Horoscopes for May 2020




March 20-April 19

There are going to be many opportunities this month to transform your visions that have been on hold into realities. With an abundance of personal energy to help nourish and support your ideas nothing can hold you back from achieving creative ends to whatever you put your mind to. This is because the planet Mars which deals with progress causes you to assert as well as challenge yourself to get what you want, need and desire. This planet doesn’t take no for an answer. It’s all about testing your physical and intellectual strengths. Even friends and relationships becoming exciting once again as restrictions are lifted so that you can once again participate in social structures whether they are personal or for business. Because the planet Jupiter which deals with honesty as well as giving one good judgment is in a negative aspect to you, opportunities that deal with any kind of expansion in your life, need to be closely looked at as there may be innocence errors or deliberate fraud. This planet rules the 3 digit IQ so it can be very clever as it delivers deceit on a silver platter but, as long as you get your own answers to your questions as well as read the fine print you should be able get by these minor distractions. This is a month that needs to be about liberating yourself from any kind of status quo. So, think about taking a vacation to a place that you’ve never been to before or just simply change up your social life from the mundane to things that lie outside the lines of your safe zone. You need to start evaluating some of the people you interact with because your becoming very bored with yes and no conversations so open yourself up to others that you can have a stimulating dialogue with. This is coming from the planet Pluto which causes one to put everything under the microscope. This is because this planet wants to open a new paradigm of living that is much more authentic but in order to do this the superficial trash needs to be thrown out and replaced with people that resonate with your values. Saturn, for the next few months with its persistence and determination can bring a major promotion or maybe those ideas that have been on the back burner need to come off the shelf and be pursued. For the most part you have great problem-solving abilities this month so a time to tackle projects big or small. Travel, education, taking tests, lectures or updating your résumé helps keep your mind active. The more impulsive you are in creating a new social life the greater the excitement, so be ready with just a moment’s notice, you don’t want to miss out on any new ventures. Sports or getting into some sort of competition can bring long awaited achievements. The New Moon on the 22nd is an excellent time to initiate new adventures. So, not a time to be passive but respond to this new rhythm and redeem that substance of light that is being reflected from within. This is a time to reprogram yourself so that the existing grid of your creation can move into a new threshold of space and time. It’s time to connect with the nonphysical elements of your core so that you understand you are immortal. As you separate from the gravity of the past you will begin to access new libraries of information, thus clearing yourself of karma so that you begin to follow your solar Ray with your gaze centered on a new phase of reality. Just remember to be faithful unto your own integrity.


April 20-May 21 

Happy Birthday and Solar Return to a sign that has values and is one of the most loyal of all signs. This month begins with a lot of mental stimulation because Mercury the planet of communications moves into your sign so, it can start out by simply bringing good news, but certainly you can get a new phone, I-Pad or computer let alone take classes to enrich your mind. If you are into sales, then look for the phone to ring so that contracts and negotiations bring not only increase finances but an optimistic frame of mind. There can be many social agendas with siblings or friends as well as invitation to more formal events like weddings. Just watch you do not over stimulate your senses with all that good food and cocktails as Mars can cause you to be impulsive and reckless with accesses dealing with your opulent senses. If you are single your social life can lead to the making of new friends, places to go and certainly someone that wants to hold your hand and whisper in your ear. This is where Jupiter comes into your life to expand your aspirations mentally and physically. It can be time to plan for a trip, take a class or read or even write a book. Legality is in your favor this month as well as people in general help to open your life to a broader spectrum. It’s a great month to buy yourself a new car, clothes or other luxuries that bring personal comfort to you. Whether you’re married or single you attract new people into your life so make yourself available for conversation because these people are going to play a major role with helping you to integrate reform into your life. Beneath the surface of your ego is the authentic self that wants you to take control and let go or purge elements of your life that have been suppressing or putting obstructions into your life. It’s all about Pluto which renews your thirst for life as well as discards those things that have outlived their useful purpose. It will be easy to adapt to not only changes but transformations in your life. For you to feel whole you need to understand that it’s time for you to dream again and yield to the subjective senses. You may want to take up yoga or take a vacation so that you can experience the aesthetics that the atmosphere and chemistry of life offers. Art and music can open a new network of experiences which will help you control your instinctual drives as well as bring extra money into your life. Take a few moments and sit quietly in your sacred space and reflect about the love and happiness that you have cultivated in your life. This will then make it easier for you to take steps to remove any boundaries that are still around you. With Saturn dealing with the past residue it is time to discard some elements of it and let Uranus the planet of the future which has entered your sign deal you a new future that will get you out of the lazy boy of life. So, be receptive and let the flame of your divine purpose set a new program of consciousness so that you can move beyond the existing parameters and begin to enjoy the real breath of life. You can no longer let fear that lurks within your primal mind become activated. As your sub-consciousness begins to find its objective expression your individual needs and aspirations bring fresh vitality within all facets of your life. Up until the 12th Mars the planet of war will confront you with annoyance, aggravations and arguments so when confronted with people that display these traits and think that they own you, stand up for your rights and opinions but try and be tactful in telling those that are guilty to go to hell. 


May 21-June 20

You have always been one of my very favorite signs for you inhale life to the fullest and those that have the pleasure of your company will learn to love the experience of growing old very gracefully. Within your womb is a fertile supply of ideas and your imagination has no equal. This is going to be a very productive month with work and pleasure but do not worry this has nothing to do with acting like a grown up. The time for imagining changes in your future and start shaping your creative forces to bring about new potentials has begun. Saturn the planet of persistence and determination is making positive patterns to you through the first week of July. This will cause you to start getting rid of the cobwebs that have put you into a holding pattern and start accessing new tools for the state of consciousness that you are beginning to forge for there can be major positive changes with your career, relationships and greater freedom to enjoy life to the fullest as the changes forge new patterns of thinking and living. Your prayers and thoughts are now being answered as the cosmos above bring about a tangible reality below. With the professional aspects, more centered and balance it is time to be the Gemini and get out and enjoy interacting with people and examine where your curiosity leads you. We all know you need a cocktail or two to feel uninhibited so please indulge because you are such a delight to be around. With Venus the planet of love back in your life this period of hibernation is over so that your social life is alive and well again. So, make sure you have got some new clothes in the closet because there will be weddings, reunions, birthdays, and celebrations along with VIP passes to formal venues. Time to liberate yourself and jump in the car and enjoy a big breath of fresh air whether it is minutes or hours away. New people and places will take you outside the lines of your social circle to help create new friends that share certain denominators of life with you. It is time to be on stage so whether it is a marathon to run or tennis match to play you may surprise yourself and others because you are the one getting the applause. It is a very lucky month for you so going to Vegas, playing the lottery or betting on your favorite pastime can bring a financial surprise. Your physical desires get punctuated as others or a specific someone wants more than just a conversation with you. You are now in the embryonic state of moving beyond the threshold that your consciousness now exists because you have resurrected the light within you so that the seed of your spiritually is now growing new roots. A part of your life is being ended and there will be tears but in time that which left will resurrect itself in a new form and deliver onto you, greater faith in your potential of tomorrow. The resurrection of love, life, touch, and feeling are to be experience again. Be careful in letting others take advantage of your kindness for there are some people in your life that can use your emotions to get what they need from you so be somewhat discerning this month. Watch driving as well as overreacting to people that are trying to run your life along with making decisions based upon your intuition.


June 21-July 21

Much of the stress that has been in your life is slowly coming to a conclusion, but the key word is slowly. If you were the sole proprietor of what has been unfolding, the problems would have been solved months ago but with Pluto which opens and closes chapters in our life in an opposition to you as well as Jupiter bringing sudden loss so, it becomes very difficult to navigate towards specific goals. These planets put a limit on what you can manifest so life is full of challenging experiences. As you go through this you will learn to start letting go of people, a job or maybe where you live because it has very little purpose and begin to focus on what you choose to surround yourself with. The Full Moon on the 7th can begin to turn your life around. Even Uranus the planet of the future and sudden changes moves into the sign of Taurus which will bring stamina and focus so that you can begin to organize a new substance of purpose. Through these obstacles, you have become much more conscious of your abilities and the responsibilities that you wish to polarize in your life. Your dreams now become a linear matrix which spurs you on to activate other wants and needs in what you want to acquire. It’s all just in time so that you can enjoy the amenities of summer. Neptune is all about salt water so why not travel to a place that can put you into a state of timelessness. Because work becomes more centered and balance you get more free time to focus on you and your social life. Even though you’re in a good position to go at it on your own, existing friends can play matchmaker so you need to see who they come up with instead of using an online service. Give this a try because your friends know you better than you think, and this is a month in which your sensuous desires can be fulfilled. It will seem like everyone is having a party so of course you need to attend but those that are more outside the lines is where all the fun is going to be at. It’s time to let loose and seek another reality even if it’s only for a few hours.  It’s a great time to buy things especially large ticket items but you need to do your homework on who will give you the best deal so don’t let anyone push your buttons before you’ve had a chance to examine things. You are a water sign which means that your feelings and emotions give you the fuel to act upon things. It might be time to take a summer class on art, music, dance or even photography for these are subjects that your senses can access quickly. This month your intuition says that you know what to do and when so, follow your senses and your needs will be filled. There exists within all of us a Divine Light and you have been in the process of restoring yours. Even though the trappings of matter are overpowering it will be your feelings that will give you the mental liberation to identify with your own unique source. It’s time to seek higher truths and surround yourself with people that guide and protect you.


July 22-August 22

This should be a pretty busy month for you. Venus the planet of luxury as well as love is holding one of your hands this month. So, it’s time to get out there and buy those items that are going to make your life much more comfortable. Anything from a new sofa to a new house or maybe just painting the house or planting a garden. It’s also time to extend your social life so, accept invitations for dinner or to a wedding that may lie out of town. If your single you can certainly meet someone that shares many of the same denominators in life as you. After the 12th the planet Mercury which deals with communications is giving your voice back to the world, so you won’t be talking to yourself any longer. Changes at work are going on so that can be an area of aggravation in that work could be slow or just a lot of problems with co-workers or clients. Your paycheck could be smaller than normal as business slows down. The time has come to tackle those big projects that have been on the back burner but instead of trying to do it in a few days it would be best to do it over a ten day to two-week period so that there’s plenty of time for work and play. It’s a great time to travel back to places that you’ve lived before or maybe people from the past are coming to see you but try not to stay or let them stay longer than you feel comfortable with. With the planet, Mars holding your other hand you will find it difficult to sit still so try and be more physically active but be careful you don’t overdo it. Accidents can happen so watch driving and be tactfully assertive with people that absolutely annoy or aggravate you. There may be a lack of physical energy that may play out in your sensuous life so hopefully your better half is understanding. Summer is just around the corner and I don’t know of any Leo that doesn’t want to look good so time to do some serious shopping. This is also a time to assert yourself so that the more control you have the better the outcome. This will bring a new order of structure and control in your life so that a higher standard of consistency and security is attained. One of your basic traits is to be noticed and that aspect of your personality is certainly going to be fulfilled whether at work or play so, if you’re single surrender and be playful and spontaneous so that your personal fantasies become realized. Try not to shoot from the hip this month or step out of your comfort zone, as Uranus the planet can cause you to be impulsiveness and reckless. It’s time to shed parts of your life that no longer served your purpose and leave behind the old-time cell. The New Moon on the 22nd is a good time to start this process. Start looking at your tomorrow and begin to take steps to anoint your life form. A new vocation can begin to call you as the past is concluding. 


August 23-September 22 

You are a sign that has conditioned patterns with objective perception. This is a great quality that you have because sooner or later you see what’s wrong with just about anything even yourself. And you wonder why others call you a perfectionist. Well this month there are 2 patterns that can cause you a few problems. One comes from Venus the planet of love so there could be minor problems dealing with friends or even a relationship. They seem to be taking you for granted so that life is all about them and they think it’s up to you to put them first in your life. There can also be problems with appliances or things that make life run a little bit smoother like the car. Mars the planet annoyance is also part of the problem in that others seem to be rude as well as self-centered and expect you to surrender unto their wants and needs. Try and take a moment and think before you act. Mercury the planet of communications causes you to be the problem solver especially in the work area. When it comes to sales, transactions, or negotiations you are at your absolute best. What can’t you sell and who doesn’t want to do business with you? This same planet can cause you to travel but usually it’s just 2 or 3 hundred miles at the most. Jupiter the planet that amplifies and expands brings greater freedom so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. You may want to take in a lecture or concert, read or write a book and certainly there can be invitations to formal events like weddings. The planet Uranus will be around for the next 6 years in a positive way to get you away from the status quo of life. You need to be less discriminating and more impulsive so that you can liberate yourself from the monotony and create a new psychological order of self-empowerment. If your single it may be better to join some kind of match making group instead of going out looking for that special someone.  Slowly you have been stepping away from the past which can be scary because it brought at one time stability and security. But now the time has come to step outside of yourself and pursue the unknown for it can lead you into more exciting pursuits. This can then lead to greater personal awareness, so that you don’t want to waste any more precious time in trying to be perfect. Sometimes we need to know when to stop and start developing new ideas. We were born with flaws, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Pluto the planet of transmutation is working very slowly from within to bring your authentic self to the surface. This brings about new points of views that will help to separate you from existing boundaries. You need to support that part of the self that is trying to forge a new lifestyle that in time will bring about tangible results. The moment has finally arrived in which you need to surrender your ego to new energy codes. We call this a new electromagnetic spectrum the building blocks of life that will create a new landscape for your membrane to occupy. It’s time to make that critical leap, I know you feel that truth in your heart. So, begin to consciously craft that new singularity that will shape a future with greater potentials and give you a new set of eyes to see beyond what you presently occupy. 


September 23-October 22

There may be quite a few social adjustments going on with you this month because of the many changes that are going on in your life but it’s always good to expand the parameters of your interaction with others. Certainly, the changes can challenge you at times and put a lot of mental and emotional pressure on you which can put stress upon your being. This is because Jupiter the planet that wants you to broaden your life in every way possible is stretching you a little too thin so try not to think that you can’t say no to certain people. We know you’re a people pleaser but this month you need some personal time with yourself so t’s a time to be more discerning with your time. You may feel less centered because life is just a little fragmented because your frame of reference has been shifted. Take a moment and breathe or just uncork that bottle of wine. Saturn the planet of persistence and determination is making a harmonious pattern to you for the next few months so that a lot of the loose ends now come together so that your hard work is given definition. Is it time to publish your book, give a lecture or is your career reaching a pinnacle of success? Even Mars the verb of the zodiac says it’s time to pursue your own interests and be less co-dependent. This planet does not take no for an answer so begin to accept all challenges that will further validate the course you have chosen. This planet can be very physical so you can give that body of yours greater definition through exercise as well as your sex life becomes more passionate. You’ve been seeking adventure but now you’re it’s no longer a mindset it’s here. Give yourself time to adjust to these unnatural conditions. It’s just a shift with a new frame of reference. Because of your determination many of your objectives begin to fall in place. When your personal ambitions change from the inside to the outside that’s a wake-up call. It’s really all about breaking away from the patterns of bondage and achieving freedom. You need to pat yourself on the back because it takes guts to bring about profound changes into one’s life. So, this could lead to separations or even loss of some friends or changes in your social life, like going to new restaurants or others social venues. Your sign is all about pleasing others so, this is a time to join forces with another in business or your personal life. This is a time to produce a new organic chapter that will expand the circumference of your life. So, there’s only one thing to do and that’s get into progressive assimilation of the primal “I” which can bring about the matrix of harmony within the self and life. Things just as reading, writing, education and speaking are faculties that you need that will help you emerge into greater successful endeavors because you are becoming more deeply moved by the higher teachings. The planet Jupiter which deals with higher truths causes you to better understand your connection with your stellar identity but you need to watch that certain people in your life are not as holistic as you so, be aware of the false gods around you. The actualization of your potentialities is here to create new patterns of living. This is a time to mate with those that are united with your heart and mind. You then become the alchemist because there is now the fire within you to access cosmic knowledge. You are beginning to walk the path that leads to higher evolutionary teachings and with this knowledge you will become a sovereign vessel that will be able to help those that have become corrupted among our species. You have materialized the divinity within yourself so that your initiation in learning the letters that form the words causes you begin to speak the cosmic language. 


October 23-November 21

This month is all about others and the role they play in your life, especially on a personal level. So, it’s time to be aware of what others want and need from you. So, you may want to step back and look at what surrounds you not just what you surround. This doesn’t mean giving up you’re individually but simply start listening to what other people are saying whether you think it’s important or not. This is because the Sun and Mercury the planet of communication are in opposition to your sign. You’re intense by nature and that’s what people appreciate about you. You’re a no-nonsense kind of person and those that are close to you intellectually and intimately honor that raw ingredient of truth. But there are going to be those few that test your strengths up to the 12th of the month. We, both know that’s a very bad idea but sometimes we meet adults with the mind of a child. Try and be tactful as possible and excuse yourself from any kind of conflict because the people your having a problem with have a limited intellectual quotient. Uranus the planet of liberation and autonomy is opposing your sign so there can be separation or loss with those that are trying to put you on their puppet strings. It’s a great time to take a vacation and get away from the collective noise of reality. Because Neptune which rules saltwater is affecting you then you might want to take a cruise or park yourself on the beach for a couple of weeks. If you’re single you won’t be alone for long, but you need to be more open and give others the time to reveal themselves. Those of you that are married, get a chance to reignite the passion that was displayed on your honeymoon. The right side of the brain needs to be entertained so take in the theater, movies, art, or music venues. These are some of the foundations that begin to establish a re-birth. As you nourish the faculties of the right side of your brain you choose to relinquish certain mundane attachments so that the freedom to make decisions bring wider experiences. Pluto, the planet of power and consciousness helps you to become more self-sufficient so that your organism becomes more involved in making any vision a reality in the real world. It’s your dreams that may be actualized but it is up to you to enable your individual potentials. All your cells are electrically charged and ready to serve you. This is an ideal moment for your cosmic unit now becomes much more self-sufficient. The full Moon on the 18th is in the sign of Scorpio so that the pressure and pull of those heavenly bodies cause you to become more polarized to awaken your genetic material and refine your feelings so that you may breathe in love. As you go through this month you become free to work on many pathways but beneath the surface it is the Light vibration that you are beginning to harmonize with which will synthesize and anoint your template. Look for some of this intense energy to be channeled into your physical passions so be prepared, the opposite sex wants to know each cell of your body more intimately.


November 22-December 21

The good thing that’s going on this month is that the many changes that are going on in your life will give you greater freedom to pursue your own intellectual and physical pursuits. The more that you extend your boundaries the greater things will be. So, it’s time to be the social butterfly and whether it’s in the local area or out of state you need you need to detach yourself from the existing patterns but that is much easier said than done. Up until the 12th there are many planets that will be bringing you stress because life is putting you into an intellectual and financial cocoon. These are coming from oppositions, so this is not your fault as well as they are temporary in nature. You have creative ideas and good judgement and there will be plenty of support around you in manifesting your dreams, but you need to be careful with the responsibilities you entrust upon others. Mars, which is the planet of leadership is in a negative pattern to you which means the more control you have over others or business the better or less the complications. The more immediate reaction is as that there seems less productivity in your life so you may be doing a lot of talking to yourself. You need to be careful of indulging in alcohol as well as drugs and maybe just get into meditation or yoga. With things slowing down this is an excellent time to reconstruct your business so whether it’s getting a new web-page or just being the salesperson you put yourself in a better position so that next month the outer world becomes more receptive to your ideas thus business becoming more productive. Listen to your inner self as there may be people that are pressing you to do things their way. Their way creates a puzzle that then leads to strong differences of opinions. Because there are greater changes that you need to integrate in your life there can be problems that come to the surface. Just get into a pause mode, through your patience you will find a solution so, asking others for their advice is not what’s needed here. Too many abstractions leave very little time for yourself and this can also weaken your physical constitution so eat food that will nourish your physical entity.  Even though your energy level may not be up to par look for the intimate life to resurrect itself as the month progresses. You may also run into people from the past since the planet Mercury that deals with communication and Saturn with history renews some of those bonds. As always, your ability to answer your own questions will give you clear judgement so less manipulation coming will be coming from the outside world. Your quests in life are becoming reattune which will bring greater success within most aspects of your life. You are now becoming a personal witness to the fact that the harmonics of your life are changing, and you are now being forced to tap into a new circulatory grid of life. That’s what change is all about, to conquer fear and design your own blueprint and extend its parameters.


December 22-January 19

Considering what’s going on in the world right now with people being forced to hibernate this is going to be a very good month for you as 6 major planets embrace you in a very positive way. Let me start with the planet Jupiter which brings laughter and an increase in optimism because you recognize as well as seized the opportunities that lie before you. There can be personal or professional rewards that can cause you to become engaged or get a major promotion. Travel can open up for you as well as anything that deals with legally is in your favor. You become the problem solver through wise management and the ability to see things clearly. With an optimistic attitude it becomes easier to embrace and integrate new objectives. With Uranus the planet of the future and change suddenly dropping into your life it’s important that you become more adventurous and get away from the status quo of life. New ideas need to be considered as your desire for things that are original and outside the conservative trends become a focal point. You may even change your appearance in some way. There’s nothing wrong in being impulsive because the future could knock on your door at any moment with new opportunities that challenge the existing structures in your life. This planet not only liberates you but it’s a time that you get what you want, need and desire. Mars is also holding your hand which gives a stronger heartbeat so that you can’t sit still and that you demand of yourself to begin new projects, open up a new business and not take no for an answer. This is also the planet of physical passion so that your sex life becomes a focal point. So, focus on your goals and objectives for this will awaken you to the interior metamorphosis, to your real needs so that you can begin to build your own future and solve your own crisis. Changes at work put more responsibilities in your hands. It’s a very rewarding time because you become noticed within your professional pursuits. This gives you greater power in breaking away from the dogmatic structures and use your creativity and imagination to attract a different audience plus, this will put more money in your pocket.  You are ready to blaze new trails as that pioneering spirit returns to your spine which then activates the creation of a new canopy to live under. New lenses for new realities that will cause you to become more intermeshed within your temple because of your new system of coding. You’re not known for being intuitive, but this is a time to listed to your feelings because they can be a very accurate source of judgement. You are efficient and organize as well as ready to develop greater ideal conditions for yourself. It’s comes back to the fact that you can’t let others compromise your decisions. This is when you need to detach yourself from established ways of doing things and identify with that fear so that you can create the new beginnings in which your inner shadows are given an identity. You will begin to feel the particles of energy as they step up your modulation and activate new thought forms so get ready to run instead of walk. 


January 20-February 18

For the last few months there have been positive changes in the financial affairs of your life which then gives you greater security and comfort. This comes from Saturn which is giving you the freedom to develop new objectives that can deal with work, property matters or even a relationship. This then causes you to expand the circumference of your life so it may be time to start thinking about making travel plans for the coming year. Slowly but in a definitive way you are replacing your history with a future that is much more purposeful. Whether it’s with a job or where you live or even a relationship you have never been more ready to take on responsibilities that will cause the world you live in to transcend to new heights. This month you find others are working with you so that you can achieve a smorgasbord of personal objectives and goals. It’s a great month to expand the parameters of your social life so accept invitations to do things with people and in time they could go from an acquaintance to a close friend. It’s also time to move a relationship into the future so quit playing and make a traditional commitment. Try and slow down just a little here because you are prone to accidents this month as well as some minor health problems.  I would have to say what can’t you accomplished this month as you express your assertive behavior in a tactful way but you know exactly what you want so don’t let others steer you away from greater and more authentic objectives. You have desires, and this is what is motivating you to obtain not only new goals but will give expression to your true destiny. With Venus the planet of love in your life you will be surrounded by like minded people which bring out your creative energy and raise your spiritual frequency. The planet Uranus which deals with the sense of adventure and autonomy is making a negative pattern in your chart so this can cause you to be physically tired as well as having very little time for your wants, needs and desires. Your core is now becoming more centered, and you are now displaying the courage to challenge yourself in bringing constructive change. No longer will you be a host to linear time because you are now transposing energy into life so that you can transplant yourself into a new quality of living and being that is much more organic. You, are now being entrusted with a mission which is to give unto mankind the cosmic formulas.


February 19-March 19

A few problems this month because some people, not all think that they can tell you what to do instead of suggesting what you should do. This is because of Venus the planet of love and Mercury the planet communications are testing your resilience. You may have some difficulties with a few people that don’t understand where you’re coming from. Don’t take it personally it’s just a few weeks here in which you seem to be attracting mundane people into your life. Also, there are people in the work area that are a little bit jealous of you which is because you know how to run their business better than they do.  Mars the planet of war is upon you so try not to let people push your buttons, you don’t need to be anyone’s puppet. Matter of fact the more you assert yourself and go after what you want and need the better for you. Mars is all about sex so breakfast might be in the bedroom instead of the kitchen. You need to be a little careful this month with driving as well as working around the house or in the garden because this planet which deals with carelessness could bring you stitches instead of a band aid. Invitations begin to arrive so it’s time to swallow any insecurities you have and get out there and meet people whether for personal or professional reasons. Jupiter can open you up to new opportunities that help to expand your aspirations in life. The fresh air, as well as interacting with stimulated people gets that heart of yours beating again. The old world you lived in has closed its doors, so that your visions can cultivate new objectives and goals. It’s just a matter of showing fear to the door and set in place a new path that will serve all your needs. If you have a business, opportunities to increase the clientele with new products or services brings new securities. Your right brain assets could increase the financial aspects of your life so get involved with your writing, painting or music.  A new frame of reference is beginning which will give meaning and function to your life so that you slowly become the source of creative emanations. Make yourself vulnerable to those that want to hold your hand even if it’s just for a moment. Let me remind you that you are an overly complex person but the most evolved of our species. You are the Shaman, the portal in which the higher dimensional intelligences are able to drop into your linear space and time and remind you through your cellular memory of where you have been within our universal consciousness. Deep memories then resurface so you once again claim your gifts to become one with the collective whole. You then become the messenger and through your intuitive visions assist those that seek to awaken from their sleep and interweave this reality with their star. As you surrender to trust your spiritual vision will allow a new purpose to fabricate itself.

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