The Super Galactic Center or ZS

The Super Galactic Center or ZS

Every year on September 24th or 25th the Sun enters what we call the Galactic Center, M-87 for short at around 2 to 3 degrees of Libra. You can go on the web and get more information but for now all you need to know is that M-87 is the second largest black hole that we know of at this time and that a cosmic family of 30 galaxies including our Milky Way are integrated in this inter-dimensional galactic awareness.

Those of you that have planets at 1, 2, or 3 degrees of Libra will be affected the most. This is a prerequisite in order to receive the benefits which will enable greater awareness, intellectually and spiritually. Like all black holes, this gives off all kinds of wavelengths but especially x-rays and gamma rays which are high doses of radiation, in other words very energetic. It’s like taking something that runs on 120 volts and plugging it into 440 volts. Get ready to ride the roller coaster.  

The sign of Libra where all of this is occurring is all about relationships, having a communion with other people whether it be friends, partners, clients or marriage. This sign is the people pleaser, if you can’t get along with this sign then you need to stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at yourself. I mean this sign surrenders themselves to others, this is their default mode. When they merge with another, love becomes magical. There is no self-hood as they willingly fulfill the needs of others as well as the human race. But, occasionally, any relationship can become dysfunctional in which love has become obsolete and co-dependency begins to prop up the relationship. This is where the Sun and Venus come in as they begin to align with M-87. 

Black holes suck in matter whether it be planets, stars or other heavenly bodies that go beyond the no trespass sign. This energy is then transmuted and reconstituted propagating the potential for the development of new paradigms. It is then modulated on the gamma rays and sent out to all the galaxies that surround it. It represents the ultimate organic truth the key to universal understanding. Because all galaxies have a black hole at its nucleus, it can bring about at certain times an authentic experience from its primal core just as M-87 does so that we as living matter can begin to re-calibrate ourselves on a soul level instead of a personal level. But, for this to be successful in your life one must let go of everything you thought was real especially your ego. It’s almost like you need to entertain the after life in this life. Aligning yourself at this time means the contract that your soul had, has come due, so that you need to practice daily meditation so the humanistic part of you can have a mystical experience further disabling the ego so that you can make powerful connections to those that you love. The potential of transmutation can then begin. Growth being brought about into your reality. This can then produce someone in your life that brings authentic love to you, Engagement, marriage or just having someone say how much they love you. New friends in which you can have conversions with are created so that you clean out the closet containing the old outworn fabric of superficial and pretentious people. Then it’s a matter of who becomes the wow factor in your life? This is also occurring on a global level so look for countries reaching out to mend differences with their adversaries. It’s all about equality.

To those that are content with the mundane program that exists between them and others, they need to understand that for one reason or another the serotonin in their brain is not being released so there is a reluctance to change the matrix of any relationship and encourage growth. Why change the stereotyped patterns of thought and behavior with others even though they may cause a further disintegration of your mutual goals. Some people become addicted to the negativity, doubts and uncertainty which in time disables any kind of a relationship. Everyone has an opportunity during this time to bring awareness to their emotions even to those long-buried childhood traumas. One is given a chance to explore the contents of their unconsciousness mind. Hopefully the disparity that may exist between you and others can be given a new narrative. So, this period can lift the shades of reality within your relationship. Whether you realize its unhealthy or refreshing this period is a time to focus on love for it is the most powerful force on earth.

Those of you that have planets that are at 1, 2, or 3 degrees of Aries, Cancer and Capricorn will also be a part of this conversation, but it will be much more disruptive. It can cause heated arguments, loss and separation with others. But, this is because there is a bigger problem that lies beneath the surface. A time to be still and recognize that certain people in your life are imperfect and are not helping you to improve your life or the relationship. M-87 working through the Sun is bringing things to the surface so that one can try to refurbish what exists or maybe it’s time to let go and purge what no longer has life. A moment of true reality. A nuclear explosion right before your eyes in which the relationship has vaporized. How on earth can one emerge from this experience? You need to look at this as a gift. A recognizable reality. You may feel loss and separation for a while, but you will emerge from this no mans land and become much more connected with the needs of the true self that is becoming more synthesized with its physical as well as spiritual destiny..