Thomas Parsons PMAFA, CAP

The planet Saturn is the last of what we call the personal planets. Beyond this frontier are the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which are called trans neptunium because they affect masses of people at the same time. These outer planets only move a couple of degrees each year so everyone born in the same year to two years have these planets at the same degree, meaning their influence is experienced by the collective whole thus creating a movement of transmutation within a society. The planet Saturn changes a couple of degrees each month so those born within a few weeks of each other have it in common, but it has more of an affect within the individual ego and not a shared denominator with the collective whole.

Saturn is with you from the very beginning of live. It forms the bones, teeth within the embryo and then the acceptance of consciousness with our first breath.  Then as time moves on the realization there’s more to us than just being a human vehicle with death. As I explain more about this planet you will see why it’s important to know where this planet is in your chart and the relationship it has to the other planets. This is the planet of Karma. What you get is what you’ve sewn. So, you have designed this formative framework of consciousness based upon the desires and lessons that your Soul needs for further development. Therefore, we call it the planet of destiny. Until the ego surrenders to the language of the Soul we are still just so called intellectual monkeys playing in this 3rd dimensional cage.

I could say that each planet engineer’s different growth hormones. These hormones get release like time capsules producing changes at different stages in our life. Sometimes we are in accord with these changes such as getting pregnant and giving birth. A new responsibility in life when you choose to be the steward, parent and guardian of another human being. Your life changes, you close a chapter within a cycle of time, the who and what you were for a new title and you’re okay with that. Then there are things like a divorce, separation or loss in which you may not be in accord with and wonder how does this lead to growth when a chapter of my life is dissolving. That formative process that was going on when you were in the womb is being born again but there are some serious labor pains. It’s a moment in life in which you may feel broken, depressed and paralyzed. But as time goes on you begin to heal because logic, not emotions, bends your spine back into place. This leads to a new framework; another part of our design comes forward, so one can put this experience in the attic and move on knowing a new exciting destiny awaits you. There are two age groups in which you have this planet in common with your peers. From 28 to 30 is the Saturn Return, astrologers write books about this configuration. This is when the planet has completed its journey through all 12 signs of the Zodiac and has returned to its nesting place. So, we take a moment and evaluate our place in the scheme of life. Usually about 10 percent of you are happy with your accomplishments so a moment of personal self-esteem takes place. But, for 85 to 90 percent of people this can be a very insecure moment because the dreams we had at 21 have not materialized as we thought they would so chaos becomes a product of our life’s.  The second return is between 56 and 58. Usually when it comes back the second time we’re more immune to its harsh consequences.  It’s always important to know whether Saturn at birth was making either positive or negative patterns to the other planets. Why? Because every 7 to 7 ½ years Saturn will repeat this positive or negative aspect. Wouldn’t that be good to know so you can be better prepared to take full advantage of the positive circumstances and to be more disciplined and patient to deal with the negative thus minimizing its effect.

Let me give you key words so that you better understand this planets reality.  I like to explain to clients that this is the planet of glue and concrete. When a foundation is poured and as time goes on that concrete will harden, take shape and form and then become a permanent structure in which from that foundation you can concentrate, plan, organize and with self-confidence and determination you can materialize your goals and objectives, you have a path.  So, time, age, history, and the past are part of this planets vocabulary. It rules the left brain of common sense, mathematics, being logical, rational, cautious, practical, as well as rules and regulation. This leads to morals, values, and especially ethics. This is the planet that you want to hold your hand when you’re making a major decision because Saturn will give you the patience to analyze, scrutinize and even criticize what is before you so you can made decisions based upon the organic facts. It’s the truth and nothing but the truth. This is the planet that will give you a promotion at work and a title to go with those increased responsibilities. Psychologically it’s our self-confidence and self-esteem. Physically it has ruler ship over our bones, teeth, hearing, weight and immune system. It rules the Sign of Capricorn. A sign that says when your 16 you will look and act like 21 and when your 80 you will look and act like 50. 

This planet also has some very negative consequences. It can cause time to stand still, that concrete can be the Great Wall of China in our lives producing limitations, restrictions and obstacles which can paralyze our lives and further weaken our self-confidence. We succumb to depression, wanting to sleep for the continuity in life is no more. Many distractions get us off track and move many aspects of our life to the back burner.  We feel helpless and our warrior instinct has gone on vacation. So, reading the newspaper and not a novel is where our thought process lies. This kind of mind-set can lead to chaos and confusion with your purpose and mission in life. This can be a scary moment in that if we don’t have any kind of common sense, the past can be very seductive because at one time in our life it represented a secure objective. You think you can reach back and pull the past into your present life and things will work out, however, this is not a good thing. You’ve been there and done that so why do it again, and besides when Saturn moves away after 3 or 4 weeks from this negative influence you get grounded again and then wonder what provoked you to invite the past to be a part of your presence. Put the past in the attic where it belongs. This planet rules winter, not the ski slopes of Denver but the cold, harsh and callous part of it. The pain of loss, serious illness, or even a compromise of ethics can shatter your well-being giving you a blood clot within some area of your life. This is the planet that can put you on a short leash being controlled by others. Black can be your favorite colour as well as you retreat into a state of hibernation.

The house that Saturn is in shows where the important lessons are to be learned.  Let me give you an example of a positive Saturn and a negative Saturn in the 7th house of relationships. Let’s suppose Saturn was in a positive position at birth which means its relationship to the other planets in your chart is very good. This would indicate from a very early age that this person seeks out mature friends and relationships. They just don’t let anyone through the door. Usually this position is not a love at first sight kind of thing. It’s a slow step by step process. They have a list of priorities emotionally and intellectually that they expect from others. The reason behind this is that they have been guided by their family with love, devotion and respect so that they developed a strong self-awareness as well as self-confidence. This makes it easier for them to choose whom they want in their lives and not have others choose them. They also are attracted to people that are older, so you may see as much as 15 to 20 years difference in age with friends or relationships but once they develop a friendship or relationship it is for better or worse and it will be there to the end of days. Usually one will marry after the age 30. It’s the time thing here. Friendships as well as relationships and partnerships are founded upon values, morals and integrity which give for a lasting marriage. Pillars of the community and society because of their devotion, commitment and resourcefulness with interacting with others, they can unify the ingredients of these parts into a creative synthesis so that mutual egos become the center of reference.

Now a negative placement of Saturn in the 7th house is an entirely different story. Remember the cold harsh callous winter can now reside here making relationships and friends either non-existent or because of your early parental conditioning you have settled for very low grades of USDA choice in humans. You can’t say no to others because they fulfill a neglected need for attention that has been absent in your home as well as life. Others have imposed their boundaries upon you.  Your parents could have been very restrictive with whom you socialized with and the caustic rules that could have been imposed upon you could have created a lack of social skills so that you could be very reclusive and feel unworthy of any kind of inter -action with others. This could have caused you to run away and get married at an early age for you would be running to get free. One must be very patient and cautious with this placement for it provokes a fear of being alone and sometimes people can break all the rules of morality and lower one’s values even if it means living with a Neanderthal. These crumbled psychologies bring about a dependency on externals as securities.  This placement provokes abusive and controlling friendships as well as relationships. It can also indicate becoming a widow at an early age. Now if you knew at an early age that this was in your chart maybe your parents could have lightened up on the rules as well as their expectations that you may not follow in daddy’s footsteps. Maybe you’re not good in math but you’re extremely artistic so getting into the theater instead of MIT would be a better solution for all, so let’s hope there’s cognitive awareness hanging around the house. Just as your chart is a blueprint of life you have the choice to modify the ingredients and translate that manuscript so that you can form a symbiotic relationship between soul and ego.

When Saturn, today in the heavens forms a good aspect with a planet that is in your chart it will be there for about a month. The past or maybe even things that you have been waiting for become a focal point of the life.  We now have a chance to analyze your actions up to this moment and act with determination and persistence so that your objectives, goals and purpose in life give self-direction and spiritual responsibility. A moment of accomplishment thereby bringing self-confidence. Your life has not only a sense of order to it but your legitimate needs are being fulfilled. This is the time for marriage, promotion, making major moves bringing about a fresh start to new stages of growth that will shape the spirit. Life is once again in a state of organization in which there is a supply to your demands.

When Saturn forms a negative pattern it first takes its toll on the body. Your immune system just like your self-confidence becomes fragile and weak. It becomes difficult to concentrate and focus so that your attention span is seconds instead hours. Complications not only side tract you but put you in a rut because everything in you and life is slowly dissolving. Chaos and confusion dominate your life so that your sense of purpose is lost. Certainly, the dynamics of movement have been put on a leash and you become bogged down with dependency and security issues. Life is put in slow motion, so you start thinking who am I and what is my mission in life? Have I become overly attached to things that have outlived their purpose? Common sense and caution are needed at this time and certainly a best friend to help you through this.

So, when you feel like you have created a void within the fertility of your life and have found yourself within a tomb of despair you need to realize that you have removed yourself from your spirit. Maybe you need to examine yourself and make a few inquiries into what could be a gift that this manner of life brings. After all you do move inward so that this does offer you a chance to have a deeper reflection into yourself which could be the essence of greater balance.

The planet Saturn has moved into the sign of Capricorn and will remain there until  December 16th of 2020. To the signs of Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces this will have a very beneficial affect upon your life. This will be seen not only in your career but most aspects of your life. It’s just a matter of in what areas of your life do you want to polarize and bring success through your determination and persistence. In a systematic way you begin to scrutinize your achievements and your successes, but Saturn does not allow you to rest on your existing laurels. It’s time for you to design a new blueprint and concentrate on materializing through long term planning not just new objectives and goals but bigger and better personal and professional achievements.

To those signs of Aries, Cancer and Libra, Saturn will begin to dismantle in a sequential way many of the things that have brought you security, stability as well as pride and joy. Life will begin to challenge these signs and in turn bring about stress, anxiety and frustration within many aspects of their lives. Many restrictions, delays and un-wanted responsibilities begin to weigh you down. Try and be patience with yourself and understand correcting any problem with take longer than usual but maybe its time to rethink your priorities in life. Maybe it’s time to take the detour instead of trying to repair the road that you’re on, to plant a new seed within your genealogical tree of life.