Horoscopes for November 2019



March 20-April 19
While there are many social venues that are offered to you this month and certainly it’s good to get out and play, there may be some issues that are brought to the surface so, be prepared to defend previous actions on your part that had your interests at heart but others could see them as selfish motives. It’s not that your egotistical, it’s just that you are on a journey of self-discovery. You are your own emancipator and really don’t need others to help you manifest what you thirst for. Because Mars is in opposition to your sign your interactions with others needs patience and a willingness on your part to at least listen to others and not cut them off. Saying things like that’s a great idea and maybe I can use that in the future, but it won’t fit into what I’m trying to germinate now sounds much more considerate of other’s opinions. In other words, try to be tactful with others. You’re a person that knows what you want and usually gets it but once again others could exhibit a degree of jealously because you’re not including them. That’s the problem when one seeks a change of direction in life because there’s a shift with your senses, a new perception of reality that causes you to crave fresh projects and nourish those hungers. Getting out of town for the holidays gives you a chance to explore and inhale a breath of fresh air with exciting surroundings and interesting people. Your mind is sharp as a tack so being the spokesperson or salesperson will get the signing of many lucrative contracts that have been in a pending mode. Putting together final plans for new objectives that are to be launched in January causes that sense of adventure to be ever closer to germination. Sports, being the spectator or running a marathon will bring greater rewards so that everyone wants to celebrate with the leader that you are. This is a good time to test yourself and seek further objectives and goals that lie outside your mundane parameters because what you have devoted yourself to is now causing you to accept limits in your life and you’re a person that wants to climb mountains. You have the fortitude and courage to challenge your needs not only for expansion but for meaning so that new developments in many areas of your life can materialize faster than you think. You have prepared your vessel so that the higher self can now be in attendance. This month Saturn says it’s time to purged yourself of things that have outlived their useful purpose. Pluto will second that as certain areas of your life begin to fade away only to be replaced by things that are much more appropriate so it’s a time of liquidation. With Venus the planet of love and Jupiter the planet of good judgment you may want to propose to the person that holds your heart. This also causes your psychic energy to step forward and put you on a path of conscious realization.

April 20-May 21
The planet Uranus which is a planet of excitement and change on every level of being will take your hand so that you can explore many aspects of life that lie beyond your existing boundaries for the next year. A hunger as well as a pursuit for knowledge brings growth, awareness and insight as your questions bring answers. This is a very spiritual vibration in that it causes you to be genuine onto the self. You will begin to step away from the safe conceptual matter of life and explore more lofty intellectual pursuits. Reading or writing a book, taking tests, making decisions on which college you want to attend or where you want to take your next vacation are just a few of the things that will broaden your surroundings. They say that laughter is the best medicine and this month the comedy channel will be sitting in your lap. There is no reason not to play the lottery because some kind of reward or honor is experienced. Every year at this time the Sun and this year even Mercury are in an opposition to your Sun sign for a while so there will be a few days here and there in which others try to inhibit you from interacting with the greater whole. This is a time to establish new possibilities that will bring greater definition to life so don’t let others cause you to surrender onto them. Stay away from those that promote the fear of change as well as the existing comforting securities can cause you not to yield to a greater defined purpose. You need to look at the circumference of your life and see what areas lack character. It’s a time to surrender yourself to new visions and dreams so that the fantasy of illusion is transcended into reality. So, time to stop procrastinating and submit yourself into personal participation so that you can rescue yourself, thus bringing personal bliss slowly but surely into your life. For the last 2 weeks of November the planet Mars which deals with activating a more assertive behavior will cause you to seek greater freedom so you may want to be less conservative and have a shoot from the hip kind of attitude as long as it’s about displaying an adventurous attitude. Even your sex life becomes more intense. There are of course going to be those that don’t want you to break away from the artificial circumstances that you reside in but the longer you resist the more depressed you will become. Don’t underestimate yourself, the rebirth with its associated labor pains is actually going to purge the outdated elements of your life and bring greater wholeness within you. Begin tomorrow to move away from the collective assumptions of life. The planet Saturn is also affecting you in a positive way so that the more you distanced yourself from those strict rules of society and give shape through your perseverance to a new direction of life the less primitive and elementary life becomes.

May 21-June 20
There are circumstances in your life that have been in a state of disrepair and have now dissolved into chaos. It’s time to surrender, let go and escape before your temple collapses upon itself. It’s going to be difficult for you to understand why you are being fed to the lions, being the sacrificial lamb. So, there may be some sleepless nights, insecurities, knots in the stomach and not a time to put a gun in your hand. We all have a Divine plan and you must have faith and hope at this time that a greater truth is awakening you to change which is reform, liberation and progress. Now doesn’t that sound a little better. This gives you a chance to break away from the status quo, a breakthrough to reinvent yourself and your goals. There are so many loving people around that are there to support you and help guide you to new secure goals. Look for changes to come about very suddenly and whether it’s in the professional area or more personal this will create immediate understanding of why there had to be a separation from the path you were on. It’s about a new mandala that is unfolding so that your heart begins to experience being one with the source so that your growing awareness moves you beyond these 3rd dimensional limitations. Because Jupiter is opposing you, opportunities need to be dissected because this planet can bring about a situation in which all that glitters is not gold so be your own fact checker. Also, Neptune can cause you want to be by yourself and retreat into a state of seclusion, this is fine, but you need to read, paint a canvas or the house or escape to an area bordered by salt water so that the esthetics of life can massage your total being. Mars the planet of action is with you, but it deals with the ego so the more you do what you want and not what others want of you the better you will feel. This also rules your libido so either get out there and work out or else initiate a greater sex life.

June 21-July 21
Personal relationships could be tested in the first few weeks so try to bite your tongue when provoked by others. It’s just that things could be said so that you could react a little too impulsively which could cause separation or loss. This could then lead you evaluate certain people in your life which would cause you to start releasing or purging them so, others need to be aware that you are ready to reform your life and get rid of the nonsense so that you can restore you’re integrity. The work area is much different; here is an area in which you receive a lot of praise because your imagination has cultivated tangible accomplishments that have brought solutions to problems. A promotion may even be in order or a new set of responsibilities or even a new job. It’s all about how skillful and efficient you are in analyzing and correcting situations that need renovating. People appreciate your ability to teach others to be more productive, creative and enjoy their work. Your tools of wit and charm certainly help here. Travel over the holidays is great but just not long enough and watch your eating and drinking habits because your clothes may feel a little tight after the trip. This month can be a month of long-awaited decisions but it’s time to address that to do list so that there is less chaos. It may be time to get into updated many aspects of your life. You can start with your phone or maybe the computer as well as start interacting with Facebook, Instagram or even sign up for classes so that you’re around people that have mutual denominators. With the planet Uranus upon which deals with adventure it would be an excellent time to experiment and explore new horizons in your life. It’s time to think about what your soul is graving so a time of renewal and continuous adaptation to your inner needs.

July 22-August 22
The first few weeks of the month you will think you are in paradise. Venus the planet of love will bring you intimate and social comfort and pleasure. Time to get out and enjoy going out to dinner, the theater, symphony or going to a concert. If your single you could meet someone that has all the denominators that you’re looking for. Because Mercury the planet of communication is in retrograde, expect to hear from old friends and enjoy the history you’ve had with them but don’t let them begin a new journey with you. It’s also a period in which you become more liberated financially so that you can gratify your senses and spend money on yourself instead of paying bills. The lottery or going to a casino might not be a bad idea. Your looking better than ever and with that liberated attitude if your single expect your phone to be ringing and if you’re married there’s nothing wrong with a little innocent flirting. Others seem to be on the same intellectual page with you which makes social situations even more harmonious and pleasurable. It’s a good time to expand your surroundings or get in to new ventures but if you’re going to travel do it in the first couple of weeks because the later part of the month is filled with too many problems that could affect your relationship to others or even bring about problems with your health, so be careful here. While you may be content with your personal and professional situation at this time, you need to start thinking about making changes for the long term here. You’re a person that enjoys the opulence of life so your husband may need to change jobs or at least start marketing himself for a more responsible position that brings out his leadership abilities and a better paycheck. Friends may help in this process. You may run across a few people that are trying to tell you how to run your life. I’ve never known any Leo that needs a compass. You know your personal worth and have no fear with your self-expression.

August 23-September 22.
This month there are going to be a few obstacles in dealing with friends as well as a relationship. It’s minor stuff but because Jupiter the biggest planet in our solar system is in a negative aspect to you so situations could become very exaggerated and get out of control so, try not to short circuit.  Certainly, in time your life will synthesize but for the moment you need to taste the wine. Insecurity leads to suspicion and fear which brings pain especially on an emotional level. Therefore, it’s important for you to analyze the methodical facts, your good at this but your imagination is running a little bit wild at the moment. It’s time to experiment and explore and not put a leash on what you don’t think your capable of doing. Don’t be your own worst enemy here. You may even think your hearing voices but it’s the voice within you that you need to listen to. Misunderstandings can lead you to declaring war on your best friend. Now, stand back and listen to yourself, does that sound like rational thinking? So, you need to focus on the details before giving judgment, rumors are not allowed at this time. At least your physical health will fend off the pain so keep on doing yoga, working out or run around the block a few times. Even though you are dealing with a lot of mental issues that produce stress you can start building a more solid framework in life by focusing on building a new professional framework. This is where you can shine, so try and forget the personal stuff and get down to work and market your talents. You’re going to be on your own here so expect long days and sleepless nights. This oscillation will in time cause you to bear witness that this new configuration is taking place especially within the area of relationships. Uranus the planet of the future is upon you so time to change out that living room or maybe your wardrobe.

September 23-October 22
Sometimes it’s hard to look at change with a positive frame of mind when you’re struggling to divine your future. Because your life has taken a slow detour you need to calm down a little bit here and begin to outline a new design that your ego is thirsting for. Because you’re all about relationships, this is an area of your life that bring about greater love as well as the enjoyment of all the sensuous tastes that your sign can inhale. A loved one or even friends or partnerships can bring about creative solutions to a new matrix of life that has been rooted within your instinct. With Mercury the planet of ideas being retrograde maybe it’s time to retrieve objectives that were put on the back burner. Friends or colleagues can help you dissect the variety of parameters that are open for you because they see you better than you see yourself. There are genuine opportunities that will begin to open for you and each one leads to better understanding of your true talents, but this is a sequential process that will lead to a specific interest that will give you faith in yourself. Journalism or further education even if it’s just attending a seminar gets your blood pumping again. So, this can be a very productive month, but you just need to act and assert yourself so that you expand the circumference of your horizons.  It is time to proclaim a new creation and empower a more aggressive behavior to create what you desire to materialize for yourself. 

October 23-November 21
Happy Birthday to a sign that has intense emotional needs and strong desires for material success. The planet Saturn is in a very comfortable pattern with your sign and will be there for about another year. It causes certain parts of your life to become stale and boring. The key here is not to try to hold onto what has given you long term security. It’s time to release yourself slowly from the reality you live and work in to pursue a new path. While your life could be turn inside out, this catharsis brings new self-confidence in which you feel immortal and what can’t you do or accomplish. So, a major job change or relocation of residence is common under this pattern. It’s a very logical time so there’s nothing whimsical here; this change is based upon legitimate facts and long-term planning. The rest of this month is when a lot of cooperation from the outer world helps to initiate a glimpse of these new goals so this would be could time to take a trip and market yourself for where there will be a new beginning of time for you. Places that lie by water are conducive to turning ideas and visions into solid matter, which means time to follow your dreams. This is a time in which you will not take no for an answer. It’s all about your needs and personal satisfaction and that can only be gotten by stretching your vision and taking a walk with the sense of adventure. Be careful that you choose what you want to do this month and not let others push your buttons. It’s all about your wants and needs not others. Flow with your Spirit and the nectar of life will pour forth. Long awaited news is received so that anything that has been in a pause mode moves forward. Relationships or partnerships brings about major opportunities in romantic or business affairs. The Full Moon on the 12th will certainly test your strengths so try to stay cool and calm.

November 22-December 21
This month take your time with issues because you need to check your facts before rendering a decision. It’s just that while you want to be cooperative and give others the benefit of a doubt, you need to understand there are opportunists that want to shake your hand and then pick your pocket. So, whatever or whomever gives you a few knots in your stomach then you need to think objectively. This month you’ve got an excess of energy so whatever is on your to do list can be erased. Travel to distant places or long weekends can be very rewarding. If you’ve got tests to take or interviews to go to you should do better than you think. This is a good time to get things organized, especially with your mind not able to sit still so start by cleaning the house, painting some walls and begin to replace the past by updating yourself and the home. Even relationships become more collaborative to bring about a balance in your interactions as well as mutually gratifying outcomes to intimate or professional endeavors. Finances become more secure which allows you to acquire personal possessions as well expand upon your social life. With the planet Mars which deals with asserting oneself you might want to seek out a little adventure that will test your physical skills or initiate new projects that have been on your mind. You may want to join groups or organizations that are somewhat outside the lines but deal with causes or humanitarian objectives in which you all share with a common interest or mutual goal. This can be a month of proposals or even a love at first sight kind of thing so get out and socialize and live a little bit on the edge.

December 22-January  This month will bear the fruit of your hard work, so there are going to be many opportunities to expand upon the conservative parameters of your life. There may be sudden opportunities that require you to make a snap decision that concerns your objectives and path in life so you need to be flexible and embrace change. This is a great month to get your annual maintenance check on the physical body so make appointments for the dentist, doctor, optometrist or salon. There may be a short pause here between a project you’ve just finished up and the new one that’s about to begin so break away from the regimentation of life and do things that you want and need to do. It’s a time to relax if you can. Romance plays a big role this month so begin the foreplay by taking someone out for an elegant dinner, take in the theater or an evening of music as this will create an ambiance that could become a habit pattern. There are seeds that deal with your future that will bring about new social and economic correctness with your orientation in life. It comes because of your inclination of goodwill. Righteousness is an expression of love which causes perfection of your structure. Look for a promotion or maybe it’s time to market your talents. Transactions and negotiations bring greater rewards so it’s time to do some serious talking. With Mars the planet of war you need to watch driving, fender benders, speeding and those that are jealous and envious of you.

January 20-February 18
There’s a part of you that feels your talents have been overlooked by those in positions of power. I’m talking about work here. They don’t even see the genius that is before them, so feeling neglected you could think about marketing your intellectual talents to another company or even open your own business but this is just a brief moment of tension so just stay where you are. It’s one of those time periods that you realize you’re smarter than the people you work for because of the constant explaining of how things work. Now, if they were reading your horoscope, they may want to call you into the office to see what they can do to make you happy. That’s because there’s an assortment of planetary influences that are releasing positive changes within your potentials to achieve. Let me start with Jupiter the planet of honest conversation. You are the antidote and problem solver or the smartest kid on the block. This is a redeeming process which causes your loyalty and honesty to receive some kind of reward. Mars, which is your ego causes you to step forward and activate those ingredients of courage that will spurn you forward not taking no for an answer bringing about positive results in your personal and professional endeavors. Even the planet Jupiter will bless you with opportunities to expand into more authentic aspirations with work or your personal affairs. Then Venus the planet of love helps to cultivate inclusiveness with a relationship. Sudden urges need to go into a pause mode so that you don’t become reckless with impulsive decisions. This is your month to enjoy life to the fullest so learn to say no to others.

February 19-March 19

Many of the major planets are working in a constructive way with you this month to bring more of a positive attitude as more of your objectives begin to fall in place. With Saturn making a constructive patter to your sign there is greater determination to bring the formless into a material manifestation. Slowly but surely your destiny becomes a fabric of your life creating greater security as well as self-confidence. Your outer world begins to transfer to the inner causing you to return to your primordial state of consciousness. You are the most faithful in serving the Prime Creator and it is through your intuition in which you can be the antidote in helping others as well as yourself in resolving problems. Art, music, writing or just a few of your attributes that are at your disposal in awaking others to the non-linear matrix of life. Parts of your past associations are dissolving due to the spiritual growth within you so that it’s time to let go of those that have become too dense. There may be problems with family matter especially if they live out of state. No need to jump on a plane at this time, it will just appear to be worse than what it really is. New people that have similar dreams and ideals help provide stability so that your self-confidence is resurrected. Your Sun now begins to rise towards a new zenith. Life begins to have order to it so that motives turn into action. Deficiency has been replaced by internal strength so that a new status of being becomes validated. The yielding to trust brings a blissful state because you integrate and motivate a new sequence of synchronicity that stimulates growth of the raw ingredients within you. Finally, the planet Pluto which deals with intense power to surgically removed psychological wounds and bring profound cause coming attractions that will inoculate the building of a new order of being.


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