There are many ways to apply the subject of astrology into one’s life. It can help one better understand the reflections of the planets upon their lives’ in a mundane way, such as why do I want to relocate, change jobs, get married or have a family. But the planets can also cause those who are more intellectually or spiritually elevated to go beyond the parameters of our solar system and reach into the infinite dimensions of not only space, but of time. Therefore, allowing one to resonant with black holes, quasars, as well as fixed stars emitting radiations before earth was created. This can cause a person to become more introverted or extroverted depending one’s evolution in assimilating this cryptic language. No matter what level of consciousness one is ingesting, this energy is being applied into our individual existence as well to the collective whole.

Back on January 12th, the planet Saturn began to hold hands with Pluto, as it does every 32 to 38 years. The last occurrence was in 1982 going into 1983, and my colleagues and I made many predictions of the implications of this event. Our research took us back to 1914 and 1915, as well as the years in between. We said yes, there would be a recession, yes the stock market would fall out of favor, yes unemployment would rise and a major disease would affect the global population sending us into a period of darkness, causing some to test their faith, and others to embrace greater greed.

In talking with my colleagues about the current events, we felt there was something much bigger causing the extreme impact, and rapid pace of destruction and change. In other words, this had to do with something beyond are solar system. I mean, even our Sun at times has blown out satellites as well as knocked out electricity to major cities, so certainly this was in the realm of possibilities.

So, the first thing I did was to start looking at the positions of certain black holes, as well as fixed stars in constellations to see if there was a heavenly body making negative mathematical configurations to Pluto, which is at 24 degrees and 34 minutes of Capricorn. There, in front of me, was the answer. It was the fixed star Arcturus, which was at 24 degrees and 30 minutes of Libra. Arcturus was making a very stressful and challenging relationship to the planet Pluto. Now, this combined with the planet Mars and Jupiter, as well as Saturn, would indicate other trials and tribulations were on the near horizon. Saturn continues its negative patters throughout the coming year, as it aligns not only with these planets, but also with the star Arcturus. These major celestial encounters will not only cause undo strife, but in the long run, help civilization as well as individuals reconstruct themselves with a new state of awareness. 

There are many descriptions of this star Arcturus, which is in the constellation of Boötes known as the herdsman. The name translates to “He Cometh,” which has been known to bring critical diseases as well as major upheavals upon the Earth. Arcturus has also caused major transmutations in our evolution granting humanity an initiation into a new formula of life. Because this star is an avatar of the Divine, it has come to judge the righteousness within the world including countries as well as individuals. So, many major problems are to be witnessed in our personal lives, as well as throughout the world affecting the collective whole. Thus, this brings about evolutionary changes within the social matrix or what some call a rebirth as it begins to bring about a recalibration within our state of consciousness. 

Whether we welcome this or not, the linear matrix of one’s polarity begins to loosen its grip, so that we are almost forced to seek a new paradigm or path which in reality is a cleansing of our archaic past, so that we may ingest a new essence of our being. This leads some out of confusion into a new structural phase of our human evolution.  We begin to embrace very slowly a new path in our growth and development and a new level of consciousness. The transformation has begun. It’s time to remake oneself and give our life a human value. With these trying times, I see people going out of their way to help their neighbor or fellow man which, to me, represents being the herdsman’s and connecting with one’s faith, principals, and beliefs. This is an expression of the Divine within us, and the mentality of mankind is about to change. As above so below.

Edgar Cayce said that Arcturus was a very advanced star system in which beings of the 5th dimension of consciousness resided. When one opens their 7th chakra, they have access to these beings, and now the vibrations or frequencies once cryptic, are now open and act as a stimulus to bring about dreams, intuition as well as spiritual awareness that centers and empowers us. When we die, or prepare to reincarnate, we enter a portal within this star system of Arcturus. It’s sort of a train station in which nonphysical consciousness is either given awareness once again to transmit the will of God, or must once again learn through trials, common values, and morals related to God’s will to obtain a higher level of evolution. Certainly, those that are highly evolved can remain in this higher dimension to act as a teacher to help those on earth to raise their spiritual awareness and intuition.

When reading about the tribulations of Job in the bible, we can, at this moment, resonant with his story. Job, a wealthy man with a wife, children, fertile land and livestock, was very faithful servant of God. In the story as Satan was talking to God, he said Job was loyal only, because God gave him these riches in life. If he went through a trial of suffering his faith would be tested; therefore, would fall from God’s grace. So, a poker game ensued, and to prove otherwise, Job’s livestock was killed, natural disasters destroyed the land, and 10 of his children died from the invading marauders, and he lost all his servants. Satan was sure this would cause Job to lose his faith in God. in the end, Job kept his faith and God gave him even more wealth, land, as well as other riches.

I think we all are on the edge of a karmic threshold in which mankind’s faith is being greatly tested. In addition to the virus, earthquakes, tornados, family changes, jobs, money, food, and the leadership around the world, contribute to this quantum evolutionary change. When times like this unfold, there are people who have natal planets in conjunction with the fixed star, Arcturus. Those with this aspect help to usher into the whole of humanity revolutionary movements that remove the static of existing structures, the greed of economic vampirism, crime, lust, as well as the dehumanizing of our human existence. Within Pluto is the seed of universal brotherhood, which will bring about the power to resurrect the divine Being within most of us. Look for new discoveries from those that hold Arcturus in their life, who will help parts of humanity go through an extensive mutation of consciousness, so that the greater good prevails through humility and wisdom. It’s a time to have faith under any form or disguise. Below you will find a short list of the many people that have planets in conjunction with Arcturus who are now or have helped humanity move beyond its existing conditions into a new fundamental rhythm of transition.

George Orwell Dwight Eisenhower

Michael Faraday Ronald Regan

Winston Churchill  Prince

Princes Diana Alanis Morissette

Vladimir Putin Oprah Winfrey

Margaret Thatcher  Paul Allen 

Henry Ford  Susan Sarandon