than happy to satisfy that thirst. This can also bring about new but more intense social experiences. Sharing with another so that what has been yours is now ours.  Art and music can play a very antidotal role so try and unlock more of the right side of the brain and immerse yourself with people or places that play into that. Even things like going to baseball, or football games can get you out to enjoy the fullness of life. Pluto which also rules the inner psyche says it’s all about mind over matter and it’s time to roll up the garment of the old paradigm of living and make your move. Life is very overwhelming this month with nothing but positive changes but beneath the surface a new script is being written and the trash is being thrown out so have a drink and understand life as you know it is leaving but new seeds are taking root. It’s a time of restructuring every component in which you live and breathe in.

May 21-June 20
You are a sign that usually doesn’t take this molded reality of life seriously. You’re like a big kid that wants to enjoy life to the fullest so, when dinner is ready you must be called over and over to quit playing and come in to eat. Most of my closest friends are Gemini’s because they actualize their potentials from the nature of their true core. Nothing superficial or pretentious, you are genuine in every respect. Let me start with some of the more challenging aspects that you will have and then end this with more constructive modes of life’s expression. Jupiter the planet of expansion is in the sign of Sagittarius which opposes your sign. This can bring many opportunities for the development of growth but the freedom that you have been enjoying is becoming structured, so tension develops because you are still connected and clinging to some of the old residue. This causes the outside world to put a lot of unwanted demands upon you which will cause you to go to bed early but bring interrupted sleep patterns because of the stress.  If you’re been unhappy with your job because of the unwanted responsibilities, the people you work with or the mathematics of your paycheck then it’s time to empower yourself but it’s premature to market your skills. Yes, this can be uncomfortable but there is a better time for you to commit to change. The path of chaos will give way to clarity so that you will then begin to identify with your goals, visions and purpose. Mars, the planet of action is upon you so that it can help move you forward with your ambitions. It’s time to work out, run a marathon or finish up any kind of projects around the home as well as bring about a thirst for sex. Then the planet Neptune, the right side of the brain dealing with your emotions can cause one to be insecure, fragile and even scared, but remember here that fear puts boundaries in your life so, how much longer do you want to stand still. Time to throw your shoulders back and say enough is enough and move on to instill a greater expression of yourself. With the planet Mars which deals with exciting changes and liberation affecting you in a very positive way it’s actually a great time to seek new directions so that life begins to flow once again. But whether it’s a job, relationship where you live or whom you’ve become, this is when you’re not going to let anything stand in your way from dismissing what is constricting the flow of life. Yes, dear Gemini’s it’s time to change your clothes, that hair do and begin to struct your stuff. People need you more than you need them, try and remember that. Back to Mars which deals with one’s ego and assertiveness  so you can come out of your body and react to situations boldly which can cause you to start getting what you desire in life. Venus, the planet of love and money is affecting you in a very positive way but just for the first week, so if your single you must demand of yourself that you get out and socialize because you may not be going home alone. It’s also a time to form partnerships with friends that can lead to mutually shared objectives and goals. Expect one invitation after another for social venues and like I said it’s time to be seen. There could also be differences of opinion with others or a love one, over financial expenditures because it’s so easy for others to spend your money so give the word NO a little exercise. It looks like every weekend is filled with fun things to do especially outside so make sure you say yes to invitations that get you out of the house. Your judgment may be swayed by others so you might just want to listen to yourself. They say that laughter is the best medicine and even though a few minor problems most of the month is filled with joy and happiness. On an esoteric note your mind is connected to the raw ingredients of the cosmos so you can shape the wavelengths of the masses because you have been chosen to work with the lords of the Light.  So, don’t shortchange what your reality can achieve. Even the Sun which rules you is sending a new set of comprehensive signals coming through that small voice within you so that decisions are made that change your geometric reality and reorganize your objectives and goals. You are becoming your own activist. It always gets a little confusing when your Soul is educating your ego, but you need to flex that warrior within you. Strength of enterprise will drive you to accomplish greater purpose as you respond to the call of your destiny. Your mind is now one with various planetary realms so that your thoughts receive audible sounds. You have prepared your inner vehicle to understand the divine letters within the word.

June 21-July 21
This month you may think you’re on a roller coaster with its ups and downs. As you become more aware of yourself and the needs of that self you begin to develop a better sense of defining your purpose personally and professionally. Your grip on the illusion of life is beginning to shatter so that the reality of life becomes self-evident which empowers you. What you must understand is that your mind was ready yesterday to assimilate and embrace change, but you need to plan and analyze with conviction of thought as you redesign your objectives. So, it’s a time to react impulsive and examine what no longer brings the comfort and security it once did or what is not being realized. Then take the initiative as you sever ties from the past to bring new foundations within your home and work that demonstrate self-sufficiency with new enterprising activity with that which will support and instill a well-defined sense of identity and purpose. This is your moment to be the spokesperson because of your original and inventive ideas but finding people that are willing to listen is the problem. This will affect you more at work than with your personal life. Understand work is productive, it’s just that a lot of time and energy is utilized to try and capture an audience. There may be problems with your printer, computer or even the car to slow things down so don’t wait until the last minute to get things done. Your personal life becomes activated so that opportunities are created in which you begin to meet new people that will play an active role in your life either in a professional or personal way so, get yourself out and about. New places to go, foods to eat and interactions with people that have the same mindset. Your need for human contact to identify with another is all important. The essence of these new factors of being able to harmonize and bring equilibrium so that physical and personal security is attained because of mutual respect and love and affection with another. Yes, engagement or marriage could be on the immediate horizon. The re-birth that began last year is now showing constructive results as your visions have produced a new reality for you. You were ready for this yesterday and have endured the frustrations of harnessing this new growth and now it has taken form. It’s time to have faith and believe in the self as your imagination becomes the ideal producing new spectrum's in your life in which those receptor cones in your eyes digest and understand. Be flexible to what is flowing for it will lead you to your own Eden which may lie at a great distan

July 22-August 22
There’s are 3 planets that are affecting you this month but each one brings potential qualities that seek to perpetuate itself in the fulfillment of what your identity craves. Jupiter, the planet that deals with expanding our aspirations is awakening you from the slumber as the gentle giant whispers evoke a new synthesis of form in your life. It’s time to ingest a new rhythm which deals with cooperation of shared objectives and goals. Is there a change in your position at work or are you thinking about moving, having babies or getting married? Whatever the change the components involved brings a better function to the whole so that you achieve whatever you set out to do. This planet gives a reservoir of physical as well as intellectual growth as well as good judgment. There will be refinements to your existing patterns of life because of your appetite to experiment with new forms of living. The prerequisite for unconditional self-expression causes the cultivation of new objectives. The Sun which deals with you as well as men creates stability and security is now integrating itself within your mindset so that things that have been in a holding pattern are off the back burner and moving forward to lessen that to do list. This brings about a new position in life with a title to go along with added responsibilities that are placed before you. Laws, rules and bureaucracy are at your side so a good time to go to court, travel out of the country or receive long awaited recognition for your dedication. It’s time for a change of pace so instead of coming home from work and cooking dinner and watching whatever is on the tube get yourself out there for dinner, drinks, concert or other social venues that will cause your heart and attitude to be refreshed. Sports are great, so sign up for a marathon or go hiking or even attend a football game. Compliments and more coming from others so your phone should be ringing off the hook with others wanting to hook up with you for business or pleasure. You are becoming more aligned with your future and this is because you now have a sense of all knowing. But, that’s just it, you realize that where you work or live is becoming very open to a new breath of fresh air and you already have seen where you want to live and work but take a moment to create a plan. It’s not like your 20 and can just throw a suitcase in the car and make a major move. You have created a link so that you better understand what is behind the change which is propelling your consciousness to enter a new portal that will shed the radiance of love and light upon you.  Accept this pulsating essence of your inner longings because it’s growth will put you into a genuine state of bliss. Be wary of those that inhibit the individual self or those people that hold you back in seeking greater fulfillment in life. Try not to be impulsive to the point of being careless so don’t sign anything until you’ve read the entire document as well as understand it, and it’s time to of rid yourself of those bad habits before it’s to late. The new Moon on the 28th might be a good time to sit on the couch have a drink, pop some popcorn and veg out for a while.

August 23-September 22.
Because Neptune the planet that rules our dreams and visions is in an opposition to your sign the outside world has been seducing you into situations that were toxic in some way. There have been some people that have let you down but, in some way, you forgave them only for them to do things behind your back once again. This is what Neptune does best is cause you to make emotional assessments so that it was your fault that others behaved badly so, try to make objective decisions based upon facts. To those that make you feel guilty or bring confusion into your life which can dismantle your sense of well being you need start putting distance between you and them, in other words it’s time for some boundaries. As the cries from others become louder you need to run for the exit. The planet Jupiter which normally deals with joy and happiness is in the sign of Sagittarius which can cause life to be a struggle because of so many unwanted responsibilities which can put your life into slow motion because of nonstop problems. It’s like no matter how hard you work the outside world says it’s not good enough so don’t get on this band wagon and slice and dice yourself which you’re an expert at. Certainly, setbacks or loss is possible because others don’t follow through with what they say but I don’t think it’s going to be of any surprise to you. Just mourn the loss and move on.  Stress can have a physiological affect upon you so take your vitamins, work out and get plenty of precious sleep. This is not the time to give up, you just need to come up with a new plan that may be rough around the edges but in time could be better perfected. Uranus the planet of adventure and new opportunities has moved into the sign of Taurus for the few years so that opportunities bring greater success in all areas of life but especially the opposite sex, finances as well as group travel. For those of you that are teachers, writers or even into sales the circumference of your landscape becomes enlarge. This is because you are manifesting new archetype ideas which have taken root so that the principle of inherent growth and expansion give self-expression to a broad range of issues. Slowly the acquisition of new securities come within your career and your relationship with others whether personal or professional.You are a survivor because you have a hunger for further differentiated knowledge. You analyze, categorize and refine facts which then provide you with mental support and understanding so that questions get answers. Uranus also says it’s time to get what you want not what others want from you so be the warrior act like the leader in what needs to be done and when. There will be some people most likely at work that annoy you so try and bite your tongue and maybe run around the block to relieve the pressure or bring out that voodoo doll and start poking pins in it. You may want to start thinking about putting yourself in a greater position of power with starting new enterprises so that life becomes vertical instead of horizontal. Business proposals that have been on the back burner are now put on stage.  With Mercury and Venus holding your hand there’s going to be some play time here. These planets together create the dynamics so that the intoxication of passion to satisfy your physical desires overwhelm the ego, lucky you. As you move on through the month this could very well be the re-birth that you’ve been looking for. The next stage of ascension because you begin to balance and synchronize the energy flow within your matrix so that a new phase of soul growth begins. Now, you understand what we already knew, it is within you to conquer these limitations that life has put before you. As you reconfigure yourself, you give yourself permission to come out of that womb and become reborn. The acquisition of the abstract now brings greater security.

September 23-October 22
Happy Birthday to a sign that radiates love through their entire being. You are the only sign to relinquish your individual selfhood for the magic of love. Your purpose is to bring comfort, joy and happiness to those around you to the point of giving much more than you receive. To you there is the fulfillment of ecstasy in your communion with another. I’m sure your e-mail, Facebook page and phone will be lit up with texts wishing you the very best day ever. Well, the planet Jupiter will help to give you greater laughter, optimism and blessing for an enriched life for he was Zeus the king of all gods the heart of the Sun. So, gifts, parties and Hallmark cards will embrace you as love is reflected into your life. It’s time to make a wish as you blow out those candles for it can become a living substance in your life. This is the writer’s planet so we all know you’ve got something to say so time to release the message that will helps others in their unfoldment of purpose. It’s going to be there until the end of this November and depending where it is in your chart it will cause you to give practical application of purpose between form and function. Mars the verb of the zodiac will continue to bring changes which will help to uproot you from any residue of petrified states of consciousness in which your life had condensed so that help to released you from bondage. Stress has given way to the perpetuation of propagating new seeds that have brought a new rhythm as you integrate the evolutionary life forces within you. It’s about inner growth which is starting to stabilize giving inner strength. Also, your determination in designing a new path for yourself has become tangible. You have had your share of uncertainties and hard decisions have been made but you have restored a state of balance in your life. While the Sun is in your sign look to take better care of yourself starting with nutrition and getting away from your desk and doing some constructive exercise or letting nature bathe you with its aesthetics. The Sun is what we call a luminary and being in your sign look to have your picture in the paper, be on TV or walk onto some stage but certainly it’s a time of continued notoriety. Traveling to places that you’ve been to before can improve your material prosperity, but it can also bring about new relationships whether business or personal. Opportunities to realize your aspirations in life is materializing but as I keep saying it’s all about your determination and conviction of thought.  Is it a book that you want to write a class you want to take or a message to preach or all the above and more that bring personal and professional gratification? This is the time to express yourself and offer society better understanding that in turn help them get rid of the decaying material in their life so that evolution takes place not just within you but with those that listen carefully to what you write or say. Pluto the planet of rebirth has been moving you into more relevant aspects of life that are authentic to you. Many aspects of your life that have been comfortable are not as important as they use to be. Giving birth is very seldom easy but it does represent growth and a new catharsis of life. In a much more personal way, it’s time to take the reins and not have others mold you. Stand up for yourself and say no to others and yes to yourself. Because your judgment is very accurate and clear it’s time to create new horizons. Once again Jupiter the angel of the all the planets says it’s time to make a promise so think about getting engaged or married.  It may be time to expand the circumference of your life not intellectually but by traveling or attending lectures. This is a time in which you become a vessel so a time of gratitude but realize a new vibratory wavelength of communication is beginning to recover the inner path to Divine Realization. It’s all about permitting yourself to absorb the true meaning of being an individual. Your conscious body is ascending and with fluent application you then open yourself to new stellar dimensions. This allows you to embark on a new transpersonal voyage, giving new perspectives to you and that person that holds your heart. On September 25th the Libra Sun will be in alignment with M-87 the Super Galactic Center that houses the 2nd largest black hole that we know of. The organic transmissions will then be downloaded onto you so that you can then teach humanity the language of the Masters. 

October 23-November 21
With the planet Neptune aligning itself with you this is a great month to redesign your life. Neptune deals with dreams so you begin to slowly turn your visions into tangible realities. Its starts very slowly with you fixing this or that so that you bring solutions to any type of problems. Then as your confidence grows it then becomes apparent that you’re ready for more transformative changes sooner than you think. This is a time for repositioning yourself to a path that has a larger grid within its network. It’s a time of now or never and this is what you realize, you’re not getting any younger so, embrace the idea of letting go with a stage of life that has served you well and react to the feelings and the forces that are within you. Others may say to you, you’ve got it made why do you want to discard this way of life? It’s because you can’t live within this monotony any longer or you’ll turn to stone. What’s been on your mind needs to come off the shelf and become fabricated in your life. There are people that you know but mainly new associations that are there to support you with bringing the unborn into crystallization as you fashion a new constant in your life. Major moves as well as job changes come under these guidelines. With the planet Mercury the planet of communication moving into your sign it is like a compass here to guide and support you so the bigger the plan the more you need to activate this function. If you’re into any kind of sales then this is your month to shine for who doesn’t want to buy whatever your selling. It’s all about having faith in yourself and climbing over that wall to embrace freedom. You are beginning to resonate with your true integrity which will bring balance back into your life and cause you to give way to the pressures and conditions of the moment and become the true pioneer. Just as a new life awaits you in the professional area you need to understand that the void in relationships will begin to be filled. New places to go, friends to acquire and knowledge to gain, let alone an intense relationship to cultivate as it begins to reach its destination because the gravitational structure of its thought form becomes infused with molecular dimension. Think about relocating either now or soon so that true incarnation can take place which brings about new habit patterns and greater joy and personal happiness as well as get you out of the tomb that your former life was happy with. Your eagerness for a new life needs to be inhaled with these genuine opportunities so be the strategist and research each opportunity to see which one gives you the greater gains of not only comfort but fills all the voids with substance. You have an opportunity to consume new material security as well as your emotional needs. It may seem like a crisis but it’s all about bringing much needed satisfactions to you personally and professionally by remove yourself from the static in your life. Because Uranus the planet of change is in an opposition to you be careful that you turn on your own ignition when your ready not when people try to press your buttons prematurely.

November 22-December 21
This is a month to be out and be entertained so, get yourself off that couch and grab your loved one and meet friends for dinner or drinks and make it a point to introduce yourself to new people which in turn can be challenging but motivate you into opening a new chapter of whom is in your life and who needs less of your time and energy. This may be difficult because Neptune the planet of emotions and feelings causes you to want to give others the benefit of a doubt. Never give a zombie that choice. While it’s a great time for conversation, you need to pick and choose very carefully the topic because some of the people you’re around can suffocate your voice with a me, me and more me attitude and if you don’t pay attention to their dribble you could find yourself being burned at the stake. Unfortunately, there are a lot of humans out there that have been programmed by the fake news on TV, the newspaper as well as our so call educational system. Original and creative thought is rapidly disappearing but not with you. With the personal planets being in the sign of Libra which is all about interacting with others whether personally or professionally it’s a time to celebrate with others. Are there weddings to go to down at the end of the street or concerts to attend or other more formal ceremonies that enrich your relationship with others? This is a month to travel or do other things that break up the 9 to 5 day or even evening. Many opportunities open for you in a beneficial way mundanely or intellectually so a time to expand upon the assets of life that bring greater comfort. Life begins to turn around and become lighter as the gravity of the past ceases to be. Also, your reputation is starting to precede you so many different aspects of work becomes much more rewarding, but it may take away from your play time. It’s all about getting ready to cross over into the next threshold and liberate yourself from outdated programming or people. Hit the override switch and break the bonds that you have on this planet so that you can begin that upward spiral to initiation. You have a mind that can demonstrate to all of us the intellectual potentials that can activate the gates of ascension so that we may enter the Sacred Temples through your guidance.  Simply put you have a 3-digit IQ and others need to list to you. Whether it’s writing or getting up on stage you become an instrument of enlightenment to all that are before you. Some opportunities are nothing more than elaborate lies so ask questions which will bring greater transparency as well as people that are pushing you too hard to sign this or do that. But in the end a new frame of reference is on the immediate horizon that will change your life situation so that a new security and comfort is coming to release you so that you may enjoy life to the fullest. With Mars you become more sexually active, but this energy can cause you to put a hammer in your hand and start new projects around the h

December 22-January 19
This month you need to step out of that conservative garment that your wearing and be somewhat impulsive and test your limits. This is because the planet Uranus demands that you take constructive but immediate action in giving your motives a constructive purpose. To act is to live. But before you assert yourself you need to identify with your goals and then through your discipline and perseverance establish a new center of power. You more than any other sign understand what sacrifice is all about. Personal relationships are what’s going to make this month worth remembering. If you’re single then you want to make sure you invite the Fall activities into your life which starts with Oktoberfest going to football games or enjoying other social venues with friends but can end with you developing not only new friends but a new love interest. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, then there can be words of commitment that bring security to the future of that relationship. While you may not have felt secure in your professional surroundings there can be changes going on in the front office so that your position brings greater respect thus moving you into a new position of responsibility.  In the beginning you may have to spend less time with family and friends but utilizing the raw materials from within, you bring about more secure aspirations with your career that prove once again that you can manifest whatever you need through your devotion to be all that you can be. There’s a lot more money coming in so you can afford to indulge into those things that bring relaxation. It’s time to pamper yourself with a massage, shopping spree or getting out of town just for a romantic weekend. As you move through the month Neptune the planet that wants dreams to become a reality in every area of one’s life begins to germinate new growth that will expand the framework of your intellectual interests. Because this planet represents principals and faith others will support and assist you as you awaken to the vastness of life and with greater discernment of your thoughts and ideas so that you achieve a balanced state so that work and play are back into your life as you enter the month of November. The planet Pluto has been in your sign for years bringing to the surface an unfoldment of your spiritual birth right. So, let the former grids that you’ve been connected to dissipate so that you may receive the gift of spirit. Your creative vision and ideas are now on a fast tract in becoming a reality that gives you a realization that you have a relationship with the living substance. This month is just a matter of going beyond the parameters or boundaries of what presently exists and become more fluid or subservient in expanding a phase of organic growth.

January 20-February 18
More of the durable elements of life begin to show their age and may have to be replaced with something much more technically advanced. You can start with painting some walls, getting a new washer and dryer but moving on into more opulent luxuries like a new TV, new car, or even a new home need to be on your list of things to get. It’s all about the planet Uranus that deals with upgrades and exciting changes brought through the tension of certain things in life not working as they used to. This planet also says it’s not a time to compromise but go out and get what you want in life. So, try to discuss your needs to your significant other instead of demanding what you want. It’s time for your wants and desires to manifest so watch those that are trying to inhibit the expression of your individually. Friends that you have known from the past and that live out of town may want to touch base with you and reconnect the circuits. It’s a great time so take a few days off and revisit memories because it may be a very long time before this opportunity presents itself again. So, whether it’s a wedding, formal affair, birthday or reunion, you need to reacquaint yourself with this past whether it’s down at the end of the street or hundreds of miles away. Now notice I said friends and not former relationships because even though you may get an opportunity to reengage with that part of your past it would be better for you to do that by just looking at old photos. Generally, the past is just that, something that has become static. This should be a very motivating and assertive month for you because your mind won’t let you sit still so it’s a time to push yourself and others so that greater satisfaction is achieved in completing projects within your personal and profession pursuits. Mars the verb of the zodiac brings about a very ambitious nature to get things done. Time to lead the way and not follow others. There may be some surprises at work that could bring about long-awaited changes so just say yes to the adventure that awaits you. As the days go by others see your assets as a person so that the authentic qualities to your character cause them to make positive definite statements to you. Life becomes more liberating as you detach yourself from boundaries that have stressed you out. The more that you get into this month the more everything falls into place. People that you know can cooperate and be useful with bringing greater joy and enthusiasm in the expansion into new territories instead of life being downsized. You have schooled yourself on how to recognize original waveforms so that you can shape new vibratory structures of life. Once completely activated your mind will begin to project out from your geometric center bringing new creations to your reality. Trust your judgment this month and not let others compromise what you want to fabricate. Let your instincts sprout so that your life becomes a more unified whole.

February 19-March 19
Jupiter the planet that rules our abstract mind will test your strengths this month which can even cause others as well as close friends to get a little annoying but if you cut them a little slack you may want to divorce them from your life. Don’t feel guilty about standing up for your beliefs so that others know you have boundaries that can’t be crossed without consequences. This is because this planet is not exactly going to cause things to be cozy and comfortable with some people in your life. You have a connection with the non-linear matrix of life which is a blessing but what is outside your door is a linear matrix. In others words most people are grounded in world of make-believe. Saturn is now in the sign of Capricorn so that though-out the year it will allow you to breathe again. It’s time to get yourself on stage with your art, music or just being an antidote for people’s problems. Get things out of the closet and start addressing that to do list. Let the past occupy your presence. You may want to listen very carefully to your feelings because they may make a more accurate assessment of the situation. Venus the planet of love wants to hold your hand so if your single you may want to get out and socialize. This can create new friends, but this can also say you may not need flannel sheets to keep you warm at night. Uranus has moved into the sign of Taurus a sign of money so put a price tag on your creative work and expose it on a web page. It’s like a magnet for money so that you have the freedom to buy what you want. This planet wants you to be impulsive for it will then expand in every way the circumference of your life. It begins with travel to foreign countries, going back to school or teaching. It’s also about writing, producing, receiving rewards, honors as well as receiving good news concerning legal issues. It’s time to show the world that 3-digit IQ that you’ve been hiding. You will be receiving invitations to more opulent social events as your world opens to greater joy and happiness. Slowly you get a chance to live a more abundant life becoming more satisfied with your material and spiritual achievements of growth. We all know that in a past life you were some kind  Merlin so that you could transform the reality that others lived with just words. Well, now you can use that magic to mobilize the past into a greater tomorrow for yourself. Remember you are an agent of the creative spirit and it is your faith which brings the dynamics of your visions into objective purpose. More so than ever you are replacing those that are around you with people that you can trust and can relate to on a spiritual as well as intimate level. It is a time for you to write or teach and bring back to those that understand your words the lost codes that the Light beings have programmed within you because your purpose has always had a Divine path. I’m sure there are times when you remember that you were a part of the remnant seeds that once walk upon the Earth. Well, that seed is beginning to germinate again so that your intelligence begins to channel and link itself to the true scriptures of Light.  Don’t let others push mundane nonsense upon you and don’t let others ever make you feel guilty about not sacrificing yourself to help others. Art, music and certainly spiritual endeavors need to be participated in. These are part of your organic ingredients that can be utilized in a constructive way this month to bring about respect from your professional environment. It’s one of those months in which your intuition can get a little scary because you are no longer limited to the conscious realms but can hear the Angelic commands, it can’t get any more accurate than that. It’s also a time in which many of the emotional and physical problems that have been in your life begin to slowly redefine themselves so that you begin to heal on all levels. Pluto the planet of transformation allows you to design a new format of life. Things begin to make sense as you program the self to see your identity. From this point you will no longer be a victim because you now manipulate the biological and social conditions that reside within you. 


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