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International Society of Astrological Research.

Bonni McCliss is a spiritual counselor using her intutive innate gifts that can help you filter out the gross density of matter that has brought an imbalance to your body vehicle. I have know her for a few years as well as worked with her and she is one of the very few psychics that I trust when I need a greater understanding within my own reality. This woman has truely linked herself with the Divine. Visit her web-site at Astrologer Laura Konyha, PMAFA,  has held professional accreditation with the American Federation of Astrologers since 1980. She combines solid technical skills with her gift of intuitive perception, and I often recommend her to my clients when I am asked to refer another astrologer for a broader, different, or validating point of view. Laura is based in Colorado, offering phone readings, by appointment, for clients all over the country and throughout the world. While I no longer provide in-depth personality analysis for clients, Laura does, and her "three-session analysis" fully reveals the basic "self"  by delineating the inner workings of the Natal Chart. She also provides predictive readings and relationship analysis, and can be reached via her email. 

Mallory Key AMAFA is a certified Astrologer with the the American Federation of Astrologers and has studied with Thomas Parsons PMAFA, CAP for over 7 years but has been in the field of astrologer for over 12 years. She holds classes, group sessions and does private readings for clients. Mallory believes Astrology can help with personal growth and development and gain insight into human behavior and relationships plus help us in our daily lives. You can contact her at 615-861-1496 or at or at

Olivia Estelle is a psychic and regression hypnotherapist in Nashville. Her focus is on spiritual development and your intuitive connection, She specializes in a unique form of spiritual regression to help you access past lives, repressed memories and ultimately your connection to spirit. I have had a personal intuitive reading by Olivia who is truly a light-worker whom I would recommend. You can contact her at

Katherine Fowler Pavin MA, ATR has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. I have know Katherine for 20 years and she is worth your time when you are confronted with traumatic experiences and need a better understanding of that situation.   

Kat introduces clients to tools that she has developed through her own self-discovery process in order to live a more fulfilled, authentic, peaceful and balanced life. This journey of self-discovery moves clients towards wholeness, facilitates awareness, supports personal growth and helps them become more joyful within their lives. Contact her at