Horoscopes for June 2019



March 20-April 19

You are the first sign of the Zodiac, the first gesture of organic life. So, part of your personality is to always move forward to propagate, establish and bring fulfillment into your reality. This month the planet Jupiter is just one of the planets that will help you to fashion new patterns which will affect your life. It causes you to become pregnant with a new breath which then helps you to create new structures that will open you up to many portals in the expansion of your human experience. Certainly weddings, graduations, and other formal affairs whether down at the end of the street or thousands of miles away needs to be digested. This planet gives good judgment so a time to make definitive decisions that will bring you further rewards. This is also a time of promises so it’s time for that proposal or marriage. Even Venus the planet of love will bless you with its presence this month. So, a time to socialize with friends, form partnerships or even become a social butterfly because not only can you enhance new relationships you but you could meet a new person that could affect the momentum of your love life and bring death to your singleness. There will be some turmoil in your life, but the vital Sun will keep you healthy as you surrender the lesser for the greater. Saturn will be affecting your sign for the next year and a half which will try through fear to keep you grounded in the archaic past. This planet will put boundaries in your life and say no to a new pattern of destiny. You must rebel against those that want you to be subservient onto them or their cause. You are a leader not a follower. You are the first phase of growth. Try and ground yourself logically and bring structure to your thinking for this will lessen the chaos. Watch those try to control you for they are jealous and envious of your accomplishments. It’s a month in which you need to be patient with your actions as well as vocabulary so take a deep breath when provoke so that you don’t become reckless in your actions. Speeding tickets, sunburn, inflammation, and headaches are what Mars can cause this month so once again don’t let stress cause you to come out of your body. Workout or do some heavy-duty exercise or activate that sex life of yours to lessen this negative energy. New objectives can bring greater excitement so that the more you begin to reprogram the existing grids within your creation the faster you move into a new threshold of space and time. While there are many opportunities to fill any voids that are in your life you need to question that which may seem too good to be true.  The Sun with its abundance of personal energy will help nourish and support your ideas, so that there will be nothing which can hold you back from achieving creative ends to whatever you put your mind to.  Sometimes your intelligence can be hidden from inferior creatures because you can appear to be impulsive as you make decisions in a split second. Remember that travel, education, taking tests, lectures or updating your résumé helps keep your higher mind active. There could be greater recognition within the work area that translate into stability and security. As the new energies become centered the gravitational forces can no longer hold you to former devotions thus bringing about a successful rebellion against the sociocultural norm. 


April 20-May 21 

This month is one social activity after another, a time to extract all you can out of life. This is because most of the planets are aspecting your sign in a positive way. It would be easier to say what aren’t you doing and who isn’t sharing all these activities with you. So, whether it’s a wedding, sporting event, concert or entertaining guests, you are a social butterfly. You are a sign that appreciates the finer things in life and this month your dedication to work enables you to surround yourself with the ambrosia of your sensuous tastes. Just as it may be time to update that wardrobe of yours you may want to do some late Spring cleaning. It’s time to clean out those closets, paint some walls and either fix or replace that which has outlasted its lifespan.  With the planet Neptune which rules the right side of your brain your creativity is at an all-time high so, no need to hire an interior decorator. This planet also deals with your feelings as well as intuition so, it’s time to listen to that gut feeling as well as a relationship can begin to move forward with a mutual defined objective. Even in those quiet moments you can entertain yourself with a good book or going to places that bring about esthetic enjoyment.  Art, music and other related right brain activities can be soothing so try and saturate these ingredients into the mainstream of your life. Beneath the surface of your ego is the authentic self that wants you to take control and let go or purge elements of your life that have been suppressing or putting obstructions into your life. Here’s where the planet Mars can cause some people in your life to test your strengths. Little do they know that your unit of consciousness will not allow anyone to disturb the purity of your actions. With Uranus having moved into your sign it brings about an intoxication in which the scent of what lies ahead is what will squelch your thirst for the sense of adventure and bring a death to the limitations in your life. For you to feel whole again you need to understand that it’s time for you to dream again and yield to the subjective senses. You may want to take up yoga or take a vacation so that you can experience the atmosphere and chemistry that life offers. This will then make it easier for you to take steps to remove any boundaries that are still around you. Mercury the planet of communications gives potency to your vocabulary so that you weave new patterns of growth. Will this bring about a new book to read or write, a lecture to give or go to or just being more discriminating with whom we are having a conversation with? So, be receptive and let the flame of your divine purpose set a new program of consciousness so that you can move beyond the existing parameters and begin to enjoy the real breath of life. Set agendas that will enrich your emotions and bring the vibrations of gentleness and compassion. This will act as a catalyst so that you can link your physical creation through the reprogramming of your consciousness to the divine hierarchy. 


May 21-June 20

Happy Birthday and Solar Return to one of my favorite signs for your search for knowledge is endless. With your free and creative spirit, you refuse to stand still for you are in a constant search for the ideal. You are blessed with a youthful demeanor and not only will you never get old, but you will not allow those around you to become boring adults. With the planet Neptune which deals with water or the subjective parts of ourselves in a negative aspect to you, parts of the past which you thought were dead and buried may rise to the surface and like a vampire needs your blood to re-establish itself in your life. So, be very careful of people that are needy and try to suffocate you emotionally. This planet can be very clever because it’s all about your emotions. Thus, others can make you feel guilty if you don’t help them or should I say sacrifice yourself for them so be somewhat careful with those people that wear a mask. But I do think you see that the problems are coming from others not from within you. But an added anchor is that this planet can cause you to be weak, fragile, and subjective to the point of being gullible so that you believe you were the cause of these problems and allow once again the parasites to eat you alive. No, I’m sorry but milk thistle or black walnut isn’t going to bring about the parasitic cleanse that you need. Venus the planet of love will hold your hand this month to guide you through this dense turmoil so stay close to friends and that person that holds your heart. If your single, then get out of the house for you could easily meet a person that could extract the essence of your heart to bring about mutual shared objectives so you need to embrace this vibration so it can fabricate itself in your life. This is a planet that says take control so that you can get what you want, need and desire. It’s all about moving into the future and the excitement of a new adventure by getting yourself off the leash and being your own compass in life. So, release the fear and allow your heart to beat again. There are many people around you that can help you see the truth as well as put a smile back on your face so that both halves of your being can once again come together in a warm embrace and manifest a new form of your creation. There can be changes going on in the work area that bring greater confidence because others recognize the quality of your work ethics. With the professional aspects of your life becoming centered and balance, it’s time to be the Gemini and get out and play. New people and places will take you outside the lines of your social circle but create new friends that share certain denominators of life with you. It’s time to be on stage so whether it’s a marathon to run or games to play you may surprise yourself and others because you’re the one getting the applause. Your passions get physically punctuated so hopefully there is a significant other in your life. This is a time of self-renewal in which you recognize the sacred temple within you. You are now in the embryonic state of moving beyond the threshold that your consciousness now exists within because you have resurrected your light so that the seed of your spiritually is now growing new roots, and these roots are from the constellation of Orion. You are a receptacle to a universal being that has chosen you to be its voice. Thus, you enlarge the spiritual gene pool so that others may pair themselves with the divine radiation. 


June 21-July 21

Venus the planet of love is making very positive patterns in your life up to the 8th and that with the planet Pluto which deals with closing a chapter of life and opening a new one could bring an existing relationship to a pinnacle of shared objectives or open you up to the idea of a relationship. There could be just a little bit of discomfort here only because your life seems to be turning itself inside out solely because another person has touched your heart when you thought love was only going to be in your dreams. That’s what bypass surgery is all about, opening those arteries so that love can once again begin to flow giving life a second chance to accomplish what you wish for. With the planet Mars which brings assertiveness towards your ambitions you climb out of that comfortable sofa to squelch that thirst in moving forward with your objectives.  It’s time to give absolute obedience to your instrument in manifesting your divinity. After all love is the divine that is within every one of us.  More appreciation is given to you in the work area because you get the job done. But work is becoming a little monotonous not that it is a problem it’s just that work is becoming somewhat stale but at least the financial benefits put a smile on your face so, it’s not a time for change in this area. This is a great month to plant intellectual, emotional or material seeds and as they gestate, they will bring harmony to the fabric of your organic existence. This is also a time in which the body brings to the surface that it needs solutions and antidotes because aspects of your life are out of sync plus your age might have something to do with this. To little or too much of something that you are ingesting in your body so watch what you eat as well as the cocktails you are inhaling. Don’t let fear cause you to procrastinate and let things fester beneath the surface. Whether it’s the doctor, dentist or even a change in your diet you need to re-establish the nucleus of your health. You need to plan to take a vacation but because you’re just not at liberty to make snap decisions think about heading to the beach or take a cruise. It will seem like everyone is having a party so of course you need to try to attend, it’s just that life has imposed upon your freedom of choice for the last few weeks and now you need to get out of the cocoon and breathe in some fresh air. The planet Uranus will hold your hand for the next 7 years which will cause your mindset to seek greater horizons as it stimulates growth so that you become part of the collective or universal whole. This planet causes you to choose what you want, need and desire so that liberation from discontent and static takes place. This month your intuition says that you know what to do and when so, follow your senses and matter will no longer be inert.  It’s a slow process when one begins to restore their divine light because the trappings of matter can become so overpowering but mental stimulation will give way to spiritual creation so that you become true onto your own pure nature putting your vision into spatial substance.


July 22-August 22

With the planet Venus which is all about love in a very positive pattern to you this month there are a few things that need to be address. On a physical level this planet deals with your sensuous tastes so, you may treat yourself to a massage, do some serious shopping to update that wardrobe of yours and experiment by going to new restaurants and let’s not forget concerts or the theater. You might even want to get yourself to the salon as well as experiment with new cosmetics. Venus is all about beauty and love, so this is a month you should be looking better than ever. Look for that waistline to shed some inches. Because it deals with relationships you may find yourself getting invited to weddings or other social venues as well as maybe someone is professing their love to you or else, you’re getting a lot of looks from the opposite sex. This month the Sun which represents your physical constitution gives you an excess of energy as well as puts you on stage so that rewards, honors and compliments become a daily occurrence. Jupiter the planet of higher thought processes gives you the intellectual ability to solve any problem as answers to questions are given. This mindset gives you a chance to express your opinions, and with its optimistic attitude seek out your aspirations in life. This is a time for that Summer vacation or enjoy other creative and basic key notes of life. You begin to pulsate with the flow of life. The abstractions in your life are slowly becoming a product of matter. This month you want to extend your boundaries within the field of your activity.  Remember you are Leo the lion, the center of the whole. The planet Uranus which deals with liberation and change has moved into the sign of Taurus to bring long awaited changes into your life in which can be immediate but certainly some of your new objectives need time and planning before it can unfold. This planet gives you that itch to be impulsive and do things that are unique or outside the lines. It also deals with liberation, so this is a time to think about the changes you need to implement in your life. Time is on your side so it’s not a time to shoot from the hip and go out and get what you want, need and desire in the next few minutes. The more dramatic the change the more the authentic you are to yourself. Do you want to change jobs, make a major move, get married or start a family because this is the time to resign from the status quo that is in your life and seek the adventure that these things represent? You don’t have to do them at this moment but it’s a great time to plan for the things you want to do in the future.  It’s through your persistence to put your life in order that causes you to organize all the methodical details so that life becomes polarized, but you need to be patient some of the dramatic changes cannot be accomplished overnight. It’s a time of discernment because opportunities need to be examined closely. This is not a time to hope and wish that the gods are going to bless you in the pursuit of your aspirations. This month will bring frustration and anxiety as a new order of structure and liberation begins to manifest to bring a higher standard of consistency and security.  One of your basic traits is to be noticed and that aspect of your personality is certainly going to be fulfilled whether at work or play so, if you’re single surrender and be spontaneous so that your personal potentials become realized. Divine consciousness dwells within you and that’s why others always want to be around you because you radiate the rays of life which then raises their creative power. Your life form is in the beginning stages of moving into the next phase as the elixir of potency secretes itself into the essence of your electromagnetic spectrum so that a new molecular density is about to be created. This month you leave behind all that fed your ancestral life.


August 23-September 22 

You have an eye for detail and certainly are the perfectionist but this month those qualities are being challenged by others because they are not as proficient as you are in seeing as well as understanding how to quickly and efficiently correct errors thus bringing about some discontent from those less evolved. The planet Neptune which rules the right side of our brain can cause a fog to appear occasionally during the month so dissect that which is not totally clear. It’s time to update the area of technology with  your I-phone, computer or things that deal with home security. With Mercury your ruling planet dealing with communications this is an excellent month to give lectures, write a book or sign up for classes. This planet wants and demands further development of your mental senses. So, you may want to stay close to those that stimulate the neurons in your brain. Many people don’t recognize that you have developed your mental senses to just a point that they cause you to be very aware of the more subtle vibrations. I’m talking about the astral plane of consciousness which have helped initiate you into traveling to the sphere of the spirit. Everyone thinks you are a very grounded person and yes you are, but you also use your knowledge to penetrate deeper so that your conversations or point of view can be very esoteric. You are the sorcerer or the witch or maybe just on the path as you develop your spiritual and psychic faculties. It’s also a time to cleanse the body so less out of a box or can and more nutrients. Allow people from the past to reestablish themselves in your life as they can bring greater security with finances or mutual professional objectives.  Make sure you have a daily planner because there’s a long list of things to do and places to go and you certainly aren’t going to be doing this alone. Certain responsibilities with family members or friends are now lifted so that life becomes liberating. Throw away the goggle map you’ve been following because it’s time to take the detour. You begin to give your spiritual skeleton flesh and substance as you step out of yourself and give purpose to your objectives in life. It’s about personal awareness, being less formal so that you don’t waste any more precious time in trying to be perfect. Sometimes we need to know when to stop in developing an idea. Your career this month can bring a promotion, expansion of your business or maybe it’s just a time to take ownership and start a new business or take on a partnership. You cannot do everything yourself so invite those that you trust to help sort all the details. Even new people can help polarized, calm you down and bring a new platform of security into your life. That’s one of the positive things that you have going for you is that new clients, friends, groups, co-workers or a relationship can help to restructure your objectives. But this month isn’t all about work. The personal life can insert more quality time with others. This is one of the positive things right now in that it’s time to purge those that don’t fill any kind of void in your life and introduce new social venues to go to in which there can be new people to meet that better serve your intellectual and physical needs as well as appreciate you and help to figure out the problems that are before you so that the gravity of your burdens begins to lighten. Because life has caused you to pause, you now recognize that the past that you have identified with has produce bondages so it’s a time to imprint your own realizations so that you impregnate these new seeds of possibilities. 


September 23-October 22

The planet Saturn which can cause your life to slow down and do the speed limit will be affecting you for the next year and a half. To me it’s like the great wall of China so that it becomes an exhausting effort in the pursuit of your objectives. Even unwanted responsibilities begin to anchor and weigh you down so that you may become depressed because life is cheating out of achieving your goals. Time begins to pass you by and none of us are getting any younger. Pay close attention to the needs of your body so that better nutrition and exercise is a must. This planet will allow you to start dissecting your aims in life so that your list of things that were important move to the bottom of the list. There can certainly be major loss in your life, so you need someone to be your life preserver. The upside to help balance the scales is your planetary ruler Venus the planet of love and harmony. It’s time to stand in front of the mirror and make some decisions about what your wearing, how you look and what kind of changes are needed to express the true self. A relationship becomes a focal point because you always give of the self for love, for that is the magic of love. With Jupiter that knows no boundaries upon you then this is your moment to expand upon your aspirations that are brimming with opportunities unburdened by memories of the past. This deals with intellectual growth as well as love which brings about a vaster wholeness. This is a time to believe in the honesty of yourself as Mars the planet of war and Mercury the planet of communications begins to rob you of your spiritual food. Be aware of those that are critical of you and try to seduce you into what they think is best for you. It’s not a time to surrender onto others. But because you want to please others more than yourself you may because of your insecurity allow others to control your destiny so that you become their servant. A very narrow path to walk which can cause you to experience stress and anxiety because there is a thirst to become autonomous. In a way this is good in that you start paying attention to what you desire from others as well as life. What this comes down to is that you have found your place in the total scheme of things so it’s time to fulfill your needs. Don’t think for one minute you’re being selfish, it’s that you are becoming associated with a spiritual brotherhood because you are transcending the realms of being and becoming a universal servant. You’re still integrating polarity into your life but on a more exalted psychological level. Even the planet Pluto is forcing itself into your life purging the old roots of life substances and depositing its seeds of rebirth. So, I could say there may be a few social adjustments going on with you this month in which interaction with others becomes somewhat fragmented but with Mars the planet that acts like a verb you are forced to take action to verbalize and make deeper commitments with others in which there is a mutual soul growth. This is an excellent month to travel whether for business or pleasure because the parameters of your career as well as finances can be very rewarding. With effort you can begin to synchronize that procreative power within you so what can’t you accomplish?  Because your mind is reaching into greater depths you reconnect with your ancestral roots of a past life or maybe you help others reconnect. The things that you’ve read, your past education and being the spokesperson are faculties that you need that will help you emerge into greater successful endeavors so, look for opportunities that broaden your career and put your name on the billboard for all to see. The planet Jupiter will also cause you become more self-assertive so that you better understand your higher calling so that you become an ambassador to those that want to walk the path that leads to higher evolutionary teachings.   The trans Neptunian planets are what we call the transcendent agencies that help you to interpret what you observe so that you can focalize the procreation of this energy to transform and repolarize your core so that you can once again use the Language of Light as you walk upon this earth.  


October 23-November 21

This month you slowly start asserting your true individually which then sets you apart from the collective influences. Even Uranus the planet that can’t due 55 doesn’t turn your life around with a snap of a finger. These are the foundations that begin to establish a re-birth as you renovate your life. You choose to relinquish certain attachments so that the freedom to make decisions bring wider experiences. That is because certain relationships whether they are personal or professional become taxing and argumentative and may have exceeded their life span. But the void will be filled with new, deeper and thought-provoking relationships. As you become more self - sufficient your organism becomes more involved in making any vision a reality. It’s your dreams that may be actualized but it is up to you to enable and fertilize these individual potentials. It’s a time to start making your creative pursuits a reality. All your cells are electrically charged and ready to serve you. This is an ideal moment, for your cosmic unit becomes much more self-sufficient. While your career is accelerating it will take its toll on your personal life. It’s one of those all work no play months so try to get out with friends to siphon off the stress of work. This is because the planet Uranus which wants to liberate you from the status quo is in an opposition to you so that there will be some people or circumstances that will try and put a leash on your individual freedoms. You may also want to harness those spending habits of yours. It’s not that you’re not making money it’s just that you can be a little frivolous because Mars which can be impulsive wants you to spend in the moment and not take time to think about what your buying. This same planet will cause your libido to be filled with electricity. But this month is not all about others nor is it about work, it’s about shedding the garments of the objective virtual bubble that you think is authentic and establish a new life force that will bring a new rhythm of life that you are the master of. You are a very deep and intense and as you go through this month you become free to work on many pathways but beneath the surface it is the Light vibration that you are beginning to harmonize with that will synthesize the re-creation of your template. That which has been vegetating within you, that voice, is giving new perceptions that will take your being to new depths. Maybe the solitude you are experiencing is truly a new oasis as you connect with the time cell of a new meridian. Many think that your sign is governed by your desire of material security by it’s really the security associated with your intense emotions.


November 22-December 21

This month you may be weighed down with a lot of personal problems. It can start out with a trip to the doctor, dentist or other health providers and even though this can be irritating, you need to follow through with this. Every year at this time many of the personal planets begin to oppose you for 2 to 3 weeks so that things outside of you whether objectively or subjectively begin to tax you mentally and physically. It starts out with things around the house that may need your attention especially that which runs off electricity. Try and be as patient as possible as nothing is a quick fix. Today’s dream may be tomorrows nightmare so move slowly with major issues that involve opening new chapters in your life. Whether it’s a knock on the door or someone on the other end of a phone, get ready to be harassed as they try to sell you products or services that seem too good to be true.  This is cause by the planet Neptune which puts rose colored glasses on you so that many things become distorted. Because this planet also deals with your emotions it’s not exactly a time to give others the benefit of a doubt, so listen carefully to what others say and read the fine print of contracts that are before you. Those of you that have allergies will have an extremely difficult time so, change the filters in the house and you might just want to get an air purifier for the bedroom. On the profession side of life, things start moving forward in business to bring first more freedom and then greater security into your life. It’s also a time to start streamlining the work area as to what works and what needs to go. With the New Moon on the 3rd it would be a good time to ask for that raise or maybe a promotion is handed to you or if you own your own business it may be time to expand the circumference of it with new products or services. So, what seems to be boring or matter of fact may need a make-over. Travel with the person that holds your heart to new places satisfies that thirst for something new and different. You’re all about the sense of adventure so you usually don’t visit the same place twice. When it comes to relationships you may be ready to take it to another level that brings traditional factors into play like engagement or making a marriage date or even thinking about expanding the family, but this is the month to address those issues. Your mind is ready to be challenged so its time read or sign up for classes. You are now becoming a personal witness to the fact that the harmonics of your life have been changing but now you are beginning to tap into a new circulatory grid of life. Intellectually, this is a time of development and growth because of your thirst for universal truths. The old version of life has been dwindling so that you’ve disconnected yourself from that remnant seed so that the Light is connecting you with a new scripture.


December 22-January 19

Just like last month this month will also be a little give and take. Mars the planet of annoyance will cause one problem after another in dealing with other people either in a personal or professional way. It’s an opposition so it’s time to negotiate not demand. It’s starts out with others trying to squelch your thirst to be assertive and go out and do the things you want to do. Well, this opposition causes others to think they know what’s best for you. So, encounters with someone or others begins to become aggravating to the point that serious arguments then ensue. Try and take a deep breath and in a tactful way let them know you know exactly what you’re doing but thanks for the advice. With Mercury the planet of communication also in an opposition you may be around others that need to reeducate themselves. Try if possible, to be discriminating with the people you associate with. You need conversations not yes or no answers. This is a month to be around groups of people that have similar tastes and objectives so accept invitations to events that are not in the mainstream of life. You need to get out of that protective shell that you have surrounded yourself in. This could then lead to encounters with someone or others in which there are mutual shared objectives. Uranus, the planet of the future is upon you for the next 6 years so it’s time to take a detour so that you can enjoy the excitement of change and the sense of adventure. Saturn is all about looking and feeling centered and alive, but it also wants you to tie up all the loose ends so that you can begin to fabricate new objectives in your life. So, clean out those closets and have a garage sale. The planet Neptune is also coming to the surface of your life and because it deals with your dreams and visions, your creativity will materialize bringing you rewards or notoriety. It’s an excellent time to take a vacation but once again Neptune is all about enchantment so you might want to book a hotel or rent a home in the South Pacific or at least the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a great time to market yourself professionally as Pluto the planet of opening and closing chapters of our life’s is upon you so that you can start a new business or make a major uplifting change with your career. Your investments bring greater security as well as this is an excellent month to buy or sell property. There may be some people around you that are not giving you enough space. Not only can this bring a little frustration but then it becomes more annoying and taxing on your individual freedom. It’s a great time to take a test or go to an interview or even sign up for a class that could squelch that thirst to re-educate yourself.  Saturn has entered your sign for the next 2 years so the potential for new ideals begins to unfold, so slowly but in determined way new possibilities begin to actualize your conceptions to bring about a new concrete existence.  While this can produce certain amounts of stress and anxiety as well as guilt you need to understand that it’s time to purge and let go of the lifestyle that has been comfortable but now has lost its luster. Don’t let insecurities hold you back from discovering a new geometric splendor. So, you need to start participating within the universal motion of life that will create a new spatial substance. Be subservient to this new phase of organic growth. As you awaken to the interior metamorphosis of your real needs you can begin to build your own future and solve your own crisis. You are ready to blaze new trails as that pioneering spirit returns to your spine. You are efficient and organize as well as ready to develop greater ideal conditions for yourself. It’s comes back to the fact that you can’t let others compromise your decisions. This is the moment to slay those inner dragons and activate your Ka energy which is the source of rejuvenation. 


January 20-February 18

There is one major planet that is going to bring about greater amounts of stress and frustration this month. It’s the planet Uranus which rules the sense of adventure and change. It’s not that life is boring but there can be several responsibilities that put you on a short leash so that it becomes very difficult for you to do the things you want and when you want. The I AM that you are takes 2nd place to others. So, your life is being put on a schedule.  Jupiter which deals with honesty a well as the expansion of the parameters of your life is going give you a chance to break up some of the boring routines in your life. Opportunities to travel, go to parties, concerts or just spending time in the park bring a breath of fresh air into your life to lessen the stress. This planet deals with the opulence of life so it might be time for a glass of wine, going out for dinner or the theater or just enjoying a conversation with another. The Sun is making positive patterns to you in that you become more recognized for your personal as well as professional achievements. It’s a great time to get back and start working out, the beach is around the corner. If your single, this is a month in which you could meet new people that have similar intellectual denominators so that new friendships can begin, or a more serious relationship takes root.  This planet says it’s time to get things moving again as it’s assertive and motivated attitude craves growth as the “I” regains consciousness. It implies a fundamental change to your frame of reference. The word no is not part of your vocabulary as you come alive in your determination to make your aspirations vivid. This hunger satisfies and feeds you with contentment. Even those projects around your home are being addressed so that in a systematic way there will be greater freedom to move out of the labyrinth of your matrix. This planet puts you in control because it’s the leader the director so that you become the master of your own threshold through your persistence and determination to reach your goals. Venus, the planet of love takes hold of your hand this month so it may begin by doing some shopping for new clothes or things for the home, but it deals with people becoming more attracted to you. Once again there can be new friends to gain as well as new a relationship with mutual aims. Going to weddings or even planning your own wedding are a part of the ingredients of Venus. This is a month of adventure because your mental interests are being stimulated. This month is all about replacing your history with a future that is much more purposeful. Whether it’s with a job or where you live you have never been readier to take on new responsibilities that will cause the world you live in to transcend to new heights.  It’s time to be the trail blazer and let energy respond to its creator.


February 19-March 19

You will have great number of wonderful things going on this month with just a small amount of static. The good starts with the planet Mercury which deals with communications. This causes you to have a thirst for knowledge which will satisfy the needs of the spirit. This can then be siphoned into painting, reading and traveling to places that invoke the living temple within you. Others embrace you with conversations in which you reveal some of the deeper secrets in being organic onto the self. Saturn the planet of persistence and stability brings a greater degree of inner confidence so if you’ve been waiting to ask for that raise or change jobs or even go into your own business then this would be the month to do this. This also causes you to address all the loose ends in your life so that you become more efficient and stable within the geometry of your life. Mars the planet of strength is holding your hand so that it has your back as you push forward to satisfy that hunger to be your own administrator for new experiences. Pluto has been slowly emerging from the depths of your sub-consciousness to resurrect a new fabricate of life. It’s just that it takes just a long time to throw away the former self. Last of all Neptune your planetary ruler is in your sign until 2026, so, slowly the right side of your brain comes to the surface and demands an audience. It brings your imagination into focus so music, art or painting, spiritually, dreams or visions that are uncannily accurate. So, a time that your intuition needs to be embraced. You can travel this month, but it might be better to go to a destination in which you may be thinking about moving to. A place that has sacred land. The problem may be that you found what you want but it may take some time to return and plant your roots. It’s the personal planets, which are the Sun and Venus because they are in the sign of Gemini causing continuous problems on a daily level. This normally goes on this time of year but that doesn’t mean that you can get used to this. You may begin to have your own stool at the bar for happy hour but certainly taking a walk, working out or getting a massage can also act as remedy. Most but not all those that are in your life bring about an imbalance so be discerning with others and even some close friends can tax you with stress. There seems to be a lot of loose ends that need attention but getting everything in sync may take days instead of hours. It may be a time of trial and error but perseverance on your part can produce results. You may generate more fear because you’re coming out of your cocoon, the shadows and are no longer hiding your solidarity with the Light. You are not nor will ever be part of the matrix that controls this reality of chaos and confusion, you have refused the gold that it promises to all. The old mold you lived in has no sustenance or roots, so this is a perfect time to cultivate new objectives and goals. It is your moment to bathe in a new womb of life.  It’s time to give validity to what you seek.


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