Winter Solstice for 2019 

For those of you that live in Nashville the Winter Solstice will arrive on Saturday, December 21st at 10:09 PM.  This is a corrected time because we are at 87 degrees of longitude not the 90 degrees that CST is on so that difference needs to be applied, you don’t want to be late for this moment which will only last for 4 minutes of time. 

The Archangel Gabriel which is the Angel of Love and the white rose will have dominion over the Earth for the next 3 months. He is a Divine messenger that will bring a wave of Celestial Light to all that call Gaia their home. All exalted celestial beings can go from the non-physical to the physical dimension. He will take the Earth in his arms for the next 3 months and because of the greater silence begin to unite our mental realm with the spiritual realm. Usually during winter, we feel the changes that are going on in nature and like nature we retreat into the world of the subjective. This then causes those that are intellectually and spiritually aware to be open to the impulses that are being outlined in the planets and stars. Our soul gets a chance to enjoy the inner enrichment of our organic essence. To those that can integrate these energies a spiritual ecstasy which is sensed through our feelings or intuition can awaken one especially when timed within a ceremony in which one meditates and wears the color of white, enjoys the incense of frankincense, burns white candles and listens to the heavenly voice of the Ave Maria so that all our senses become attuned to this moment and allows one to embrace their relationship to the genetic code of their core. A new cycle of growth as one begins to spiral to a higher level of evolutionary fulfillment due to the spiritual awakening from within that is taking place. A moment when the Light of the Prime Creator can become embodied within those that are spiritually attuned. This will also invoke the Divine Mary Magdalene the most advanced feminine Initiate that has graced our planet. This is because the Sun on the 19th, the Moon on the 25th and Mercury on the 27th will all be in alignment with the Galactic Center which is the black hole or the nucleus of life in this galaxy. The Moon which represents women is being fertilized by that which created all that is before us and within us. This Light of love penetrates the hearts of not only humanity but especially the hearts of women. This represents the unfoldment of the feminine so that the veil of the Sophia is lifted, and the daughters of the Light once again have a communion with the Godhead represent by the core of our galaxy, and through their wisdom take their rightful place in the evolution of our society. The Oracle Pythia has been resurrected which was the High Priestess of the Temple of Delphi that channeled directly to Apollo. Even the Sun reveals in its light the flame of the human spirit that radiates around the globe. Last of all Mercury the voice which helps to free us from separateness.

You don’t have to be an astrologer to understand that this is a very blessed cosmic event that I would not want anyone to miss. The macrocosm playing out within the microcosm in which we live. It’s a moment in which your prayers are heard and then materialize back into the organic essence of your reality. Thus, a Baptismal within you says I must free myself from the interests of my ego and once again taste the inner enrichment of my true self. This is like a New Year’s resolution but more of an intention in which new beginnings that brings about your rebirth, your resurrection and the renovating of your evolution can begin. Take a moment here and shed that garment of flesh and awaken unto the Light within you so that you can experience your own Immaculate Conception bringing about an appreciation of the Divine Essence that is being resurrected from within. 

To those clients and friends in Little Rock or Benton, AR. The corrected time will for the Winter Solstice will be 10:29 PM.