Horoscopes for March 2020



March 20-April 19
You are always on quest because you are a person that accepts all challenges and besides, you can’t sit still. Many of the planets this month are making very undesirable patterns in your life. To begin with, Mars the planet of war will test your strengths all month so it’s time to put on your war paint. It’s just that others seem to think that they know what best for you. That can become very annoying very quickly people trying to tell you what to do. Be careful driving and volunteering your time to help others. Matter of fact it might be better if you are involved with groups of people or join some kind of physical activities. This way you’re around people with similar denominators.  When it comes to interacting with friends or the person that holds your heart there can be many aggravations that can get out of control so try and center yourself and take a deep breath. So, when it comes to your love life there can be problems with others so that those sensuous tastes of yours have been replaced by the cold, harsh and corrosive winter. Between the 4th and the 15th is a good time to talk as Mercury the planet of communication is holding your hand so that transactions, contracts as well as podcasts, bring about a positive attitude because you become the spokesperson. Certainly, it’s a time to act and move forward with share ventures or goals with a person that has similar interests. The planet Jupiter is in the sign of Capricorn which aggravates your sign, so you need to get facts to opportunities that are being presented to you. Jupiter can be very clever as it chooses its words carefully to intoxicate you into having blind faith and belief into something that is morally and ethically wrong. This is also a time in which you may want to change a court date, or a test or even an interview because a lot of little things can go wrong which then wipes the smile off your face. You may become a little bored with the status quo of life because many things are no longer running very smoothly so why not step away from the monotony and take a vacation, after all it is time for spring break. Putting yourself in a different atmosphere and chemistry will bring greater activity to let loose and have fun. This is a month in which you think more outside the lines because you begin to seek further development in your aspirations whether it is personal or professional. It’s time to give birth to new potentialities within the womb of your sub-conscious. This will bring about new perspectives as you press on towards heighten awareness by the unleashing of these forces that have been buried within you. It’s a time to give absolute obedience to your innermost convictions. It truly is a time to launch that new plan that you’ve been designing for yourself especially near the end of the month.  Joining clubs, organizations or even social venues so that you can meet new people with common interests bring about the exchange of opinions and harmony as mutual relations become balanced.  As you enter the middle of the month you may find yourself ready to explode as others once again try and put a leash around your neck. It’s time to step out of the We Are and back into the I AM. This can be a time of non-stop enthusiasm if you assert yourself into acquiring what you want and need in life and with whom you want to share this with. A new grid of measurement is physically materialized as the frequencies of your thought patterns begin to code new living cells that bring specific harmonies into your creation.

April 20-May 21
This month is filled with a variety of opportunities and they begin with Mercury the planet of communication. Because your mind is well focused this would be a period to tackle those projects that you’ve put on the back burner. Also, there may be discounts with your phone service or cable service or even car or home insurance so why not call and see if there are any updates in which you can get more for less because they’re not going to call you and let you know. Why not start your Spring cleaning a little early here because your mind has a conviction of thought attitude to reorganize your home and then get ready to make some money by having a garage sale. With Neptune, the planet of creativity you need to start changing the atmosphere of your home. You can start with painting some walls and then updating that couch or appliances. You’re a person that loves the comforts of life so you may want to spend a little bit more than usual and get the very best. Also, on the brighter side relationships and your social life look extremely positive. Take in a movie, go to the theater, concerts or sporting events. Get together with your friends for dinner, drinks and productive conversations. Get an early start on Spring break and head toward the ocean or book a cruise. You’re a person that likes to remain at the same job but you need to look outside the lines here and understand there could be better opportunities with your career so it may be time to either ask for a raise or begin to market yourself.  Mars the planet that deals with being assertive begins to empower that god or goddess within you so it’s just a matter of time before you get what you want and deserve through your assertiveness. So, it’s time to be the game changer. Part of your composition is not only to enjoy the fine arts, but you have the capacity to be the painter, the writer or musician so bring out that part of yourself to purify and refine this creative source within your being. Latent talents and skills keep coming to the surface that allows you to gradually separate from this moment and fans the flames of passions with new developments in your aspirations. It’s all about being more genuine within your sense of self. Certainly, relationships and partnerships are much more alive and happy because of financial gains through business as well as physical intimacy. This then brings constructive channeling with the intimate relationship so that you begin to surround yourself with the magnetic forces of creation that give this life plasma a new embodiment.

May 21-June 20
Because the planet Saturn which deals with your self-confidence and bringing order back into your life many of the taxing situations that have put you into a state of hibernation are being shown the exit. Get ready to get a good night’s sleep again. Unfortunately, this doesn’t start until the 22ndbut this will be at your side until the end of June. This planet deals with security and substance so a time when order returns and the chaos runs to the nearest exit.  The Sun which represent you as well as Neptune are in negative configurations to you which will cause you to second guess the changes that are occurring in your life. Just keep your eyes looking forward and not give the past a second chance to seduce you. Please understand that nothing is wrong with you, it’s just that you see very clearly the synthetic garments that call themselves human beings and it becomes very difficult for you to interact with a society that is spiritually static.  It’s not that you’re not going to have a social life because if anything it’s a time to be out and about with friends that have a similar inner garment as you. Mercury from the 4th to the 15th cause others that you are in love with or those that you love and care about to bring joy, happiness and one invitation after another to enjoy and share the sensuous tastes of life. The more outside the invitations the more it signals a better future. So, it’s not a time to be conservative with how much you drink or eat. It’s about having a good time. I know you don’t like to shop but it’s time to update some of that wardrobe of yours. I know you can find a sale someplace. While this is going on, pull out the past and finish up all those projects that went into a pending mode.  If anyone needs to escape from this reality you do. Maybe a trip is in order so, if you have friends out of town then jump in the car or on the plane.  It’s not a time to put physical problems on hold because of fear or financial problems so get to the doctor, dentist or optometrist.   Doing yoga or getting a massage, walking the dogs or taking a walk in the park can be very therapeutic for you.  Do understand you have a lot of motivation as your intrinsic fundamentals harmonize to bring unity within your core. All needs are now being satisfied because the planet Saturn causes many areas of your life to unfold with opportunities that are holistic in their approach. Now you’re back to learning and staying informed so that you regain faith in yourself and improve your performance in the professional area.  Your libido is alive and well so a time to be brazen or outspoken with your wants and intimate needs. If you are single you are now able to meet someone with many common denominators. With the combined forces of the Sun and Saturn after the 21st it is a time to move your inner core forward so gather with your blood brothers and sisters to receive the hidden prophesies so that you may enter a new meridian of time. Those of you that have a knowledge of astrology will begin to receive new instructions about how to use your existing instrument to carry out one’s interests and sense of purpose.

June 21-July 21
Life is once again beginning to fall back in place. The last few years have been very up and down with one distraction or unwanted responsibility after another. So now the past begins to fade as you move forward with a new job or place to live or even the start of a new life. These are now areas that will bring comfortable securities to your personal and professional life. The planet Uranus which deals with the future is working with you in a constructive way to forge through problems so that you can begin to move forward with your wants and desires not just think about them. Look for your career to broaden with new clients or new responsibilities that put you on top of your game. Business should be very productive especially because you are the master of the English language so who doesn’t want the product, you’re selling? Some personal conversations become somewhat annoying or at least irritating because people think they know more than you. This comes from Jupiter the planet of the 3-digit IQ which means you need to be courteous to those that lack any kind of intellectual substance. Take a deep breath and let it go. If you’re single it might be better to have a friend fix you up with someone than for you to join a match making club. Don’t let your impatience to be wrapped up in someone’s arms cause you to settle for second best. You don’t want to submerge or even deceive yourself with another just because of the uneasy silence within your personal life. What’s good about being around friends is that you get to exercise your freedom of thought as well as choice. The opposite sex becomes more and more intoxicating, but you need to set the boundaries and not let them push your buttons at least on the first date. All forms of communications are utilized so that contracts as well as agreements go smoothly. There will be some people that will challenge your authority and try to push you into their way of thinking so tell them only once that this is the way things are going to be.  As you begin to reprogram or map a more advance cycle of creation you give yourself a new singular dimension to focus on so that your spatial matrix becomes a part of a larger membrane. To do this you need to disown some of the collective factors that no longer fit into your organic whole. What is essential and of value to you? Stages of transition put one through a transpersonal cathartic process that evokes the divine messenger, the cosmic organism to that stellar energy can transmute your matter into a vessel to see what others will never see. Do you really think those odd dreams that you are having are a coincidence? The dense mist has not lifted fully but you are beginning to see parts of the future. This is because you are developing a telepathic connection to that which is not visible.

July 22-August 22
This is a month in which many aspects of life challenge your very being. If ever there was a time that the Lion needs to come out of its liar this is the moment. From the 4th to the 15th Mercury which is conversation is in an opposition to you so that you could be talking to yourself day and night because no one else has the ears to listen. If you’re in business, then work comes to a crawl. Because Uranus the planet of the future is upon you the tension and anxiety caused by sitting still will cause you to become depressed so that you can make impulsive choices about your future which can be reckless. You need to get through this month by thinking clearly about the choices before you. Saturn will move into an opposition to your sign on the 22nd so that life as you know it can move into slow motion to add to the monotony of your status quo. This will add to your depression because your always way ahead in the game of life and now there is a short leash attached to your being. You seem to be able to relate to everyone because you’re not verbally judgmental so that everyone feels very comfortable around you whether in a personal or professional atmosphere. You’re really good at sizing people and situations up but this month you need to pay closer attention to those that you inner act with socially or in a business sense. The Sun will begin to shine on you after the 20th so you slowly begin to piece together that which brought about a disintegration with your objectives. You need to watch carefully that you don’t take these problems out on those that you love and care about. Good month to get out and socialize into more formal venues like dinner, drinks, concerts or sporting events. Love is in the air, so you need to open yourself up to those that deserve your attention. You might find yourself having very little patience with single digit IQ people because they waste your time and energy so, just say yes or no and move on to others in which you can have a conversation. This month is all about asserting oneself into objectives that are unconventional or bring alternatives into your lifestyle that affect your future personal life or career. So, it’s time to send out that resume or contact friends that may help open new doors either at the end of the block or some distance away. You may want to think about going into business with another person. This is a time that you are in control and get what you want so be decisive and not rude in your actions. It’s like you’re on a crusade that leads to the extension of the boundaries in your life. Now is the time to make travel plans, do interviews or take tests. You seem to have more free time so why not put more energy into establishing a home of your dreams. You’re a very creative person so why not start with painting some walls and then move on to other areas of remodeling.  Spring is around the corner and it’s been some time since you’ve updated what’s in that closet of yours so get out and spend some money on yourself. You need to understand that an internal pattern of unfoldment is opening you up to a specific level of change so that the inflow of new profound and radical doctrines is embraced. It is contacts with new people that will change the patterns of your lifestyle so do not accept suppression of any kind as you begin to rebuild. The cultivation of your own uniqueness has been slow and arduous. A step by step process to actualize your potentialities. But you have proven to yourself as you’ve reach above the social culture level that you are an individual that is centered within the circumference of your life. It is your determination and persistence that will push you forward to be and have the very best of life. 

August 23-September 22.
There is truly a re-birth that is going on in your life that causes a reconfiguration not only of who and what you are but your aspirations in life, but this is a very slow and sequential process caused by Pluto the planet that can truly renovate one’s life. The problem is that patience’s is needed when one let’s go or is let go of what they have cultivated in life and then is forced to pursue a totally new agenda. Also, seeing what needs to be inhaled and reconfigured can be difficult to initiate. You are a sign that takes very good care of yourself, watching what you eat and working out, which keeps you looking very young no matter what your age. This means you are disciplined and can develop what you put your mind to especially in the health aspects of your life. There a few planets this month that are causing matters to come to your attention in a very vivid way. The problem with this is that you are very self-conscious and have a strong tendency to over analyze and give anything and everything a critical analysis. The consequences of this kind of action is to not only to depreciate the self but to demand too much from others because you overcompensate for your insecurities. This is being caused by the planets Neptune and Mercury which are opposing your sign. How long do you think people are going want to hang around with you with this kind of attitude?  How do you even live with yourself? No one is perfect, what is needed is to accept your own imperfections as well as others. You can easily hibernate, but it would be much better to broaden yourself and get out there and mingle. Maybe it’s a time to let others do all the talking and you become the observer of human interaction. Now is the time to create an outline of a new path or mission that you want to digest. Uranus is upon you which is the planet of the future so it’s time to get outside the lines in every aspect of your life so that you can once again breathe. It is not a time to surrender to other people but a time to listen to your inner voice, and once again it would be easy to retreat and escape the confusion that others bring into your life or is it you that brings the confusion onto the self. I’m sure this month you’re going to want to jump into the car or a plane that has no destination. Talk about jumping out of that Virgo skin of yours, because that makes no logical sense. This is a time to envision a new phase so that in the coming months the internal adjustments of your organism can begin to function. Be flexible as new seed potentialities begin to actuate from those empty husks so that you better understand whether you just need to reorganize, or do you need a whole new biosphere to breathe in.  You are a perfectionist to the point of being obsessive, but a new journey is before you so why not take the edge off by keeping the liquor cabinet stocked and find an intimate friend to play with. This is a month to accept challenges because Mars the planet of leadership says you win what you put your mind and body to. Just as Spring is about to appear before us once again you are in a position to resurrect yourself from the inside out as if you’ve been summoned like a newborn child waiting to begin a new future.

September 23-October 22
This month you must give your consent to remove aspects of your past that have become outdated and are no longer relevant. Don’t think that you have surrendered or given up on your objectives or pursuits in life it’s just that a greater structural unfoldment can take place by releasing new seeds onto your soil. With your attention to detail and determination to succeed and make a name for yourself how are people not going to see you now? Many answers to your questions come through colleagues, partnerships or technical material which causes you to not waste time in playing trivial pursuit. This will cause you to be more visible in the professional arena of life. While you are all about relationships you need to understand how important you are in their life. Many of the major planets will want you to bury your head in the pillow but that is the easy way out. Your what we call a cardinal sign which means just as you help others get out of toxic conditions in their life you are a natural leader and it’s time to pay attention to your wants and needs and put on your breastplate. Certainly, because Jupiter the planet that expands every aspect of our life and says you should be doing more you need to be careful that others may not give you the answers you need. Give yourself time to redevelop yourself and the objectives that have meaning. It’s not exactly a good time for lectures or seminars or even give them because there may be only a handful of people to share your interests with or what you hoped to learn falls flat. Be careful in accepting invitation that lie of town for once again you may come up empty handed into what you thought may give you a greater purpose.  Reading as well as writing nourishes your needs to reeducate yourself and then later you can spread to a specific few the organic language to fertilize their cells. Your words more than ever evoke higher states of consciousness to those chosen others. Now you feel, even though a few of us knew that you are an equal among the intellectual elite. New interests come from others as you engage and bestow your knowledge to those that have become complacent because their brain cells have died. You are a person of charm and with your gracious courteous manner who doesn’t want to listen to what you have to say. You know how to network but this month you have a chance to help others be seen and their voice be heard. This is a month of yang energy for you so address those cravings for new programs of behavioral expression. With the I and Soul beginning to have a mutual respect it’s time to storm the gates of heaven with your tribe of warriors and collect your spiritual bounty and then return to transmit that voice to those of your species. There are some people which could include friends or even a relationship in which there can be differences of opinion or annoyances because you’re paying more attention to your wants and needs instead of theirs, which is a first for you. Well, you may have to raise your voice here and let them know that this is your moment and that they need to support you and what you are manifesting. I mean after all they will share this with you after the fact. If they keep pressing you it may be time to reevaluate the path you have with them. For you to be the individual this month you need to be impersonal so that you can provide a conceptual foundation for yourself. When it comes to relationships it’s a great time to go out and play with a specific person that is relevant to your overall growth and wants to harvest your essential character and give their heart to it. The quagmire this month is to keep yourself open to the information coming through your senses. There is a certain amount of self-vanquishing as you engage your inner sensibility and pay less attention to the external criteria of life.

October 23-November 21
This is a good month to get into personal self-improvement as the Sun in Pisces shines upon you. Make appointments for the doctor to get that annual physical, the dentist as well as the optometrist. Those of you that are into alternative therapies may want to get a massage, acupuncture, Rikki healing or start doing some yoga. It’s not that anything is wrong it’s just that it’s time for a maintenance check to make sure things are working properly so that at least your physical wellbeing is operating at it’s optimum. You can also start renewing or renovating your home but if there are mutual decisions concerning any changes being made some negotiating may have to take place. It’s time to fix those things you have on the to do list or else begin the purging and replace the void with something more appropriate. But updating is the key word here but also you need to do this in a systematic way. Socializing gets you out of hibernation and into a new mainstream of life but instead of just going out with friends for dinner and drinks why not start extending your frame of reference and take in a concert, sport venues, theater or other unique interests. It’s going to be a little difficult to interact with people and some mundane conversations. You seem to be around people in which their shallow interests are of upmost importance, and they want to share this with you. It’s called drama in which their ego needs attention at your expense. You might want to check thoroughly all correspondence whether through the e-mail, a telephone message or an envelope that you open because there could easily be mistakes that lead to a dead end. This is because Mercury the planet of communications is in an opposition to your sign which can bring about confusion so take a moment to analyze all correspondence or those that demand immediate decisions from you. Try and quantify your time because the more you fill your daily planner the busier you become and the less you socialize.  Opportunities for bigger and better things that are in any category of your life bring the rewards that you’re looking for so be open to opportunities that expand your parameters.  Listening to yourself is what’s best here, that way you filter out the noise. It’s hard to sit still so once again be assertive and take the initiative in materializing your ideas into the third dimension. Discipline, persistence and being discerning are important qualities of your character that will help you to move forward and create a new outlook within your defined plan. It’s all about a new beginning and for the ideas that you’ve been kicking around but now you have empowered yourself to take control and bring all these loose ends together. The polarities of your essential being are now coming into harmony so that you can now inhale the abundance of your human potential because you are responding to your central source of energies. An opportunity for romance to participate in your life is before you but take things slow and let it develop. It is time to bring forth new concepts that lie within you and cultivate that which has been lifeless.


November 22-December 21
This month the challenges that have been upon you continue to suppress your vitality and your optimistic outlook on life. Neptune which can bring about a great flood has and will continue to bring one problem after another to the surface. You may want to have a drink occasionally or get a massage or do some yoga. Because your defenses are weak try and set yourself apart from those that are sick and wash your hands more often. The romance and poetry of your life may go through a state of hibernation this month so find a good book to read. Be careful in giving others the benefit of a doubt because this planet can serve deceit and fraud on a silver platter so, follow your gut feeling. If you could head for the beaches of Florida or the west coast it would help to relieve the toxicity that surrounds you. Going to concerts or taking up painting even if it’s just the living room walls act as a therapy. Slowly you will have a new way of looking at things, so you need to follow that script as a new normal is on the immediate horizon. Its new securities and a new locality that brings about comfort as you walk away from the past. This will come about after the 22nd as Saturn will bring life and your objectives back into focus. Now many of the things that have been on the back burner have been addressed so that slowly you can embrace a new future. Trust your own visions not those of others because they can cause deception within yourself thus putting your sense of adventure in a holding pattern because of confusion.  Your judgment become clearer from the 4th to the 15th as Mercury the planet of communications causes you to examine things very thoroughly so that order is restored back into your life. It’s time to raise your voice so that others can hear the truth. As you gain strength and let go of the past you restore your inner power to take control and initiate a new matrix within work, where you live and with whom you share yourself with.  It’s just a matter of devoting some of your free or personal time in getting these new projects off the ground. Try and put some boundaries between you and needy people because they really are overstating their needs unless you like the unwanted responsibilities. If you already have done your taxes that’s great but if not, then address this for it looks like money coming back in your pocket.  With change and adventure at your doorstep it would be great to change the landscape so why not take a vacation to a place that you may consider moving too in the future. You are always on a quest to gain truth and knowledge, but now is a time to apply what you’ve learned so that you become a voice for the collective source. This way you stimulate growth within because questions are answered and then you become the teacher. You more than any other sign are a very aware person but understand you can no longer be responsible for those who refuse to wake up. So, by the end of the month your life begins a new normal as you begin to weave a new tapestry more suited for your development.

December 22-January 19
There will be an unusual amount of encounters this month will others as Uranus the planet of change embraces many aspects of your life. This is a good thing as it causes you to break away from the status quo of life. Whether it’s new friends, or business associates or even a personal relationship it’s time to step into the odd, unique or things or people that are outside the lines. This will cause you to expel new energies that will have a practical application to your future. It’s a time to break away from the present state of life get into more progressive growth. So, parts of your past as well as certain habit patterns need to conclude. Not everyone wants to move into the future even though it could provide greater enlightenment. It’s their loss so gently begin to distance yourself from those that are preventing you from formulating your own opinions and life goals. Part of the reason for these changes come from within because you are taking notice that it’s time to project the soul’s growth not the egos. There is what is called the Kundalini, just ask people that practice yoga what that’s all about, but this energy is beginning to move from the root chakra to the heart chakra raising your spiritual consciousness. It acts like a cathartic agent in which it causes you to move beyond what is in a state of decay. Releases you from being frozen in time. The thirst for more of an abundant life begins to impregnate any vacuum. New ideas give way to new prevailing patterns of life. You’re a person that honors the sense of duty, so you are very responsible, dedicated and preserving so that new a new purpose of being has been ignited. Therefore, sooner or later you become what you set out to do and that would put yourself into a noted position of responsibility. Things that you’ve been waiting for become tangible because of your perseverance.  Your picture can be in a magazine or newspaper so accept invitations to opulent affairs or charity events. This is a time of distinction only because you are a workaholic in your relentless pursuit of being the best as a husband, wife, and parent or within your career. While the strength of your relationship with others is being tested, remember to stay calm and do an objective analysis before shooting from the hip and bringing separation or displacement with those you care about. It’s just that there could be major commitments in business or a relationship so in formulating these new ingredients time is needed to digest that in which a mutual decision is concerned.  Because you’re an earth sign in which you have a greater degree of common sense then other signs, we don’t think about the strong spiritual connection you have with the cosmos but you are a sign that creates order that is in rhythm with the heavens.


January 20-February 18
Just about all this month is filled with minor distractions in which mistakes are made by you or else others so you may want to be just a little bit more cautious when problems appear because they may not be exactly what they portend to be. The thing is that there can be innocent mistakes but yes people can try and play with your empathy to get what they need from you even if it compromises their principals. So, take a moment to think before you act, and you will be fine. This is cause by the planet Uranus which does deal with the future and normally exciting changes but in your life, it creates a lot of stress and anxiety because in making any kind of changes there can be one problem after another. Try to be patient for this is not a way of life just some obstacles to test your strengths. This planet is all about electricity so we think when we throw a switch everything should turn on but, in your case, it brings a short circuit. From the 4th to the 15th is an excellent time to tie up all the loose ends so that the changes that you’ve been implementing in your life or surroundings now bring stability. Also, it’s time to bring updates into your home, job or personal life but once again take your time and do things in a sequential way. This month why not entertain that unique spirit of yours by amusing yourself in playing games or saturate your social life with events and venues that are outside the norm.  It is a time of renew faith that the verbs of the English language begin to speak to you once again so a time to start making definitive decisions concerning your future. You are in a very objective and common-sense mode of thinking so a time to take control and manifest a new blueprint that is of your design. Start planning your next vacation but try and go to a place with adventure of some nature. There can be less stress at work so that other areas of your life can assume a focal point. Many sudden changes come around the 20th that relate to having more free time to do the things you want to do not need to do. So, go out for dinner and drinks as well be more impulsive and adventurous. This is a month in which a relationship that you are involved in could be moving to the point of proposal or there could be a change with work and your financial packages so that you think about moving from the apartment to your own home.  The sense of paralysis will slowly disappear, and the excitement of new adventures will slowly begin to materialize. What can’t you have as well as what is next on the list to accomplish? As you become more connected to this new network of higher radiations the light brings about a polarization within you and what you have chosen to surround yourself with. You now become the ultimate authority in all personal decisions. Greater understanding brings about an attitude as the stellar energy saturates the matter that you occupy. As the self becomes actualized the essence of the path you tread brings about a metamorphosis that fulfills the unique and creative person that needs to be listened to not told what to do. One last word about the love life. The foundation that you have with another becomes more developed because the mutual fostering of love brings about a collective embrace. 

February 19-March 19
It’s your birthday so let the celebration begin. You do so much for the people that are in your life. Your sensitivity, compassion and generosity are the ingredients that cause you to be the emissary for the Light Beings. Those of you that have friends with this sign need to celebrate with them and feel honored that you have someone in your life with such a close connection to the Prime Creator. The only problem this month is making time for all those that want to be in your life in some way because this is a month of personal transition. This month you are locked into a cycle of rebirth. This means major changes that can go on with your job, where you live or even the financial aspects of your life. These are issues that that need your objective judgment in which its time to make serious decisions about your future. It’s not a time to procrastinate but expedite your connection with your central core bringing further renewal so that these major changes bring less confusion as well as stress and anxiety by waiting to the last minute to embrace change. This is always good because it causes your individually to be empowered to be the master not the slave. This then moves you into other dimensions of consciousness leaving fear behind. It’s time to address those physical problems so that your pain is relieved so see the doctor, dentist or maybe the acupuncturist or other healers outside the conservative areas of healing. In raising your level of light the soul grows and the physical form begins to remake itself so that you feel like changing the colour of your hair or start a new dress code for yourself then run with other changes of personal renovation like nutrition and the embracing of new habit patterns. It’s your awareness within the self, working with your assertive energy that begins to occupy your human side which will cause an upgrade in your genetic intelligence so that body and mind merge so that you are now in more control of your destiny. This then leads to making more dramatic plans that could encompass embracing your creative side with writing, painting or taking in more of the aesthetics or the abstract which would become more and more intoxicating. You need to take active steps with the matter that presently exists and separate yourself from the accumulation of your ancestral roots, this way you begin to repolarize the faculties of the past karma. Thus, new points of view are being generated so the power of inertia causes you to invest in your birthright to give new purpose. You will not only have the capacity to speak with the tongue of fire, but your dreams or intuition will show you the destination that you need to travel that holds your future. You begin to unlock the spirit of wisdom so that your days of serving an apprenticeship end. This of course will change the creation of the material and emotional aspects of life which will be in accord not only with you but a person in which your silver cord will become connected to or already is. Look to be a little forgetful in mundane matters so carry a daily planner with you. There seems to be some unwanted responsibilities that may be very difficult to separate from because you never act out of what’s best for you but the collective whole but this is your moment and don’t feel guilty in expressing what you want and need that brings about a new personal and professional mandala.



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