Corona Virus






Back in December of 2019 Mallory Key, Oliva Estelle and myself released our predictions for 2020 which can be viewed on our individual websites. The main issue was the planet Saturn aligning itself with the planet Pluto on January 12th of 2020. This alignment happens every 32 to 38 year and was last seen in 1982 going into 1983. At that time aids was discovered and up to now it has killed over 39 million people. The stock market dropped, interest rates as well as unemployment went up and a war was being fought over in Iraq. So, this laid out the foundation for a major reconstructing not only around the world but in our individual lives that would unfold as the year began. 

The key words for Saturn are time, delays, restrictions, depression, isolation, fear, anxiety, curfew, austerity, commodities, government, failure, delays, poverty, smothering, weather, morals and values. I think you can get the gest of the corrosiveness of this planet.

The key words for the planet Pluto are reconstruction, transformation, life and death, bacteria, disease, looting, sex trafficking, subversion, war, suicide, purging, viruses, catastrophes, earthquakes, looting, purging, secrets, FBI, disasters, assassinations and the masses.

So, if we put this together as an outline for 2020, I think one can understand that the center of our living core that has cause us to be centered and focused is slowly becoming an empty shell. But this will cause us and our nation to begin a crusade to reestablish a new horizon and liberate ourselves from the emptiness and fear and regain our truth as we detach ourselves from the past and begin through courage a new polarity of consciousness. This will affect humanity in that we all are seeking a new path that will lead us to the substance of Light. It’s like giving birth but there are a lot of labor pains associated with it. 

On Monday the planet Mars began to rub elbows with the planet Jupiter and on Friday the 23rd this planet will sit in Jupiter’s lap for about 3 days. So that you better understand the consequences of these 2 planets pairing up I need to once again give you their key words. 

Mars is the leader, boss, authority, police, armed forces, athletics, fires, robbery, warfare, rebellion, guns, presidents, epidemics, sudden death, cities, burglaries, arguments, bombs, passion, madness and jealousy.

Jupiter is one of the biggest planets, so it wants to make everything bigger to the point of even exaggerating at times. It deals with the 3-digit IQ, so it rules the educational system which includes colleges and universities. It rules long distance journeys so foreign countries come under this. Newspapers, wages, welfare, truth, lawyers, judges, taxes, supreme court, travel, prosperity, restaurants, merchandise, prices, optimism and royalty.

Now I think you can better understand that getting out and enjoying life to the fullest has been replaced by curfews, travel restrictions, isolation, lack of food and commodities, civil disobedience which brings in the police and armed services to instill order in major cities and even into next week more restrictions are to prevail. 

This will run through the month of March and then on April 4th the planet Jupiter will align with Pluto to amplify throughout the world that this corona virus will reach it’s peak of hostility as it punctuates with fear, death, weather patterns, and mass hysteria that has radically transforms our way of life and our existence. So, the component parts of the whole which has played a dysfunctional role in producing all these negative complexes begins to recede as we get into the 3rd week of April. 

Finally, as we get into the later week of April and moving into May the planet Saturn moves into the sign of Aquarius which then brings about a new foundation as antidotes are found through countries acting as one, the universal whole so that our reality has transcended and begins to emerge in a systematic way the wholeness of our existence. We regain our freedom as well as new schools of thought and a better understanding that real food is our new medicine. We no longer are cut off from sustaining our relationship with the greater whole. Thomas Parsons PMAFA, CAP Mallory Key AMAFA Olivia Estelle