Summer Solstice for 2019

On June 21st at a corrected time here in Nashville of 10:42 AM the Sun will reach its most Northern point of latitude and appear to stand still before it begins to fall back to the South. The first day of Summer then unfolds. For most, the parties begin, the beaches are calling, school is out, and dinner is on the grill. But, from an esoteric point of view the gates of heaven will once again open to greet the Archangel Uriel which means the Light of God. A new ambassador of the Jupiter Ray that deals with transformation and then transmutation that will be ministered to the inhabitants of Earth so that those that are intellectually and spiritually evolved continue their Ascension as we enter this Star Gate represented by the sign of Cancer. This is the sign of the Divine Mother represent by the 5-pointed star which deals with the coming of the Divine for it opens the door of Initiation. This is the time to plant seeds within you so that you get an opportunity to rebuild your Light Body for a portal has opened to the mystic temple so that you may reconstruct your inner garment of life and become more intimately connected to the angelic beings and then experience a mystical marriage.

The cosmic influences in the form of vibrations or frequencies are being channeled into the raw ingredients of our Soul so we can awaken unto our spiritual essence. With the veil becoming less dense those that are psychic, or clairvoyant will be able to see or feel the intelligences which are here to guide us through this human experience. Just as Yahweh was a Cosmic Being and his life outlined in the stars so is ours. Those of you that are into yoga need to center your chakras so that your energy is aligned with the external cosmic rays.

The Moon will be in the sign of Aquarius which is all about your connections with your fellow man, your community your nation, your humanity towards all life. It wants you to illuminate our creator by pouring forth through your heart the expression of love so that you become a trustee of the greater whole. This requires you to surrender your individually so that you can seed mankind with love through sacrifice. 

It’s time to meditate whether it’s for 5 minutes or an hour. You can also place before you 5 blue candles because this color represents transmutation and place them in the shape of a star facing North. Frankincense, Myrrh or even Sage should be burned so that the subjective parts of our being help to elevate our consciousness.